Shadow the Hedgehog: A Rogue's Adventure

By Master hunter

As soon as I played the new Shadow the Hedgehog game I wanted to do a fic of it. Its so plot heavy yet confusing, I'm going to try and make some sense of it. Firstly goodbye set system; I'll be doing the levels how I think they should appear, not following one of the 300 or so path in the game.

Also a first for me (well for a very long time, I used to write like this a lot), this is first person from Shadow's perspective. Therefore many scenes that don't actually involve Shadow will not appear, and some lines will be more how Shadow (or to be more accurate how I) Remembers it. They will also be written to make more sense.

One last thing about the fic. This is Shadow remembering stuff most of the time, not me telling the story in third person. Therefore something's may be left unexplained and really up to you. For Example, how Shadow loses his memory considering he regains it in one of my fics.

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Shadow the Hedgehog: A Rogue's Adventure

By Master hunter

Chapter 1 - The Alien Invasion Begins

That Blue Hedgehog doesn't get all the glory you know. Good old Sonic, everybody loves him, well except for Eggman. But there was this one time where I alone had to save the world, even though I had no intention of doing so. This is the tale of my adventure and a rediscovery of who I am.

My name is Shadow the Hedgehog and my tale starts with me alone with only one memory. I don't recall how I lost my memory again; no-one has been able to give me a straight answer. I just woke up to find myself alone, wandering the world searching for something to remind me of my old life.

I arrived at the field outside of Westopolis. I kept asking myself who I was. All I could remember was my name and a horrific image of a young blond haired woman getting shot. I guess I was with her as we ran down the corridors of some space station. I could see the Earth out of the windows to my left surrounded by the blackness of space. Behind us were some soldiers. The girl looks at me as a soldier pulls out a gun and fires. Then the memory went.

"What does this memory mean?" I asked myself out loud.

Suddenly the sky went red with dark clouds forming above the city. My eyes followed the dark sky formation and saw lots of strange creatures fall from the sky. I decided it was none of my concern despite hearing many screams. They were just humans after all.

I turned my back on the chaos happening in the city to find a deep chilling voice cry out to me.

"Shadow the Hedgehog", said the voice.

I turned to see a ghostly apparition of a weird creature. It wore a long cloak lined with some comet shaped medallions on a small chain. It sort of had three eyes, though only one had a pupil. Its head spiked out horizontally making sort of a T-shape. It didn't appear to have any legs.

"Who are you and how do you know my name?" I asked suspiciously.

"Shadow, the day of reckoning is upon us. Bring me The Seven Chaos Emeralds as promised", said the figure.

It then disappeared, so I called out for it to wait but it was gone. When he mentioned the Emeralds I remembered what they were and more importantly what they could be used for. I then realised that if he knew my name perhaps he knew more about me and could help me discover who I really am. I raced off to the city, questioning whether or not to get the Emeralds for this stranger, or go for them myself.

Regardless I needed the Emeralds and I could sense one of them was in the city. I couldn't explain it but I felt something call out to me. I played back what the figure had said to me earlier.

"Promise time huh? Well maybe it's time to fulfil this promise", I said as I jumped down from the rooftop into the city. It was pure utter chaos. Laser struck the ground randomly around me with only a quick highlight of light given you any sign of an attack. I saw a soldier attack a bat like creature before a laser caused an explosion knocking him off his feet.

He dropped his gun which I picked up, deciding it could be useful. Soon afterwards I came across the Blue Hedgehog Sonic. As soon as I saw him I remembered his personality. A boring pure speed hero that just loves the thrill of adventure at high speed. Nothing seemed to get to him though; it was the one aspect I admired. He did what he felt was needed and never questioned it. I sort of envied his one dimensional approach to life.

"Hey Shadow long time no see buddy", said Sonic.

"Hmm, Sonic. Should've expected to see you here", I said.

"These Black creatures are destroying everything. Think you could lend a hand?" asked Sonic.

I ran on ahead and Sonic followed for some reason. He gave me advice on how to destroy the black creatures but I didn't care. We then came across a cage guarded by some soldiers fighting a big black creature. This one was much larger and looked like a very muscular man.

"We have secured the Chaos Emerald. But we're under attack", I heard a soldier say.

A CHAOS EMERALD! I ran straight to the cage and demanded they opened it. Sonic meanwhile attacked the Black creature. The soldiers ignored my command and attacked me. I avoided their pathetic gun fire and fired back at them.

"Hey Shadow what are you doing? They're on our side!" said Sonic.

The cage fell and I took the Emerald. It was the Green Chaos Emerald. For some reason I felt connected to that one more than the others.

"Listen Sonic I'm not here to help you. I just want the Emerald. If anything gets in my way then…well you've seen the result. They shouldn't have fired on me", I said

"Whatever Shadow. Just stop attack the GUN soldiers", said Sonic.

As soon as he said GUN I remembered who these Soldiers were. GUN was the Earth's Government. They protected the people but they didn't always do what was right. I could see why Sonic wanted to protect them though. He needed them to help him fight the Black creatures.

I ventured onwards to find a floating eyeball with 5 thick blood red tendrils.

"You're late Shadow" it called out to me.

"Come again?" I asked.

"This is my third eye. I have sent it so I can assist you as you help us", said the eye.

"And you are?" I asked.

"Hrrmm? What is the matter Shadow? Have you injured head in some way? I am black doom, I lead the black arms now attacking these pathetic humans", said the eye.

"Oh right. Oh of course, this is your army attacking the human's right", I said.

"Yes, now come and assist your Black Arm brethren. There is still a chaos emerald in this city but first we much take care of the human resistance", said Doom's eye.

"Hey you, call off your army and go back to wherever it was you came from slime", said Sonic

"More resistance. Shadow take care of this pest", said Doom's eye.

"There's another emerald here huh? Screw this I don't want any part in this war", I said running off ahead.

I looked back to find Sonic attacking Doom's eye who flew into the air and chased after me. Sonic soon followed. Both offered me conflicting advice but I tried to ignore both of them. I found the emerald attacking anyone who attacked me. Black doom was pissed off at me and appeared in front of me.

"Shadow you deliberately disobeyed me", said Black Doom angrily

"Disobeyed you? I answer to no-one fool. Now you're going to tell me about my past now", I said, "I have two Chaos Emeralds already. Nothing's going to stand in my way"

"You ignorant fool! How dare you insult me! Because of you we have to leave this place"

"Shadow come on, they're trying to flee. We had to destroy their tank", said Sonic appeared behind us.

"So you have chosen to side with the humans, so be it", said Black Doom.

"Hey, I'm not siding with anyone", I said, "Now tell me about my past Doom!" I said angrily.

Black Doom disappeared and I quickly realised if I was going to discover the truth I needed to take down that tank.

"Come on then Sonic. I still have questions he needs to answer", I said.

"Cool. Here we go", said Sonic.

Being blessed with the ability to run at the speed of sound it didn't take us long to catch up with the tank. Once again Doom's eye joined us.

"Shadow, the human resistance has been stronger than we first thought. I demand you leave us alone and flee the city with us", said Doom's eye.

"How dare you demand I do anything! You are not my master, I do not owe you anything", I replied.

"Enough of this nonsense Shadow", said Doom's eye even more angrily

"No, you will tell me who I am; you will tell me my past. I will not let you escape before you do", I said

"We do not have time for this. Urgh! Try to stop us then Hedgehog", said Doom's eye.

"Now you're talking. Lets smash that thing up", said Sonic

We chased down the tank ignoring the continuing war around us. We attacked the tank with everything we had but it just seemed to bounce of a shield. Then the normally blue shield turned green.

"It's working Shadow. It's not invincible after all", said Sonic.

I nodded and continued attacking it. Eventually it fell, crashing into the ground. The smoke cleared to reveal Doom's Eye waiting for us.

"Ha Ha! I expected nothing less of you Shadow. But enough is enough", said Doom's eye.

"Indeed. Tell me what I need to know. I don't want to hurt you", I said angrily.

"Bah! This little hiccup will not stop us achieving our ultimate goal. Black Bull I summon you. Assist us in our escape", said Doom's eye.

The ugliest monster appeared in front of us. It was a huge, fat creature that somehow flew with tiny wings. Its ugly face was just asking to be hit.

"Alright, more action", said Sonic.

"Why won't you just tell me the truth?" I screamed angrily

The beast fired a huge fireball at me which I quickly dodged. I jumped up, gained some height using some of the Black bull's minions and smacked the ugly thing right in the face. It seemed to shriek in pain and seemed to run off crying. It was as weak as a child, what was Black doom thinking?

It soon turned to face us again and in a rage created shockwaves of fire. I jumped each one but they weren't easy to avoid. One of the shockwaves struck a gun carrying minion and I picked his gun up when he dropped it. Once in the air I used Chaos Control to freeze time and fired all the ammo the gun had. When time resumed the Black bull fell to the ground. It was nothing compared to me.

I was then surprised to find Black Doom waiting for me.

"Shadow, our troops have left this area for now. We've had to re-adjust our plans. I have a new task for you", said Black Doom.

"Haven't you got it through your thick skull creep, I listen to no-one", I said

I should've taken his request more serious because he roared in rage before warping me and knocking me out.

"I will show you what happens to those who disobey me Shadow", I heard Black Doom say before I lost consciousness.

I awoke on the grounds of some ruins sitting inside a giant canyon. I was no longer in Westopolis and Sonic was nowhere to be found. I slowly got back on my feet, still a little sore from Black Doom's sudden attack. I scanned my surroundings and for the first time felt impressed by Black Doom's power.

"Urgh! Maybe I shouldn't have underestimated him. For now I'll play along with him and stay on his good side, yes that should get him to reveal something to me", I said to myself.

I decided then to side with Black Doom. I needed his power and knowledge if I was to find the truth. I ventured on and came across Knuckles. He called out and asked for my help. He said the Black creatures were here also as was GUN's soldiers. I had hoped I was out of that war zone but I guess I wasn't going to get out of it.

I ignored Knuckles even though for some reason he continued to follow me. Doom's eye reappeared ready to instruct me.

"Good you're awake Shadow. These ruins hide our most devious secret. Your life-force should activate the power crystals in these ruins and our true power will be revealed. Do not fail me this time Shadow", said Doom's eye.

"Ok Black Doom I will side with you for now, providing you tell me something about my past later on", I said.

"You have my word Shadow. Once we have gathered our full strength I will reveal as much as I can", said Doom's eye.

"Wait! Shadow! You're on their side? What the hell happened to you?" asked Knuckles.

I took a moment to consider my reply. Knuckles wasn't really that much of a friend, he was more Sonic's. Even so I didn't want to hurt him either. Knuckles was a decent echidna, but right now he wasn't helping my cause. Like with Sonic all it took was to see him and my memories came flooding back.

"I'm sorry Knuckles but I have my reasons for siding with the Black Arms. Stay out of my way", I said.

Knuckles froze in confusion. I don't think he understood how I could help them at all but I didn't feel like explaining. I ran off ahead, attacking anything that attacked me. Sometimes that included the Black Creatures which angered Black Doom but I felt they were getting in my way.

I succeeded in activating all the crystals and the ground began to shake.

"Well done Shadow. Now Witness the Black Arms' true might", said Black Doom laughing.

I looked down from a higher platform to see Knuckles fighting some of the Black Creatures. All the others had left the area and soon he had nothing left to fight. He and the GUN soldiers watched on as the ruins began to fly in the air. Earthquakes knocked Knuckles and the Soldiers off their feet and over into the dark abyss. I saw Knuckles gliding and clinging onto the Canyon walls.

Knuckles was safe but those pathetic human soldiers fell into the abyss. The Canyon was now bare as the ruins became a fleet of flying battleships for the Black Arms.

"Now we attack", said Black Doom.