Letting It Out

This is another prequel for the story, Capturing Her Heart, which isn't out yet. The other prequel is A Saturday in the Life Of Joshua Mankey, which could be considered a prequel for this story. The song/ poem is one that I wrote, titled I'm Happy For You. Some of it is a little odd, though, but I wrote it between 10:30 and 11:30 at night, so I was kind of tired.

Special thanks to Zaratan for beta reading this and helping me along. Thanks!

Josh closed the door just a tad too forcefully as he arrived home from school. His day had been unbelievably stressful. He was getting quite fed up with keeping his emotions bottled up. Climbing quickly up the stairs, he saw the green paint that tainted his wooden door. Slamming it shut with a loud boom, he searched for a piece of paper he could just let it all out on. Josh thought for a moment, then began writing.

I ran through the rain,

Racing to the train,

Thoughts rushing through my head,

Not on the water through I tread,

And I hope that today,

I can tell you what I have to say.

You're all I ever need,

Yet I'm willing to lose you and cede,

'Cause only you happiness is important to me,

So why don't you see?

I love you,

And I wish you'd love me too.

All the tears in my eyes,

Show all the pain in our goodbyes,

And how they hurt me deep inside,

And all the tears that I have cried,

So I'll say this just one time,

It's over you that I pine.

You captured my heart,

And now it's tearing me apart,

And now you're leaving without goodbye,

So it makes me wonder why,

I'll say this too,

I love you.

Look at the man he's become,

You're where his confidence comes from,

And how I want to be him,

But I know that's just a whim,

Why can't you see?

This hidden part of me?

Watch my tears,

As they fall clear,

Watch them drip,

As I try to get a grip,

Yet I find myself falling down,

And you're the only one who can turn my world around,

Though sometimes I feel so blue,

I love you.

Please ignore my smile,

It's been false for while,

And while I cry myself to sleep,

To you I won't utter a peep,

'Cause with him you always grin,

So in some small way I still win.

And I'll wait around,

Stuck here on the ground,

While you and him,

Enjoy the celestial rim,

And to him I must say,

By her side I hope you'll stay,

'Cause if you hurt her in any way,

I'll make you regret the day.

Mankey, monkey, it's the same,

For her I'll take the blame,

And I promise you this,

It's you I miss.

Josh hung the paper up on his wall and smiled at it. Maybe things weren't so bad. As long as she was happy, that was all that mattered.