Just fair warning, there is MAJOR Havoc bashing here! Don't be mean to me, it just ended up like that! Normally I don't mind him it just ended up like this! And it's more towards the end too.

The After Show

"Hi!" Said Rei (the author, me!). "My name's K. Rei and I am the author of this fanfic! Rei managed to gather almost everyone who made an appearance, well at least an important one, right here! And now, like a talk show, we're going to ask them annoying questions that drive them crazy that have to do with the fanfic!" She said. "And without further adieu here they are!" And then another part of the stage lit up. Ed, Al, Roy, Riza, Havoc, Wrath, and Envy were there. Envy noticing the crowd, immediately stopped picking his nose.

"So guys… We're here to talk about what happened in the fanfic. Now Roy, Riza… are the rumors true?" Riza blushed a bit at this question and Roy was confused. "What rumors?" He asked.

"Well, from the question Colonel Mustang just asked you can figure out the answer for yourself…" Riza said. "Oh well that's too bad…" Rei said a bit disappointed. "What are you guys talking about!" Roy asked once again. Rei completely ignored Roy and then went on to the next thing to do.

"So what's your face, are you really Jewish?" Rei asked Havoc. Havoc was a little peeved that she didn't remember his name but said "Maybe, maybe not." Everyone else sighed (except Roy who is still confused about the previous question). "Can you just give her a straight answer?" Riza said.

"No, she didn't remember my name." Said Havoc. "That isn't a very good reason…" Al said quietly. "You see, this is why I hate humans! They're so whiny!" Envy said rather irritated. Havoc shot a glance at Envy. "Well, if you must know, I'm a Catholic Jew for Allah!"

"That isn't even a real religion!" Ed said in the same tone as Envy.

"Really, what was that last question about!" Roy asked cluelessly, everyone still ignoring him. There was silence for a bit. "Wrath you haven't said anything throughout the whole after show? Anything you might wanna say?" Rei said. Wrath looked around. "Why am I here again?" He asked. "Because you're so cute!" Rei said as she began to pinch one of Wrath's cheeks.

"Keep pinching my cheek and I will make sure I attach you to the floor." Wrath threatened. "Okay! Next topic!" Rei said immediately going back to her seat. "So Al, overall how did you feel about doing this fan fiction?" Rei asked.

"Well I enjoyed it really… well most of it anyway. Brother kept taking off my head and sticking it places I couldn't find. But other than that it was actually kind of fun."

"Hello! What was the first question about!"

"Okay Envy, how did you feel about doing the fic?" Rei asked, ignoring Roy once again. "A boxing glove hit my face! How do you think I feel?" Envy told her harshly. "Serves you right." Havoc mumbled. "What did you say punk?" Envy turned to him.

"I said 'serves you right' you green haired freak!"

"Oh you are asking for it!" Envy said as he got up, ready to attack Havoc. "Bring it on, ma'am!" Havoc seemed ready for anything. Envy was about to jump but then Al said "No don't fight! That's not what we're here for!" "Let it go Al. That's not going to stop them." Ed told his brother. "He's right." Agreed Wrath. Riza merely sighed and thought 'How immature…' While Roy was just "Will someone answer my question?" Envy and Havoc were about to begin their fight when suddenly an air horn blew. Everyone turned to Rei.

"Rei agrees with Al! We're not here to kill each other! This is an after show, not a death match!" She told them all angrily. Everyone stared. Envy and Havoc immediately went back to their chairs and took their seats. It was quiet now but then.

"Is someone going to answer my question now?" Roy asked. Rei sighed and finally gave in. "Listen you thick skulled idiot. Well, cute thick skulled idiot at least." Riza shot a look at Rei. "ANYWAYS!" She continued, worried that Riza would kill her if she didn't finish. "Riza digs you, you dig Riza. The problem is, you two get mixed messaged from each other, and therefore you don't make moves. Since my fan fic was Roy/Riza-esque, I figured it would get you two together… since you make an oh-so cute couple! But apparently it didn't happen!"

Roy now was rather shocked. He didn't have anything to say. Riza was blushing wildly. Ed, Envy and Wrath were trying to contain their laughter. And Al was a little surprised. It was quiet again.

"LOOK AT HER! ISN'T SHE ADORABLE!" Hughes said as he suddenly jumped on the stage holding up pictures of Elicia. "DAMMIT HUGHES! This is exactly why Rei didn't invite you!" Rei shouted as she pushed Hughes off the stage. Rei now getting quite annoyed with the way things were going took a deep breath.

"Well that's all for now! Thanks for reading Ghosts of Christmas Shopping Days and for giving such nice reviews. Rei wishes you all Happy Holidays this winter season! And now, we bid you farewell." She said. Then Havoc walked up to her. "Say you're kind of cute…"

"Ew, ew, ew, he's hitting on me!" Rei said frantically. Envy then got up and threw Havoc right off the stage. "Man, I've been waiting to that forever! … Now if only it was one of the Elrics…" Envy said. "We're right here you know!" Edtold Envy as he pointed to himself and Al.

"Hey, can we get candy canes?" Wrath asked. Rei looked down at him "Sure! Who else wants to come?" Rei asked. Everybody else, except Havoc who was currently unaware of anything that was going on in his dazed state, came and followed Rei and Wrath off the stage.

Yup there it is. I wish I could've given Riza and Al some more lines but, they're the quiet ones so it's hard to make them talkative. Anyways, that's it. As much as I loved writing this, this is the end. Once again: Thanks for reading!