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The Boy on the Island

"So Prince Zuko," asked Iroh, "What now?"

Zuko was adjusting the sail of the little raft, "I don't know Uncle. I can't go after the avatar now, nothing can restore my honor. My father has no doubt found out that I am the Blue Spirit."

Iroh blinked, "I thought he was a myth!"


Iroh grinned nervously, "Well, perhaps we should stop on that island over there. We've been sailing on a raft for three days anyway."

"if I do, do you promise to just be quiet! I'm sick of you asking if I am sure that I have no tea! Zuko shouted, but there was another reason, he had to sort things out. Alone.


So much had happened, and yet so much was left. Zuko had never known that Iroh had thought of him as a son enough to voice it out loud, or that Zhou would defeat the moon. Zhou... why had he refused Zuko's help? To see anyone dragged under like that, even that man, was too much for the fire prince...

A small noise to his left broke Zuko's trance. He leaped up and shouted, "Who's there! Answer me!"

Zuko's uncle came up, "What is it Prince Zuko?" Zuko looked at the bushes, "There's someone there, Uncle."

Iroh thoughtfully stroked his beard, and walked forward. Zuko said, "Uncle, that might not be a good..."

"Well, what have we here?" asked Iroh brightly. A small boy in blue ran past Iroh shrieking, "Firebender!" and he crashed into Zuko and stared at him for a second, then, "Another one!" and ran into a tree.

"Well," said Iroh, "That was a nice meeting."


After the boy had stopped screaming, Iroh managed to get him to talk.

"I'm Ryko," he said, "and I'm eight. I'm from the North Pole, but that big water beast, remember how it made all those waves? Well, I kinda got washed away. But I'm a waterbender, so I made a bubble and floated here! I wanna go home!" he said, his blue eyes filling with tears.

"We'll take you!" said Iroh.

"Uncle, it's two days away, and that's nonstop!" said Zuko.

Iroh glanced at Zuko, "We have nothing better to do nephew, so we're going. Must I threaten you with tea?"

"We have no tea Uncle."

Iroh grinned, "Oh, I bet I can find some..."

And lo, with the threat of tea providing a reason, Zuko did agree to return Ryko to his tribe.


Okat, Ryko tells them all that stuff because he's semi-naive and talkative.