The Potion of "Change Sexual Orientation"

Written by TJ

Disclaimer: We do not own Harry Potter or the characters in it in any way. JK Rowling does.

Harry leaned over and kissed Ron. Ron squealed like a girl. Neville looked at them both in amazement. "Harry... I never knew you were like that too!"

Hermione blushed and said. "I knew it..." Then she watched like the good little yaoi fangirl she is. Draco, also blushing and watching, proceeded to be jealous.

Colin Greevy, with his camera, came in and started taking lots of pictures. Crabbe and Goyle got horny watching and started going at it with each other. Draco continued being jealous and now a little uncomfortable as his two hoodlums were making out. "I hate this school..." he mumbled.

Ginny brought some popcorn. "Can't wait to tell Mum about this."

Hermione then stole Colin's camera. "This is so going up on the Wizard's Internet. The Harry Potter Fangirls are gonna go wild..."

Myrtle then came in. "Ooo... teehee... I thought I heard noises coming through the pipes. Hmmhmm.. someone should have come to get me. I'm left out as usual!"

Professor Trelawny walked in with her crazy hair and said, "I foresaw this yesterday. Really, I did. Who says I didn't?"

Ginny, annoyed, turned and said, "Hush, all of you, you're interrupting the show!"

Harry and Ron just sat there, blushing, as everybody was looking at them. Harry, bright red, said, "Um... you know, I'm kind of not in the mood anymore..."

Ron whimpered and made 'that face' as Ginny threw up her arms and said, "Aww, poo!"

Snape then wandered in, clearly upset. "Now where did I put that potion of 'Change Sexual Orientation'?"

Parvati Patil timidly raised her hand, afraid of some kind of punishment from Snape. "Um... I kind of... accidentally used it on Harry and Ron... 'accidentally'."

Snape was outraged. "But I needed that!"

Hermione leaned over and whispered to Ginny. "You know Snape just wants it to get over his crush on Professor Lupin..."

Ginny nodded enthusiastically. "I know."

Snape stormed off crying. "Now everyone will know I'm gay!"

Professor McGonagall, passing by, commented, "Not that there's anything wrong with that..."

Suddenly, an owl flew up to Snape with a letter.

"OH! It's from Lupin!" He squealed and ran off, little pink hearts following him as he went...

The end