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The Nutcracker

By: Chibi Neko-Chan2

Beta Reader: JBhyperandweird




XXXXX- Scene Change

Childish laughing and yells filled the frigid December air as Kairi made her way home from the corner market. The plastic bag's handle was squeezed tightly in her gloved hand as the bag swung freely from side to side. Kairi started to quicken her pace when she remembered how easily the milk could freeze if she decided to take her time. Her mother wanted her home quickly anyway so she could finish the pudding before the Christmas Eve party tonight.

A shiver ran down her spine as she felt something cold hit the back of her head. It had been a snowball. Kairi turned around with a frown on her face as her crimson hair whipped around furiously. Her piercing cerulean eyes landed on a blonde laughing boy who was pointing his index finger at her.

"Tidus! That's not funny!" Kairi yelled as she crossed her arms over her chest.

"Maybe you wouldn't of gotten hit if you would've hurried up and gotten home already," Tidus scolded at her as he now moved his index finger back and forth.

"Maybe I wouldn't of gotten hit if you never existed!"

"To bad, slowpoke."

"I'm not a slowpoke!" Kairi yelled.

"Prove it. Last one home is the real slowpoke!" Tidus screamed as he already started running away.

"Cheater!" Kairi called after him as she chased after him.

Of course, Kairi ended up being the slowpoke.


"I think mother made my Christmas dress extremely tight on purpose!" Kairi whined as one of her maids finished tying the back of Kairi's dress together. How am I suppose to eat dinner? My dress will explode if I gain more then o.1 pounds! Kairi pondered as she ambled over to her vanity mirror. Her crimson hair cascaded down her shoulders and ended at her mid-back, her face was just outstandingly beautiful with just a tad bit of makeup so her eyes and lips could stand out, and her dress was simple but yet so elegant. It was a dark green velvet dress that hugged her petite frame till it got to the hips then hung freely to her mid-thigh.

"Children! Time for secret santa!" Excited giggles erupted through the long hallways that consisted of warm colored wallpaper, wooden floors, and rich oil paintings. Kairi hummed happily as she made her way down to the first floor. She joined her young adult family members that were all crowded around the closed grand doors of the ballroom.

"I can't believe we're doing Secret Santa with the parents! I bet Grandma picked me and now all I'll get is a pair of gloves and a knitted scarf," The oldest cousin of Kairi's, Yuna, pouted.

"What's wrong with that? I happen to like Grandma's knitting!" Yuffie shot back in defense, "Anyway, I hope Uncle Kwon has me! He would sure get me those nun-chucks I wanted!"

"Nun-chucks? That's not all you want Yuffie," Selphie teased as she started to twirl a piece of her chestnut colored hair around her finger, "You also want Uncle Kwon's friend, Leon."

"I DO NOT WANT SQUALL!" Yuffie screamed at the top of her lungs. She nearly jumped five feet in the air when she heard a calm voice say 'It's Leon.'

The teenaged ninja gulped when she slowly turned her head to stare at the grand doors. The door's were wide open and Selphie took off in a fast pace so she could leave the two 'love-birds' alone.

Yuffie just stood there staring at the azure-eyed male. Leon gave an intense stare back at her as he leaned against one of the doors.

"Well are you coming in or are you just going to stand there?" Leon asked after a while. The way she kept staring at him was starting to make him nervous and the light blush on his cheeks didn't help him at all.

"I... uh... I'll go in if you go in!" Yuffie stated loudly as she took a step forward and wrapped her arm around Squall's arm, "Let's get this party started!"

"It already has started..." Leon mumbled under his breath as he subconsciously pulled Yuffie closer to him so she wouldn't get lost in the crowd of people.


"Did everyone receive their presents?" Kairi's mother, Ms. Cassandra, asked as her eyes scanned her guests.

"I didn't," Kairi answered softly as she hesitantly raised her hand so her mother could spot her.

"Ah Kairi darling! I'm so sorry I forgot you!" Kairi smiled shyly as she stood next to her mother. Her mother gave her hand a reassuring squeeze, "Alright, who was Kairi's secret santa?"

Everything went dead silent as the question was asked.

"Anyone? Who was Kairi's secret santa?" Ms. Cassandra asked again and Kairi sighed when her family and friends started to whisper.

"Strange, I'm positive you were on the list..." Kairi's mother's voice faded as she went to go find the sheet of paper that had the list of children who were suppose to have a secret santa.

"See you're the last na-"

Ms. Cassandra's voice was interrupted as a loud voice yelled out, "Oh Cassandra! Please forgive me for my lateness. I had to fix something up at the toy shop really quick."

A red tint scanned Ms. Cassandra face as she nodded at her new guest, "It's okay Uncle Sephiroth. Did you do secret santa?"

"Why yes, I had Kairi. Where is she?" Kairi took a step away from her mother and gave a short wave so she could be recognized, "Ah There she is! Why look how lovely you are! Last time I saw you, you had your two front teeth missing!" Sephiroth glided over to Kairi and she gave him a hug. He had always been her favorite uncle... well great uncle.

"I promise you that your present will be the most unique out of all the one's you ever receive," Sephiroth told her as he stepped out of the embrace.

Kairi wasn't sure if unique was a good thing, especially since this was her Uncle Sephiroth.

"I- I can't wait to find out what it is," Kairi said sort of unenthusiastically. She received a chuckle from her great uncle.

"Close your eyes," Sephiroth demanded and Kairi did what she was told. He placed his creation in Kairi's hand and Kairi smiled.

I think it's a piggy bank!

"Okay, you can open your eyes," Sephiroth stared down at her with intensity as Kairi fluttered her eyelids open. Her cerulean eyes widened as she looked down at the creation.

"Oh Uncle Sephiroth, I love it!" Kairi paused, "But what exactly is it?"

"This," Sephiroth started as he took the toy gently from the 16 year-old, "is a nutcracker."

"A nutcracker?"

"Yes, a nutcracker," Sephiroth took a nutshell from his pocket and lifted the handle of the Nutcracker's back. The nutcracker's mouth opened up and Sephiroth popped the nutshell into the its mouth. Putting pressure into the handle, he pushed it down slowly. The nutshell crushed and two walnuts fell in Sephiroth's hand. Kairi's eyes lit up in interest as she watched this.

"Just don't try that often or the nutcracker's teeth will ware out," Sephiroth warned as he handed Kairi's gift back to her.

"Oh I'll just treat him like one of my dolls. You know, just to stare at and admire," Kairi hugged the nutcracker to her lovingly, "I don't want to mess up his perfect smile anyways."

"Wow Kairi! What a cool gift! Let me see!" Tidus said as he took the nutcracker away from Kairi. Kairi gave Tidus a sharp glare.

"Give him back! You have enough ken dolls to mess with!" Kairi yelled at him as she followed Tidus around the room.

"But he's perfect for Yuffie and I's game!" Tidus yelled as he ran over to where Yuffie was.

"WHAT GAME!" Kairi shrieked loudly as she ran up to catch her brother.

"Watch this everyone!" Tidus ordered as he lifted the Nutcracker's arm. Kairi eyes widened when she saw Yuffie hold up a block of wood.


It was to late. Tidus forced the poor nutcracker's arm through the wood. Surprisingly, the wood broke.. along with the nutcracker's arm.

"TIDUS! YOU BROKE HIM!" Kairi cried as she grabbed her nutcracker and his arm from her brother. Tears started to fill her eyes, "How could you! I JUST GOT HIM!"

"Well look at the bright side, the wood broke!" Tidus chippered as he tried to make the atmosphere around them lighter.

"Look at the bright side of this!" Kairi yelled as she kneed him in his privates. Tidus groaned and fell to a heap on the ground as Kairi ran to her great uncle.

"Uncle Sephiroth! Uncle Sephiroth! Look what Tidus did!" Kairi cried. Uncle Sephiroth immediately turned around and stared down at Kairi. He smiled sadly when he saw the nutcracker.

"Come now Kairi, don't cry," Sephiroth said softly as he gave his great granddaughter a hug, "It's nothing we can't fix."

"You can restore him back to the way he was?"

"Well yes I can, but not tonight. We'll have to wait a few days for that but as for right now, a couple of bandages won't hurt," Sephiroth replied as he grabbed a roll of bandage tape from his pockets. People said what he carried in them would never come handy, but were they ever wrong.

After a few minutes, Sephiroth let out an "aha!" and Kairi looked up at him. Her nutcracker was finished.

Kairi took the bandaged toy from her uncle and gave him last one hug.

"Thank you, Uncle Sephiroth..."


It was a quarter before midnight and the guests were long gone. The maids just gotten done cleaning the mess left from the party about fifteen minutes ago. All of Kairi's family was already in their beds and fast asleep but Kairi was not. She still had her party dress on but her face and teeth were scrubbed clean and her hair had been brushed again. She stretched across the couch in an upright position and with her legs together. Her elbow balanced on the arm of the couch as her chin rested in her hand. Kairi was talking to her nutcracker that was located on the end table in front of her.

"Don't give me that look! It's Tidus's fault that your arm is in this condition! If he hadn't stole you from me, it probably wouldn't of happened!" Kairi sighed as she was given the same blank stare from before. She shook her head a little.

"Fine, don't listen to me!... Well it's not like you really have a choice. It's not like you can move your arms to cover your ears anyways," Kairi stared at her friend who just gave her that blank stare, but Kairi swore she saw his mouth drop a little, "Haha it was joke! Don't get so offended."

Silence overtook the animate object and the inanimate object. Kairi started to trace her finger up the nutcracker's chest.

"So brave and so handsome. How do you get your hair to stay that way?" Kairi asked dreamily as she stared at the carved brown spikes that stuck out of the red top hat.

"You are terribly handsome. You must be a prince. Tell me, what's your kingdom like? Better yet, what's your name?" Kairi asked as she took the nutcracker in her hands. She carefully scanned the nutcracker's body to see if a name was carved into somewhere. She raised an eyebrow as she saw a scribbled name on the bottom of his left shoe.

"..Sora. That's your name," Kairi concluded as she placed him back down. Her eyes landed on his face and she let out an excited squeal, "Oh! I know why your name is Sora! It's because of your eye's! Such a pretty cobalt color, it reminds me of a darkened sky! And Sky means Sora in Japanese!" Kairi moved her shoulders to the side, "Ha! I'm good!"

The chimes of the grandfather clock interrupted Kairi's next selection of questions for Sora. Kairi happily listened to the chimes until they stopped.

"It's midnight! Jeez, I should really get to bed..."

"Not so fast sweet cheeks," a cold voice called and Kairi felt the hairs on the back of her neck stand up.


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