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The Nutcracker

By: Chibi Neko-Chan





XXXXX- scene change

Last Chapter:

"I will never marry you, you hideous being!" Kairi spat at him.

"Yes you are! And the Nutcracker will be furniture by the time I'm done with him!" Riku yelled. He gasped when he heard the front doors swing open again.

"Not if your rat stew first!"

This Chapter:

"Why must you always interrupt?" Riku snared as his eyes landed on his arch rival, Sora. Kairi felt herself blush when Sora's cobalt eyes landed on her. Her gaze drifted down towards the wooden surface of the dining table.

"Why must you go for the girls that you'll never have?" Sora shot back as he took out his sword. The mouse king stood up, knocking down the chair he was sitting in out of anger. He stomped over to Sora and glared at him in an intimidating way. Sora yawned into his free hand to piss the mouse king off even more.

"That's it! Tonight you will be no longer!" yelled Riku as he took out his sword.

"Didn't you say that oh... about the last three hundred times before we fought?" Sora asked in a teasing manner as he leaned against his sword.

"Why you-!" Riku didn't even finish his sentence before swinging his sword towards Sora's direction. Sora put his sword in front of him, blocking the opposing opponent from hurting him. The battle begun and by the looks of it, this time, there was only going to be one of them living at the end of the battle.

Kairi, while watching the scene with wide cerulean eyes, got out of her seat and went to go help her friend. But right when she started to walk away, a cold hand grabbed her thin arm so she would be tugged back.

"Not so fast, princess," Jessica said with an icy tone as she grabbed Kairi harshly and turned her around. Kairi glared at the blonde girl and forced her arm out of the cold grasp.

"What do you want?" Kairi growled, sending Jessica a look of disgust.

"I would actually like my dress that you rightfully stole from me back!" Jessica grabbed the neck lining of the dress and dragged Kairi so close to her that her face was only about a centimeter away from her, "You know... you stole everything from me. First, you steal Riku. Then, you steal my place at the dinner table, and finally, you steal my dress. You pulled the last straw."

"Oh boo fucking hoo. You act like you're little miss perfect when really you're the most annoying mouse girl...thing... I ever met! And I had enough of you! I'm surprised Riku hasn't. You little who-"

Jessica's flying fist interrupted the rest of Kairi's speech. Kairi fell and slid across the floor from the impact. She didn't have any time to inspect her bloody nose before Jessica jumped on her. It was a surprise the table didn't get knocked over, or even touched at all, as the two couples fought.

An evil chuckle overlapped the sound of the ripping material that could be heard over at the girl's side of the dining room.

"Not so smooth now are you Sora? Just surrender since your sword-less," Riku smirked evilly as he wiped some sweat off his forehead with his bare arm, Sora's sword gleamed in the process as he did so. The battle had become so heated that both boys were now without shirts.

"I'll never surrender to you-" Sora fell silent when he saw his sword cut through the area right above his chocolate colored spikes. Sora sneered when he felt Riku's hot breath tickle his neck.

"Don't want that happening to you now do you?" Riku grinned sinisterly as his aqua eyes locked on to the sword.

"You're right," Sora glared as he grabbed the ledge of his sword and kicked his feet right into Riku's chest. He pulled his sword out of the wall as he his feet landed on either side of Riku. "I don't."

Sora kicked Riku's sword away from them before he locked his feet against Riku's sides.

"Who isn't the smooth one now?" Sora asked in a cocky tone as he glared down at the silver haired male.

"Apparently you are since-"

"Shut up," Sora said as he sent the his sword right into Riku's chest. When Sora heard Riku start coughing, he pushed the sword deeper into the male's chest. He wanted to see the mouse king die in severe pain.

"Say hi to Satan for me, Riku. I think you two will be very good friends." Those were Sora's final words to his arch rival. Sora had won. Riku could only send him a glare before taking his last breath.

"Poptart! Uh! Get off me!" Jessica yelled as she pushed off the fighting red head and went running to her dead master.

"Poptart!" Jessica gaped at his bleeding body and held him up to her, her hands trembling.

"You deserve to be him right now!" she shouted at Sora as blood slipped through her fingers. She turned her head and let out a sad cry before turning her slate eyes back towards Sora, "I HATE YOU!"

"If you don't leave, you'll end up just like him!" Kairi shouted as she pushed herself up from the ground. Her beautiful white dress was torn and she was bleeding. However, her expression was strong. Sora nodded as he stared down at Jessica.

"Leave. You're not welcomed in this kingdom as long as I rule," Sora replied. He watched as the blonde female got up.

"Fine. I'll leave. There's no point in staying anyways since you killed the hot guy. And there was always Johnnie in Alaska..." Jessica's once sad frown was replaced with a huge smile as she let out an excited squeal, "And now I get to wear that cute Eskimo looking jacket I bought!"

A deafening silence followed the duo after Jessica left. Kairi ran a hand through her untamed crimson hair as she gazed around the room. Everything but the dining room table seemed to be destroyed. The room smelled of sweat and blood, much to the two's distaste.

Sora was the one who finally decided to break the silence.

"Well uh.." He turned around slowly. Kairi, who absentmindedly was standing only a few inches behind him, smiled sheepishly as his sweaty chest nearly smacked right into her nose. Sora scratched the back of his head awkwardly while taking a step back to get a better view of the red head, "Congratulations."

"On what? You're the one who destroyed the mouse king," Kairi answered, her eyes locked on her feet.

"No, not that. Don't you know? You're the Sugar Plum Princess."

"... I am?"

"Yeah. It's funny how we've been looking for a person that's been with us all along," Sora watched Kairi nod. He rose a dark eyebrow when he looked to where she was gazing at, "What's so interesting down there?"

"Nothing..." Kairi breathed out. She felt her shoulders tense when she saw Sora's shoes come into view with hers. She inhaled as she felt Sora's finger turn her chin up.

"Hey," Sora whispered as her eyes met his.

"Hey," Kairi responded back. Sora smiled as he pulled her into a hug.

"I'm sorry about our fight Kairi," Sora apologized before sighing into her hair. It smelt like a day where one would be watching a storm.

(A/N: Okay, I know that was COMPLETELY random. But I bought this candle "Storm Watch" and it smells oh so good. So I wanted Kairi's hair to smell like that but I couldn't exactly say it smelled like 'Storm Watch' so I had to change it around so it could make a little more sense)

"I'm sorry too," Kairi said as she made the hug a tighter one. The two smiled at each other as they pulled out of the hug. Kairi then looked around the room and realized that the castle looked different. Riku's dead body was gone, the room was put back into place, the castle seemed much brighter, and there weren't any mice lurking around. The castle seemed to have magically change itself.

"Look at all that food," Kairi said as her eyes scanned the huge dining table.

"You know what? We should have a party!" Sora said cheerfully as he slung a muscular arm around Kairi's shoulders."To celebrate our win over the mouse king, your finding out about being a princess, and me being able to have my kingdom back. Everyone can be invited!"


"What about right after we clean up?" Sora suggested as he turned his head to look down at her. His smirk only grew more when he saw her smiling up at him.


Since she had to patch herself up from the battle with Jessica, Kairi was a little late arriving to her own party. She could hear the laughing and happy shouts that came from the ballroom downstairs as she pinned another white butterfly clip into her hair. She smiled. She was happy that the kingdom was now safe and Sora was back to ruling his kingdom. It was going to be a sad memory when she would have to depart the welcoming kingdom... and Sora.

Well, maybe she wouldn't have to leave. Sora would allow her to stay with him in the castle. After all, she did help him in the slightest way to destroy Riku. But wouldn't that be unfair to her family? They probably didn't even notice she was gone. Her parents were always so busy planning and going to social events that they didn't have time for their children. The only person she was probably being unfair to was her uncle Sephiroth. But, wouldn't he be happy for her if she stayed here with his 'creation'?

Kairi watched herself blush in the mirror as a sudden thought came to her head.

What if Sora proposed to me?


Kairi was sitting on a stone bench in the middle of Sora's beautiful garden. The sun was just starting to set. The fading light lightly brushed against the many different types of flowers. There were roses, daisies, sunflowers, tulips, any flower that you could possibly imagine! The garden was not only exorbitant but it was also magical. Kairi watched dreamily as the pretty tiny fairies danced on top of the different colored flowers.

"How beautiful..." Kairi sighed.

"Not nearly as beautiful as you," A masculine voice interrupted which made Kairi snap out of her thoughts and the fairies flutter away. Kairi blinked and tilted her head to look at the new stranger. She smiled and waved when she saw it was Sora, who was holding a small posy in his hand. He wrapped one arm around Kairi securely and blew on the posy so its seeds would flutter away and tickle her neck. Kairi giggled and brushed her ear against her shoulder.

"Sora stop..." Kairi said in a light-hearted tone. She felt his arm escape her hold as he kneeled in front of her.

"Fine.." Sora smiled as he started to twirl a piece of her crimson hair around his index finger, "I love making you laugh. I love playing with your hair. But most important," he let go of the piece of hair and pressed his forehead against hers, "I love you."

Kairi pressed her lips up against Sora's in a gentle manner before whispering, "I love you too."

Sora took Kairi's pale hand and she laughed when she saw him looking at it with a confused expression, "Sora, what are you doing?"

"You know... I think your hand is missing something," he said. Kairi lifted an eyebrow and wiggled her bare fingers in front of him.

"Missing? What am I missing?"

"Well let's see... five fingers?" Sora kissed each finger as he counted, "yep. Palm?" Sora turned over Kairi's hand and came face to face with her small palm. He chuckled as he brushed his cheek against it, "yeah."

"Sora? What is going on-"

Sora let out a fake gasp, "Kairi. I know what your missing!"

"I'm actually missing...something?" Kairi asked, completely clueless about what he was planning.

"Yeah!" Sora smirked as he grabbed something from behind him. He didn't have to bend on one knee since he was already in that position. Sora opened the small velvet box that came into view. Inside, a beautiful white diamond ring shone, "This."


Sora chuckled nervously, "Kairi, will you marry me?"


"...Yes. ...Yes! YES SORA! I WILL MARRY YOU!" Kairi shouted as she got up from her chair and grabbed a pillow. She started to dance around with it happily. Her eyes were still closed and her mind was still in her daydream until a country accented voice flowed through her ears.

"Uh... Miss Kairi? Are you okay?" The maid mouse (Kairi and Sora decided to keep the good mice that vowed their loyalness to him)asked in a confused tone as she wiped her hands on her apron.

"O- Wha-"Kairi fluttered her eyelashes open and blushed when she saw Miss Framore staring at her with a weird expression. Kairi smoothed out her white skirt and pink glittery halter top and nodded.

"Oh I'm fine! Just well singing a song called "I do." It so happens that Sora is the guy's name in the song!" Kairi lied as she put her pillow back.

"Right. Miss Kairi, can I ask you somethin?"

Kairi nodded at the mouse as she walked over to her, "Yeah?"

"Are all people in the north such bad liars?"

Kairi playfully punched Miss Framore in the arm.

"Fine, you caught me in my rather embarrassing situation. Just don't tell anyone okay?" Kairi tucked her hair behind her ears, "especially Sora!"

"Oh! I won't say anythin! But they're waiting for you downstairs!" The country mouse moved out of the entrance way so Kairi could pass her.

"Thank you Miss Framore!" Kairi called as she started going down the steps.

"No problem darlin! Be good with that boy!" Kairi heard Miss Framore shout as she made it to the last step. Sora, who had been waiting, rose an eyebrow up at her as Kairi grabbed his arm in a sophisticated looking way.

"What boy?" He questioned, his eyes narrowing a little as he led Kairi into the ballroom.

"Don't worry about it Sora..."


"-Because it never came out!" Donald joked, holding his white feathery stomach as he laughed. The room filled with nothing but laughter. Kairi had to wipe a happy tear away from her eye since she was laughing so hard.

"Gawsh Donald! That sure was funny!" Goofy pitched in after he let out a few 'hyucks!' The crowd nodded in agreement before turning back to their own private conversations. Since Kairi was new to the kingdom, all she would do was smile and nod at the people who greeted her while she ambled over to the dining table that was located in the front of the room. Her throat was dry from laughing.

When she reached the table, her eyes landed on her dining plate and glass of wine from earlier. She shrugged when she took the glass of wine in her hands. The servants must of forgotten to clear her plate and utensils. She brought the tip of the glass to her lips but was interrupted from taking a sip when Irvine, Sora's right hand man, came up to her and started conversation.

"Hey...Kairi, isn't it?" Irvine asked as he took an empty glass and started to pour champagne in it.

"Yeah. Who are you?" Kairi asked, tilting her head to the side curiously as her eyes scanned him.

"Irvine," He answered as he placed the champagne down. He turned towards her and stuck out his hand for her to shake, "Nice to meet you." (A/N: I have absolutely no clue how Irvine acts in Final Fantasy. So his character might be wildy OOC. He just looked nice, lol, so I decided to use him.)

Kairi smiled as she shook his hand with her free one.

"Anyway, This is one killer party Kairi! I never saw Sora so happy," Irvine beamed, his eyes studying his best friend whom was busy talking to some of his townspeople.

"Heh. Thanks," Kairi smiled sheepishly but stiffened when Irvine nearly punched her with his glass.

"Cheers!" He called out happily, waiting for Kairi to tap her glass with his.

"...Cheers!" Kairi said hesitantly as she rose her glass of wine to his. She lightly tapped her glass against his before taking a sip. Kairi ears suddenly perked up when she heard the music turn from a nice upbeat pace to a beautiful slow one.

"Mind if I cut in?" she heard a voice ask as she felt someone gently touch her shoulder. Kairi turned and grinned when she saw Sora. Irvine and her exchanged pleasant good-byes before Sora spoke.

"Would you..." Sora placed his finger beneath his shirt's collar and pulled to calm his nerves, "like to dance?"

"I thought you would never ask," Kairi answered as she put her hand on top of his. The two then danced their way slowly into the middle of the ballroom. Sora's cape gently swayed as Kairi pressed her body closer to him. She didn't know why but she was feeling rather nervous and her face felt rather hot.

Don't look at your feet! Don't look at your feet! Kairi repeated in her head as she tried to keep her gaze to Sora's face.

Sora was having a similar case of nerves.

1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3.. DON'T MESS UP! 2...Ah I mean 1,2,3, 1, 2, 3..

Sora held out his hand out away from him so Kairi could twirl underneath him. She looked so breathtaking. Kairi smiled shyly up at him as he pulled her back towards him by the small of her back.

Even though nearly the whole kingdom was now circled around them and watching the duo with intense eyes, the two felt as if they were the only ones in the room.

"Kairi...?" Sora spoke softly as his cobalt eyes scanned her cerulean ones. Kairi snapped out of her trance at his voice.

"Yes Sora?" Kairi asked, a look of concern crossing her face for a moment.

"I just wanted to thank you for helping me through this whole expiernce."

"Oh, you're welcome Sora.."

Okay. Now's your chance. Kiss her.

Sora gulped before slowly tilting his head to the side. He started to lean his face closer and closer to hers. Kairi, who sensed what was happening, took in a deep breath before closing her cerulean eyes. Sora started to close his own eyes as his lips neared hers. Right when their lips were only centimeters apart, Sora gave Kairi one last look before kissing her.

He never got that kiss.

"Kairi! What's happening to you!" Sora shouted as pulled his head back to stare at her fading figure. Kairi quickly opened her eyes and stared down at disappearing form. The mouse who had been sent to go get the bottle of poison seemed to have grabbed the wrong one. The glass of wine had not been filled with poison but with disappearing fluid. Apparently, it was now starting to take full effect. Kairi's eyes grew wide when she looked back at him.

"I don't know! Sora!" Kairi shouted, her hand reaching out to touch his cheek. Sora gently placed his hand on her fading one.

"Kairi, don't leave! I... I... I love you. We're suppose to be together!" Sora shouted as he took a step forward and wrapped his hands around her. He wouldn't let her leave. (A/N: Okay, I know they fell in love pretty fast. I hate when that happens. But what do you expect? This is the last chapter! I thought this was a good opportunity so yeah...)

"Sora, I love you too! But I guess this is... goodbye,"Kairi said as she gave him one last hug before fully disappearing. Sora shook his head in disbelief as his hands gripped the air around him. Somehow he was hoping to find Kairi in it.

"Kairi! No! Don't go!...Don't go..." Sora said sadly before bowing his head and walking off.


"SORA!" Kairi screamed as she sat up. Kairi cerulean eyes scanned her surroundings and found herself in her lilac bedroom. She lowered her gaze downwards as her hands gripped her purple comforter. It couldn't of been nothing but a dream could it? She didn't want it to be a dream!

But after not being able to find her nutcracker anywhere, she was coming to the realization that it was nothing but that.


After spending a rather depressing Christmas morning, expect for getting the presents she wanted, Kairi was loathing the fact that they were having yet another big get together for Christmas. It was simply just a Christmas dinner with oh, just about 100 people. Kairi groaned as she placed her curling iron down. All she wanted to do was sleep.

Kairi's red high heels echoed off the wooden staircase as she made her way slowly downstairs. Her once long red hair was now cut about to three inches under her bare shoulders. She was wearing a tight light red tube-top dress that ended mid-thigh. She attempted to make the dress longer by pulling down at it but only flashed more of her 'upper body' as she did so. She was lucky she was short. A gold necklace with a small green gem was all that was needed to complete the mature yet somewhat revealing outfit.

"Kairi! There you are! Everyone is waiting to see you!" Her mother called as Kairi got to the end of the stairs. Her moms eyes narrowed suspiciously as she saw her daughter's choice of clothing.

"Who are you trying to get all dressed up for?" Her mother spat as she got in front of her daughter.

"I'm getting "all dressed up" for all the people who you try to impress and care for so much," Kairi shot back as she tried to move out of her mother's way, "I don't see why you care anyway."

"Who do you think you're talking to?" Her mother snapped as she grabbed her daughter's wrist. Kairi glared up at her.

"I think I'm talking to the person who cares more about her business partners and rich family members more then her own children!" Kairi yelled as she broke her mother's grip from her arm.

"Why you! You're not allowed to go to the party!"

"Isn't it kind of late for that?" Kairi asked in a smart tone.

"If I see you even walk through the doors of that ballroom, I promise the rest of your Christmas Break will be a living hell," Her mother said in a cold voice before walking away. Kairi watched as her mom put on a fake smile and greeted some of her friends inside the ballroom.

What a fake. Kairi thought as she crossed her arms over her chest. She walked into the dark living room where no sound, but the ticking of the warn grandfather clock, was heard. Kairi sat down on one of the dark green couches and crossed her arms stubbornly over her chest.

What a great Christmas this turned out to be... Kairi thought after ranting off some steam. She sighed as she placed her chin in her hand, I much rather be back in my fairytale la-

Her thought was interrupted by her uncle Sephiroth's voice.

"She should be here somewhere- ah! There you are!" Kairi turned her head towards him, "Why are you in this dark place all by yourself Kairi? I want you to meet someone!"

Kairi tried to resist when her uncle grabbed her arm and tugged her in the door's direction.

"Uncle Sephiroth, I'm not allowed to go to the party. That's why I'm in here. And I don't think my mom would like it if she saw me talking to your frie- " Kairi stopped talking when her eyes landed on uncle Sephiroth's guest.

"Oh, your mother is way to busy to come out here and have her eye out on you. I'll take care of her anyways. But please, Kairi meet," Uncle Sephiroth paused as he took a step backward so Kairi could have a clear view of the good-looking gentlemen, "Sora."

Brown spiky hair, cobalt eyes, good figure, same name... it has to be him! But wasn't it all a dream? And this guy surely isn't my nutcracker!

"I'll go check on your mother now. Later you two," Uncle Sephiroth called as he walked away. Kairi swore she saw a special twinkle in her uncle's eye before he disappeared.

"Hello Kairi," Sora said in a smooth tone as his cobalt eyes scanned her. He smiled at her when their eyes meet.

"S-Sora? Is it really you?" Kairi shook her head. There were plenty of guys named Sora, "I mean! Are you- Do you- Have we met before?"

Sora let out a light chuckle as he tilted his left shoe so Kairi could see her uncle's scribbled handwriting on the bottom of it, "I believe we have."

"Sora!" Kairi cried happily as she threw her arms around him in a tight hug, "But what about your kingdom? Shouldn't you be there?"

"I can't rule a kingdom without a queen." Sora smirked when he saw her reaction.

"You want me to come back with you?" Kairi asked, a surprised look sweeping across her face.

"Yes. That is, if you want to," Sora whispered as he brushed his cheek against hers before placing his forehead on hers.

"Don't be silly. Of course I want to!" Kairi said as she smiled up at him, "I'm not sure how my mother is going to take it..."

"Your uncle is taking care of that."

"Well that's good," Kairi said. She grabbed Sora's hand before continuing on.

"You know we never finished that dance earlier?" she asked softly.

"We never finished that kiss earlier either," Sora remarked making Kairi blush.

"Well I-"

Sora placed his finger on her lips, "Look up."

Kairi blinked at him before looking up at the dangling mistletoe. She knew her face was as red as Rudolph's shining nose by now.

Sora placed his hand gently against her cheek before he began to lean in. Kairi felt her hand slip from his hand and trace up to where his shoulder was when their lips connected. The kiss felt like the electric shock you got when thunder clashed together to make lightening. Sora started to run his hands up and down Kairi's back as she brought the kiss to the next level.

After a few minutes, they pulled apart breathing heavily.

"N-N-Now as for that dance," Sora pulled Kairi close to him and started to tango with her. Kairi giggled as Sora danced with her.

"Sora? You do know where the only ones dancing right?" Kairi said as she softly laid her head on his shoulder.

"What's the problem with that?" he turned his head and nuzzled his nose against hers for a moment, "We were the only one's dancing at the party earlier."

"Oh... right," Kairi smiled as the two slowly danced.

"You ever see 'Grease' Kairi?" Sora asked suddenly. Kairi rose an eyebrow and nodded.


"Well then I won't feel completely stupid when I do this..."

"Sora, what are you talking about?"

"Shhh..." Kairi only giggled.


After a few silent moments of dancing and Sora not doing anything, Kairi rose an eyebrow and was about to ask Sora what was going on until a soft singing voice flowed through her ears.

"My heart arranges... a melody...that's never the same... a melody... that's calling your name... and begs you please... come back to me... please return to me... don't go away again... or make them play again... the music I wanna hear... has once again... you whisper in my ear... oh my darling, uh huh..." Sora sung as he buried his face in her hair. Kairi laughed as he did a high 'OoooOooooOooo!'

"Sora, you're silly but I love you," Kairi whispered as she rose her head from his shoulder and kissed him.

"Merry Christmas Princess," Sora said as he ran a hand through her crimson curls.

"Merry Christmas you hunk of wood," Kairi whispered before pulling him into another passionate kiss.


The End! Hope You All Liked It! I thought it was a cute ending! And I always wanted Sora to sing that XDD! I'm sorry I had to kill Riku! Ah! I feel bad! Wonder what happened to Jessica? Hm, me too! Lol! Anyways Merry Christmas Again! Thanks for the reviews! Don't forget to review this one too! Lol! Later!