Heroes of Arcadia: The Gamemaster's Legacy
by Anthony Bault

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Sasha Prower: RottinKid
Melanie and Cleo Chameleon: Morgan Ingersoll
Lutherain: Emily S. Smith
Anthony, King Arbolet, Prince Vinius, Princess Blossa, Sir Eric of the Larson Clan:
Anthony Bault

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Author's forward:
My first fanfic...and hopefully not my last.

This fanfic is based on a paper and pencil RPG called "Heroes of Arcadia" I started creating
(not for publishing, just for fun) a while back where you can role play a video game. What you
will read is, essentially, part of the back story for that RPG.

Basic premise: Suppose everything we believe to be fiction is actually fact, but in some other
reality. With some unknown ability, we are able to see that reality, but only perceive it as
our imagination. Suppose it turns out we had the ability to visit those realities a long time
ago, but the "doors" have long since closed...

HOA-TGL is the story of how one of those doors opened, and what happens when that reality
literally spills into ours...


(P.S. That sound you hear is the fourth wall completely shattering!)



Bowser Koopa was up to his old tricks again, he just chose a different target.

Having failed to capture the princess of the Mushroom Kingdom time and time again, he set his
sights on the neighboring kingdom of Floren, where a race of people evolved from the fire
flowers lived. He had already captured Princess Blossa and was getting ready to make his
escape, when his old nemesis appeared...

"There he is, Mario!" Prince Vinius exclaimed. "THAT'S the fiend who kidnapped my sister!"

Mario sighed and thought, "Doesn't Koopa EVER get tired of this?"

Mario and Vinius chased Bowser into a nearby cave where Bowser thought he could hide and set up
a defense, using some of his best Troopas as a wall. Unfortunately, Vinius was skilled at fire
magic, even teaching Mario a few tricks, and the two of them practically turned Bowser's troops
into a mass barbecue. Eventually, the two of them caught up with the king of the Koopas, and
forced him to surrender the princess.


"Blossa, are you alright?" said Vinius, after helping Mario tie up Koopa.

"I'm fine, brother," she said, "and I am definitely glad to be out of this...THING'S clutches!"

"HEY!" Bowser exclaimed. "I may be a dirty, no good cheat, but I resent just being called a

"Sorry he caused you so much trouble, he's a always been a pain in the keister when I had to a
protect the princess in the Mushroom Kingdom," Mario said.

"Well..." Vinius said, with a smile crossing his lips. "Perhaps we can get rid of this pain
once and for all for you, Mario."

"Eh? How are you going to do that?" Mario asked.

"Follow us to the back of this cave, Mario, and you'll see..."


The back of the cave revealed a massive stone arch etched with cryptic symbols that must have
been around for several centuries. Vinius and Blossa saw the confused look on Mario's face and

"What you are looking at, Mario," Vinius began, "is a banishment portal. Our father once told
us never to come down here, saying we could be lost forever if this were ever to open through
any errant magic spell from either myself or my sister."

"Yes," Blossa continued, "making it the perfect place to dump off our excess baggage here so he
doesn't cause any more grief!"

Fear crossed Bowser's face. Were they really going to...?

"Momma mia! You mean you're going to..."

"You bet, Mario!" Vinius exclaimed. "Just place lizard-lips here near the portal and my sis
and I will do the rest!"

"WAIT!" Bowser yelled. "Can't we make a deal?"

"No deal, Koopa!" said Bloosa. "We don't make deals with the likes of YOU!"

Vinius and Blossa began an strange incantation which caused the portal to open in a reddish
haze, sucking the screaming Bowser into it.

"Well," said Vinius. "I guess our two countries will both be glad to be rid of..."


Vinius and Blossa turned around to see their father, King Arbolet, running towards them with
anger in his eye. That anger turned to panic when he saw the opened portal.

"What...what did you do? Don't tell me you just opened the portal!"

"We did, father," said Blossa proudly, "and banished Bowser Koopa to a place where he'll never
bother this world again!"

"NO!!!!!!" yelled Arbolet, then he quieted down, and looked at his kids with a more subdued
tone. "My children...I shouldn't have told you this was a banishment portal. I only told you
that so you wouldn't try to open it like you just did."

"Father! What are you talking about?"

"This portal...is one of the Arcadian portals, one of the portals that connects our world of
Gardenia with the other worlds of Arcadia."

Both of the royal children and Mario gasped. They knew of the portals, and of the history
behind them, and suddenly worried...

Which world did they send Bowser to, and can that world handle him?


Chapter 1 - First Contact


Anthony was playing his Playstation 2, trying his skills at Final Fantasy Tactics, only to have
his main character die as a result of being ganged up on by three enemies at once. Not exactly
how he wanted to end his game session...

He had just come back from his usual weekend bike ride and was cooling down with a nice video
game RPG. After giving up on trying to keep his main character alive, he decided to relax with
a little television instead. Unfortunately, pickings were slim on the tube...

"Reruns...golf...B-movie...George Bush...more golf...God I hate weekend TV!"

He decides to grab a drink from the kitchen while trying to decide what he could do next, and
then he had that feeling of Deja Vu again, where he swore he saw the events that just took
place happen in a previous dream.

These "happenings" have been taking place ever since he was 13, and now that he was 26, the
frequency of them happening have increased to the point that they happened on a semi-regular
basis. He couldn't even play cribbage with his old man without guessing what the next card was
on certain deals.

"Ah...forget it, Bault. You're just imagining things," he said to himself as he filled a water
glass. Suddenly, he saw a bright flash come from outside the kitchen window. What he saw next
he could scarcely believe, for he saw a giant lizard-like creature come out of where the flash
originated. A creature, he knew all too well...

"What the HELL?!? Is that...KOOPA?!?!?!?"

Anthony was amazed to see the creature break out of his bonds he was in, and watched as it
looked around, wondering where the heck it ended up. Suddenly, it turned towards where Anthony
was looking and yelled at him.

"You there, human! Come here!"

"No way am I doing THAT," thought Anthony, as he made a strategic retreat to his room. He was
glad his parents were away on vacation, they wouldn't believe this was happening even if they
saw it themselves! He made it too his room where he had a weapon: a longsword some friends of
his picked up at the last Gen-Con. "This should give me SOME protection against that overgrown
tortoise," he thought. Right now he wasn't worried about where Bowser came from, only that he
needed to make sure he survived the encounter.

As he ran back down, he saw that Bowser had something else in mind, as several Goombas and
Troopas he magically summoned made their way up the stairs toward him. Anthony jumped on one
of the Troopas as the Troopa dived toward him, causing it to pop out of its shell. He then
tossed the shell towards the remaining group, knocking out the lot of them.

"I hope that was enough for a 1-up," he thought as he turned his attention and his sword
towards the Troopa who regained its composure and was looking for revenge. The Troopa had a
spear and was charging Anthony, but Anthony quickly sidestepped the charge and landed a cutting
blow in the Troopa's now exposed back, leaving a gaping cut on the Troopa and a fair amount of
green ichor on Anthony's sword blade.

Anthony ran back down the stairs to face Bowser, dispatching a few Goombas with sword swipes as
he ran down. He also picked up another Troopa shell to use as a shield if necessary.

When Anthony made it outside where Bowser was waiting, he took a defensive stance to face him.
Bowser wasn't impressed by Anthony's bravery. "So, the little man thinks he can face the King
of the Koopas, huh?"

"Why not? I've beaten you in all the games I played...ARRGGGHH!!!" Anthony felt a tremendous
headache brewing, probably from the stress of what was happening, but tried to regain his

"Games, huh?" Bowser scoffed. "Well, you aren't going to be able start THIS game over after
I'm done with you..."

Suddenly, Anthony's head started to glow, followed by his body in turn. Anthony felt nothing
except the tremendous headache, getting more excruciating as the seconds passed and forcing him
to collapse to his knees. He knew he had to do something to relieve it and was surprised when
the relief came in the form of a gigantic fireball that emanated from one of his outstretched
hands and blasted Bowser back into the flash of light that brought him, which in turn caused
all the summoned Goombas and Troopas to fade out of existence.

"What the...?" Anthony said. "Did I just...?"

Suddenly the headaches returned, and another blast came out of his hands. This time it was
aimed towards the flash, and the blast turned the portal from a fire red color to a shimmering

The headaches stopped, and Anthony was kneeling on the ground near the newly created portal,
gasping heavily. He stared at it in amazement with two questions on his mind which he voiced
out loud.

"What the hell just happened? Am I dreaming?"

He realized he wasn't dreaming when trying to pick himself up using the nearby deck yielded a
painful stab from a wood splinter. He then looked at the portal once again and was afraid.
This was all too real. Unfortunately, his curiosity was getting the better of him, and he had
no way of shaking it.

After placing his sword in the portal and pulling it out again to see if it was safe, he took a
deep breath, and jumped into the portal...