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Hasn't Everyone Wanted to Catch Snow onHis Tongue?

Prologue: Let Your Guard Down

It was a small little house. Big enough for two, but no more should ever be made to live in it. The house was made completely out of wooden, blending in well with the forests that surrounded it. The house itself was normal, composed of two bedrooms, a large bathroom, a kitchen, and a living room. Not a thing unusual about it, excluding, of course, the residents.

To be certain, it wasn't normal people that lived on the outskirts of the little town nearby; isolated from the rest of the community and hidden in the leaves from the rest of world. No 'normal' person would want to be separated from life like that. But all these facts; the closeness of the town, the isolation it provided; all of these things added up to being quite useful to Zabuza and Haku.

Two missing-nins… There couldn't be a better place in the world for them to be hidden away. No one would stop and look in such a quaint little house, next to such an unheard of little town. Not even the Hunter Shinobi had thought to look for them there yet.

And so, Haku and Zabuza had given it the name of 'permanent base', though it wasn't really permanent. They left it quite often, sometimes for days, usually for months. But always, they came back. In the younger shinobi, the house represented something that he had lost a long time ago; a real home. For the elder, it was just a useful place.

Both knew that someday, they would be found. But for the moment, they were both content and happy with their location. And for the moment, they decided that it would be okay, for just a little while, to let their guards down.

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