Hey! I'm back! This is chapter one of my new story, The Twoleg Warrior. Read it!


Chapter One - Prologue

I jerked awake suddenly. The dream had been so real. So incredibly real. There was no mistaking it – it had been from StarClan.

Quietly, I rose to my paws, preparing myself to tell Firestar about it. Deeper into the cave, my apprentice, Leafpaw, slept. She was Firestar's daughter, but looked nothing like him. Squirrelpaw was Leafpaw's sister, and had a flame-colored pelt, but was the most annoying cat I had ever met.

I padded silently out into the night. The cool air ruffled my gray pelt. I passed the apprentices' den and spotted Sorrelpaw sleeping inside, one of her legs stuck out awkwardly, sleeping next to Squirrelpaw, her friend. Sandstorm's apprentice had been hit by a Twoleg monster on the Thunderpath and the Clan had been afraid she wouldn't make it – like me.

But Sorrelpaw had pulled through, and her leg would be fine. Her brothers, Sootfur and Rainwhisker, had been made warriors while she stayed in my den. Tomorrow, however, she would receive her warrior name.

Firestar's den was just ahead, beneath the Highrock. I padded quickly forward, but suddenly leapt back, tail fluffed out, eyes wild!

I spotted a sleeping dark brown tabby in the warriors' den – oh, great StarClan, Cinderpelt, it had just been Brambleclaw! I let out a soft sigh. Like Firestar, I had never gotten over how much Brambleclaw looks like his horrible father, Tigerstar.

The elders' den was filled by Frostfur, Dappletail, Speckletail, and Longtail. The poor pale tabby warrior had started to become blind, and had to move into the elders' den even though he was still a young cat. I felt the familiar pang of sympathy as I gazed at him from across the clearing.

I entered Firestar's den quietly. The fire-pelted tom was asleep, curled up into a ball. I hesitated, then prodded him awake with a paw.

"Firestar," I whispered. "Firestar!"

A grunt. Then,

"Cinderpelt?" he murmured. He stared up at me, concerned and tired. "What is it?"

"A message from StarClan, Firestar," I answered. "They have given me permission to tell you about it."

Firestar's eyes grew wild and excited. "What is the message?"

"I'll tell you." I paused. "The human warrior comes to the Clan soon."

Firestar stared.

"The what? What's a human?"

"I don't know," I confessed. "I have never heard of that word."

Firestar thought hard. "The human warrior…? Warrior? Only cats can be warriors. Unless a human is a type of cat or something…"

"Whatever it is, it is coming to the Clan." I sighed. "We'll have to be ready for it, whatever it is."

I stared into the sky outside Firestar's den. A single cloud was in the air, surrounded by Silverpelt. As I watched, the single cloud formed into what looked awfully like a cat's head! Gasping, I leapt backwards, landing on Firestar.

"Ouch! Cinderpelt –"

I scrambled awkwardly to my feet, my injured leg toppling me over. I listened to what the cat's head had to say.

"The silver and white cat will enter ThunderClan, Cinderpelt," she whispered. "She is destined to join the Clan, and will lead it through times of trouble. But beware of the secret she holds."

"Beware of the secret she holds," I murmured. "Beware of…"

The cloud disappeared completely.


It was Firestar. I turned around and faced my Clan leader.

"Sorry, Firestar," I mewed. "But I have just received another message from StarClan."

Firestar waited anxiously. I repeated the warning our Clan leader had given me. He twitched his ears thoughtfully.

"So another cat will join the Clan," he mused. "A kittypet? A loner? A rogue?"

"She did not say," I replied. "Just that a silver and white cat will enter ThunderClan."

Firestar paused, thinking hard. Then, "I guess we'll just have to wait until this she-cat shows herself to us."

I nodded. "That is the only thing we can do."

"Don't tell the Clan about this, okay, Cinderpelt? I'll tell Graystripe, though, he needs to know…"

I twitched my tail in agreement. "Right, Firestar. Good night."

"Good night, Cinderpelt."

I padded quietly back into my den, pausing to look around the clearing, as though the named cat would show herself at any moment. But I saw nothing of the sort. Feeling both excited and discouraged, I settled down in my nest and fell asleep.

Well, it's short, but what can you expect from a prologue? The next chapter will be along soon.