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Author's Note: This isn't meant to be serious, or even necessarily canon, it's just a silly idea I had. I'm not sure when coffee came to Japan, all I know is it packs a caffeine kick way higher then most tea and well...I wrote this one for Holly, who already reminds me of Misao as it is, so there can't be that much difference between Holly on caffeine, and Misao on caffeine… :innocent smile: Not only that, this is the 10th story I've posted! WooHoo!

The Dangers of Westernization

It was a perfect morning. The sun was just coming up over the edges of the mountains, birds were singing all around, and the weather was neither too hot, nor too cold. It was a perfect morning, but Aoshi didn't seem to notice as he continued with his meditation.

Then suddenly the world exploded around him. Alright, so maybe not literally, but it felt close enough to the real thing.


He heard something clink down in front of him, then felt something launch off his shoulders. He opened one eye to look at Misao as she came into his line of vision again, doing some kind of run…dance…something or other.

"I brought your tea Aoshi-Sama!" she announced, grinning from ear to ear.

"So I see." He said flatly as he looked at the tray, his train of meditation already lost.

"I got an idea…let's go to Tokyo today! Then I can go visit Kaoru and everyone else again!" she suddenly announced.

"You can't get to Tokyo in one day." Aoshi answered.

"Oh yeah? Wanna bet?" Misao challenged, still grinning wildly.

Aoshi just shook his head slightly. This marked the third morning in a row she'd been like this. "Misao…how much did you have this morning?"

"Um…only about four cups…so far."

She wilted just slightly under Aoshi's gaze. "I can't help it…it's just so different….and really good!"

Before he could reply, she'd set off on another lap, then came back around grabbing eagerly at the shoulder of his shirt. "C'mon Aoshi-Sama! Let's go, let's go!"

When he didn't move she frowned slightly, then tugged again. "C'mon! It's a beautiful day, there's things to do…bad guys to catch! You can't just sit here again all day!"

"Misao…don't you have anything else to do?"

She started to say something, then thought better of it. "Well if you're not gonna come…then I'll just…have to go do everything myself!" she sounded slightly indignant at the thought, but did finally leave.

'So much for advancement through western civilization.' Aoshi mused as he tried to resume his meditation.

An excited shout from Misao made him open his eyes again. On second thought maybe he would get up today. He needed to find whoever had been supplying the Aoiya with coffee, and see to it they left the country. After all, there was only so much a man could take….