I'm sorry if the update got any of your hopes up. –frowny face- I know that bugs me greatly when authors do that, yet here I am being an absolute hypocrite, hehe. Anywho…

Dear readers and active watchers,

Thanks to a few of the reviews I've received on this story in the past, I've decided to rewrite the story. However, it won't be a oneshot like this one; nooo, I plan to make the story longer, more in-depth and with an actual semi-plot instead of just unwarranted angst. It will have multiple chapters and I hope to get the first one up relatively soon. Hopefully the new story won't stray too far from the concept I'd originally made for this one, and hopefully be a bit better.

Also, if anyone wants, this is your chance to save this story to keep it; I'll be deleting this one once I start posting chapters to the new story. Save it while you can!

EDIT 04.09.09: Also, in light of my recent change of heart regarding Kairi, I won't be bashing her in the rewritten story. She will not be the bad guy. x3 (I knew there was something I was forgetting in the original note...)