Rei here! This is a little something I came up with recently and I thought, hey since it is the season why not post it now? So here it is! The Ghosts of Christmas Shopping Days now begins! Oh yeah, one more thing, well things. I'm not using the military ranks because I forgot them. Hehe... Sorry. And I'm not doing any Yaoi crap in this story. I'm sorry to disappoint you all but I'm proudly anti-yaoi. Show mercy on me, tis my first FMA fic.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters of FMA. I'm just borrowing them!
There was once a man named Roy Mustang. Mr. Mustang was your ordinary guy who worked for the military. He bossed around his underlings sometimes and teased them a lot too. He procrastinated with paperwork but despite all that he was a rather good soldier. But Roy did have a really big problem when it came to the holidays. And that's where our story begins…

"Let's see… this year I think I'll give Fullmetal another one of those Christmas cards… I love seeing the look on his face when it mentions about his height… hehe…" Roy said smugly. He loved to annoy Ed, especially during the holidays. Hughes always used to say that one day he would get coal for Christmas, and that he should put more thought into his Christmas shopping, but Roy couldn't help it. It was just fun to see the look on his face. But then Roy sighed. It was around this time of year Maes would be showing pictures of Elicia in her Christmas clothes. Then he'd be asking Roy what he was getting her for Christmas.

"That's right! I need to figure out what to Elicia! If not I know Maes's ghost will haunt me." Roy told himself. He thought once again about different presents. But what did little girls like? And then Riza walked in.

"Sorry to disturb you, sir but- Hey shouldn't you be doing your paperwork?" She asked him.

"That can wait till tomorrow… Hey Hawkeye! You're a girl! What do girls like as presents?" Roy asked. Riza blushed a little and then thought for a second. "To be honest, sir, I couldn't say…"

"What are you saying you're not a girl?"

"NO! I'm saying that all girls are different and I would need to know who the girl in question would be to answer it."

"I'm trying to find a present for Elicia."

"Oh, okay. Well… a dollhouse maybe?"

"And how much do those cost?"

"Around twenty dollars or more I guess."

"Twenty dollars? Hmmm… that's pretty pricey for a house for inanimate objects…. Oh well, thanks Hawkeye, I'll be back tomorrow!" Roy said as he walked out of the room. Riza was going to object but he was out of the room before she could say anything. "Great… Now I forgot now I forgot what I was going to tell him…" Riza said miserably.

"Wow! I can't believe I found a dollhouse for 50 cents!" Roy said as he was carrying a crappy looking dollhouse. He went through his door and set down the dollhouse.

"Well I don't need to worry about Hughes haunting me now!" He said. Then he plopped himself on his bed and went to sleep.

Ding… Ding… Ding… That was the sound of the clock ringing, saying it was Midnight. Then a cold wind swept through the house. Roy woke up. "I must've left the window open again…" He said as he got up towards his window. But a closer look told him that it wasn't his window. It was firmly closed. He forked an eyebrow. "Strange…"

"Or is it?" Said a familiar voice. Roy turned around in alarm and then "Maes?"

"That's my name, don't wear it out!" Said the pearly white ghost.

"Aren't you… I get it now. I'm having a crazy dream…" Roy said uncertainly to himself. Ghosts didn't exist. He even proved it by disproving the whole Wear house 13 thing (technically they realized their mistake but… that's not the point). "No Roy this isn't a dream. I'm here for a reason."

"Reason? But I got a present for Elicia! You can't be haunting me because of that!"

"You're right; I'm here for something else. Though I am disappointed that you did get a crappy present for my darling Elicia, I'm not here for that. Because technically that Present's job."

"What are you talking about?"

"Roy… I am the Ghost of Christmas Shopping Days Past!"

There it is. Hope you like. If no one kills me, I'll post the next chapter up.