Disclaimer: I don't own Danny Phantom or any other characters. Except Sammy. She's my character.

Prologue - Dear Diary

Dear Diary,

When someone asks for an opinion on ghosts, you'd get a lot of different replies. If you were to ask my parents, they wouldn't say much except 'Ghosts don't exist.' But if you asked Mr. and Mrs. Fenton, they'd go all spastic on you.

There's also Tucker and Sam. They'd probably give the same, normal reaction that they believe in ghosts. Because, well, they know a lot of things others don't.

But then there're also those popular kids' reactions. If you were to get even close enough to ask them, they'd say some different things. Like, Paulina. Though, all she really likes is Danny Phantom. I don't think she cares about anyone else.

And then, there's Danny and I. To the normal person, they'd think, 'They're just some normal kids. They don't know anything about ghosts. They're just normal kids.'

That's where those people are wrong.

Danny and I, we know a lot about ghosts. And we both have the same opinion; they do exist. Not only do we know because we've come face to face with many, we're also half ghost.

And only Danny and I know that.