Chapter 5: A Day to Remember

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For the next few days, Kimiko could do nothing but smile. Keiko did ask why she smiled so much, but Kimiko always answered, "It's a secret!" Then Kimiko would walk away feeling very, very upbeat. Her friends could only watch in bewilderment and shock of Kimiko's mood change.

Practices for the band were always in Raimundo's room. Since Kimiko goes there often, she finds herself more adapted to being around guys that weren't as bright, somewhat including Raimundo. At first, she was a little shy about singing out loud. In fact, Kim couldn't sing very well when she did sing! So in response, Raimundo and his friends had Kimiko come to his room for double time practice. Now Kimiko could sing like an angel. "We could give you harp and there would be an exact resemblance!" Trent had complimented. The Dragon of Fire was very flattered at this statement, but she did wish that Raimundo had said that. Well, he would if he wasn't doing "something."

The hail? Surprisingly, it stopped almost dramatically. Remains of the harsh weather were now in ruin on the temple grounds. Raimundo's circus folk could now set up the tent and live in more peace than when in the Xiaolin Temple. To top the hail stopping, how bout' some snow starting?


"Kim, I wanna show you something!"

"What is it? Let me guess, you got a new hair dye? What color?"

"No, silly! It's a surprise, so close your eyes!"

"Alright, Keiko."

Checking to see if Kimiko was truly covering her eyes, Keiko pulled on Kim's arm and led her to the Xiaolin Temple's main hall. She told her friend to have her eyes remained close, and ran toward the spot the moon would be that night. Looking behind her to check on Kimiko, Keiko pulled out a green plant with white berries from her pocket and hung it there. Hopefully, for now, this would be out of Kimiko's sight.

"Okay, Kim! You can open your eyes now!"

Anxious to know what was to see, Kimiko opened her eyes quickly. What she saw was the most decorated grand hall the Dragon of Fire had seen throughout life in the temple. Keiko, with Master Fung's permission, had a lush, green plant spiraling down from every pillar, each plant having red, blooming flowers. The temple's gong (the gong with the swirling dragon) had been refreshed with a nicer and newer border. Tables had been added to the grand hall, and a candle on top of each.

"Wow, Keiko, did you do all of this?" Kimiko asked in surprise. "'Cause you did a heck of a good job!"

Keiko laughed. "Course not. To help me decorate, Rose, Vivian, and even the dragon, Dojo. Vivi set up the tables, Rose helped put on the border, and Dojo helped me put the plants on the pillars. Oh, and your dad lent us the decorations. He would've brought the tree, but we couldn't find a place to fit it in the jet. It took us hours to do all this!"

Kimiko nodded. "It looks like it could take hours. And all for tonight!"

For the rest of the afternoon, the two girls accompanied there other friends and chattered about the night.


Kimiko took a deep breath. This was the moment to get on stage and sing. To sing out loud… in front of crowd… Man, it was going to be a really big crowd! Noticing his friend's sudden queasy-ness, Raimundo got a cold glass of water and gave to Kimiko. Finally getting her nerve back, Kimiko face Raimundo and asked, "Don't you ever get a queasy and nervous feeling when going on stage?"

The Dragon of the Wind nodded. "Yeah. Though when we perform, it's fun and you realize that you end up doing it to make people happy. That's how it always was in the circus. You'll do fine. Just take a deep breath. Wait, no, a lot of deep breaths! We're going out now!"

It did take some persuading to get Kimiko out in the spot light, but the boys managed to get her there. They all took position, and Rai stepped out to the mike and told every one about the first song.

"…Now, this first song is dedicated to all my little bros and sisters. They can be very annoying and sometimes they are always, and they need to learn how to be good boys and girls. Am I right?"

The little boys and girls blushed.

"Any way, if you want Santa to come, you big lot, better be good, cause Santa Claus is comin' to town!"

They all started to play the music. Kimiko all of a sudden felt that the room was really hot. Was it the lights, or because she was the Dragon of Fire? Neither. It was just she was about to sing a song… Out loud! Taking another deep breath, Kimiko began to sing.

"Santa Claus is coming to town," she sang. Maybe this wouldn't be so bad.


After singing Let it Snow and other festive songs like Feliz Navida, it was time to sing the last song.

"Tonight our last song will be Hey Santa by Wilson Phillips," Kimiko announced. "We thank you all for listening to the band."

Marco started the beat on his drums. She swayed to the music and Kimiko started to sing.

"If every day was Christmas, if we all could make believe, if everyone could give a little more—"

Raimundo then joined Kimiko. "There'd be harmony."

-Interruption: This'll be brief, folks. Since I don't want to go through all the trouble of going "he said," and, "she said," all the time, I'm just going to list the song. You may now continue your "listening".

The city is covered in snow tonight

The children are fast asleep

I'm waiting for him

But he's no where in sight

And I wonder if he can hear me

Hey Santa

Hey Santa (Santa)

I wish with all my might

Hey Santa (Santa)

Bring my baby home tonight

Why does it feel like it's colder than winter

Even by the fireside

My baby said that he'd be home for Christmas

And now it's almost midnight

Christmas lights up and down the street

Are such a sight to see

But all the presents by the tree

They don't mean a thing 'til he's with me

Hey Santa

Hey Santa (Santa)

I wish with all my might

Hey Santa

Hey Santa (Santa)

If you hear me wont you hurry bring my baby tonight

I know your sleigh is full inside

But wont you stop and give my baby a ride

I'll be waiting by candle light this Christmas


Christmas lights up and down the street

Are such a sight to see

But all the presents by the tree

They don't mean a thing, Santa, please here me

Hey Santa

Hey Santa (Santa)

I wish with all my might

Hey Santa

Hey Santa (Santa)

If you hear me wont you hurry bring my baby tonight

Christmas lights up and down the street

Presents by the tree

I hear a knock

Oh, can it be

My wish is staring back at me

Hey Santa

Hey Santa (Santa)

I guess you heard me tonight, yeah

Hey Santa

Hey Santa (Santa)

I'm underneath the mistletoe with my baby tonight

Sleigh ride, sleigh ride, sleigh ride, sleigh ride

It's Christmas Time

Hey Santa

Applauds and whistles followed shortly after the song.


"Now what, Keiko? You gotta stop pulling me every where, my stomach is so full that I can barely walk!"

"Oh, it's nothing Kim, I just want you to stand right—not there— here!"

Keiko stepped back to observe the scene she had created. Moonlight? Check! Mistletoe? Check! Kimiko? Check! Now, just to convince that boy Rai to come over here…

"Now stay right there, Kimiko, I'll—I mean, someone will be right back!"

Kimiko stared at her friend as why she was standing there left her confused. What was Keiko up to now? Lost in thought, Kimiko didn't notice Raimundo run up to her. She practically jumped when he tapped her on the shoulder.

"Whoa!" she cried out. Nobody but Raimundo heard her, for the hubbub in the hall was very noisy. Raimundo ignored the noise that was just screeched in his ear.

"Keiko said that you wanted to talk to me," he said.

"She did?'





Silence fell between them. Both of there eyes began to wander. Raimundo stared at his feet and Kimiko glanced up at the ceiling. Wait a sec… what was that small green thing on the ceiling? Was that… that… mistletoe?

Kimiko gasped. Keiko had set her up! She didn't know whether to be thankful of this given moment or shocked by Keiko's trickery. But it was mistletoe! The rules of it said… but Keiko… Raimundo… Oh, why?

As Raimundo looked back up at his fellow Dragon-in-training, it was quite strange to see Kimiko bang her fist against the wall in pondering.

"Err, Kim?"

The Dragon of Fire looked to Raimundo. Oh, was that embarrassing. Well, was she going to kiss him or not? Wait, she couldn't just go along with her friend's plan, but she wanted this moment so much! This thinking only made her want to hit her head against the wall twice as hard as she did with her fist. The decision was made now. Good luck, Kimiko thought to herself. And keep in mind that Raimundo had no idea that the mistletoe was there.


Ten minutes had passed. Raimundo was yearning for some space, though he was enjoying the moment. Even so, he knew they had to get to bed sometime.

"Ermf, err merf!" was all he muffled out as he tried to speak. Getting the memo, Kimiko let go of the glorious moment. For a while, both were dazed and silent. Raimundo was first to speak.

"Kim, uh, why did you do that?" he said, not knowing what else to ask. Kimiko blushed and pointed to where the mistletoe hung from the ceiling.

"You didn't really tell me it was there."

This statement only made Kimiko blush even redder than her element should be. "You mean you didn't know?"

"Heck no! But because I'm ever so great, I'll give you time to make up some wacky excuse for that and then I'll just 'happen' to ask you out. That cool?''


"Well, see you tomorrow."

Now Kimiko didn't know whether to be embarrassed or extremely full of gratitude toward Raimundo or Keiko. She chose embarrassed.


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