Chapter 1: Dormant Time

Dear Keiko,

Things are going fine here at the temple. Being a monk gets hard though. Especially when you're the only girl to knock some sense into those guys. I don't know who's more clueless about girls: Rai or Omi? Oh well. They're just boys. It makes me wonder if boys have brains! (Or at least, something that resembles one.)

There's a new bad guy named Hannibal Roy Bean. He's been bugging us for a few months now. This bean is so horrible, even Chase and Wuya eased the 'rule the world' thing for a while. Jack? That whiny baby will always be easy to defeat! He tries, but will always fail. You'd think he'd give up by now.

You still don't believe me about our cool powers? I'll totally prove it to you when you get to the temple! Don't worry, I won't send your butt on fire.

You'll like my friends here at the temple. Here are some tips: Clay's Texas sayings can be very confusing. Just nod your head and pretend you understand. If you don't like doing that, just wait after that awkward silence and an explanation will hopefully follow. Don't be surprised if Omi can't do slang right. After all he's been stuck at this temple forever! You don't need to worry about correcting him. That's Raimundo's job. Beware of Rai's pranks! Other than his pranks, I think you'll like Rai.

Well, Keiko, that pretty much wraps it up. See you at the Christmas party over here!


P.S. Spelled Xiaolin, not 'Shoulin'.

Kimiko tapped the send button and took a deep breath. Only one more day till the Christmas get together! Master Fung was allowing the monks to invite their families over for the holidays. He said around this time Sheng Gong Wu went remained dormant or went back to being dormant. Dojo was somewhat relieved.

"Who says it was fun baby sitting you all?" the green serpent had said. "What's even worse, after Dormant Time, a burst of Sheng Gong Wu will start activating!"

The monks talked only of friends and family for weeks. Training hours turned into what seemed to be ages. Thoughts of snow crept into their minds, but were dismissed. Chances of snow were very little. When Kimiko checked the weather online, predictions told just of high winds and possibly hail. So instead of white fluffy snow, they would get hard and stony hail? At least Dojo could take a break from flying them everywhere. Another reason to be grateful of Sheng Gong Wu dormant season. Wonderful, eh?


It was Omi. Apparently, he was too busy stuffing himself with food to come and get her. She could tell by the way his voice sounded muffled.

"It is time for dinner!"

The Dragon of Fire placed her hand on the computer mouse and clicked exit. After shutting down the computer, Kimiko headed down the hall to where the Xiaolin Dragons were eating. Clay, Omi, and Raimundo were already almost done with their noodles. They ate the remains ravenously, ending with Clay's earth-shaking burp. Only Kimiko's bowl was left untouched (surprisingly).

"Ye gonna eat that Kimiko?" Clay asked. "I mean, you don' wanna eat something cold, do ye? You could lemme eat it for ye."

Kimiko shook her head. She didn't really feel hungry any more.

"Nah, you go ahead, Cowboy. I think I've seen enough food for the night. I'll snack on something else later."

Everything was silent except for the winds sweeping out on the temple grounds. Trees swayed carelessly from side to side due to the force. It was always windy at night like this ever since December began. It made Raimundo wonder why it didn't snow.

The brunette stayed up that night, too excited about the Christmas get-together. He'd met all his friends' family, minus Omi's. It was his family he was excited to see. A whole year had passed without seeing his circus kin. Raimundo missed all his little brothers and sisters, and most importantly his mother, Juanita Pedrosa. She was the single mother of all seventeen children. Before his father "mysteriously disappeared" and he came to the temple, Juanita depended on Raimundo to help take care of the other sixteen siblings, being the oldest.

After wondering around the temple, the Dragon of the Wind eventually got bored. Maybe he should try to go back to sleep. After all, it was one o'clock in the morning. All family and friends wouldn't be coming till hours later. So, Raimundo returned to his so-called room and tried to get to sleep. Unfortunately, the excitement and Clay's snoring didn't help. Even his little teddy bear, Ninja Fred, couldn't put him to rest. Maybe he should check on Kimiko.

Check on Kim? Why did the thought seem so casual to him? It's not like he liked her, right?

It apparently was going to be a very, very long night. Well actually, a very long early morning.


And to think, this only took five days. This is my first fic, so if you think it sounds a bit cheesy, don't hate, appreciate! (That's a saying my cousin says a lot.) Any ways, as you experienced authors put it, please R&R! That's how you put it, right? Oh yeah. If you were wondering about Ninja Fred, Raimundo said he named his teddy bear that in "The Dream Stalker" episode.