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Shadow the Hedgehog: A Rogue's Adventure

By Master hunter

Chapter 10 - Never Turn Back

I stood hovering outside of the Black Comet staring at Black Doom. He had some sort of red aura around him as he laughed loudly. Then his body started to mutate. His torso burst out of his jacket as it became a giant ball. The two spike like horns then mutated into two heads pointing in opposite directions. The heads grew bent spiked horns as each head became an upper half of a body each. Each torso sprouted arms and the big connecting the two halves sprouted two giant wings.

The monstrous sight in front of me began laughing as the tentacle creature Doom's Eye flew into one of the heads. Each of the heads had one giant eye and when Doom's Eye merged with the head its eye opened.

"This is your true form? An Ugly mass of grey flesh. Urgh! I think I'll enjoy tearing you apart limb from limb", I said.

"You should feel honoured worm. This is my Devil Doom form. Few have seen me like this but know that my power has increased to immeasurable lengths", said the Beast in a much deeper voice than Doom's.

"You should've done you homework. Nothing has beaten a Super form. You think your power has increased wait until you're seen mine", I said.

"Enough Talk. Earth is mine Hedgehog", said Devil Doom.

"Bring it on", I said.

Omega must've succeeded in rescuing the others because as soon as I started fighting Devil Doom I started hearing familiar voices cheer me on.

"Oh man I think I'm going to be sick. What is that thing?" asked Amy uneasy.

"I'm better that's Doom in some ultimate form or something. Nothing a super hedgehog can't handle. Damn I wish I was up there with him", said Sonic.

"Go got it Shadow. We all know you have the power to beat that thing", said Tails.

"Yeah, show him what Earth is made of Shadow", said Knuckles.

Doom surrounded himself with the debris of Central City. I ventured straight towards the head looking at me and soon found myself dodging the debris as Doom threw chunks at me. A couple of chunks hit me but only really knocked me back a bit. Nothing could hurt me in this form.

I flew full speed straight at the head with a ramming attack but just bounced off him. Doom then charged a fireball that sent me flying. It didn't take me long to realise direct attacks wouldn't hurt him and I would have to try something else. I flew around him to the other head as he surrounded himself with meteors. That head didn't have an open eye.

That's it, the eye. That's the weak point. But how to strike it? It was time to use my signature Chaos Attack, The Chaos Spear.

"You can't hurt me in this form Shadow, give up", said Doom.

I raced back to his other side, the one with the eye, charging up a Chaos Spear. At full strength I fired it straight at his eye and he roared in pain.

"ARGH! How did you…? Doesn't matter. You will not hit me again", said Doom.

Doom then disappeared and reappeared leaving some distance between us. He then started throwing more debris at me. I charged up a Chaos Spear and flew full speed towards the head, avoiding as much of the debris as possible.

"Alright you found his weak spot Shadow…Shadow this may not be the best time to bring this up but you need to know this. Soon after your battle with the Biolizard on ARK we all assumed you died. Then one of my robots found you and brought you to me. With you by my side I felt stronger but knew you wouldn't do anything against Maria's wishes. That's why I created the android clone army from your personality, abilities and some of your DNA. You are indeed the real Shadow", the Doctor told me.

I felt more determined than ever. The Doctor rarely said anything that would ruin his chances for world conquest. I then realised I was fighting for him too.

I reached the head but found Doom had shut that eye. I raced around to the other side and found that eye was now open. He tried to attack me with another fireball but I dodged it and smashed another Chaos Spear in his eye. Doom screamed and warped to another location.

"URGH! Very good Shadow. I expect nothing less from my own brethren. But you are only really putting up a good fight. I will kill you traitor", said Doom.

I was now sweating and starting to feel the strain. This was a sign that I had gone pushing my super form. I had to end this now. I raced ahead to strike him again. As I dodged the debris it was the turn of the Commander to speak.

"Shadow I can see now how wrong I was. You are no demon, you are the Ultimate Weapon. Thank god you're on our side. Destroy this thing once and for all, not just for me, Sonic, Eggman or even Maria. Do it for yourself and for everyone around the world", said the Commander.

It was good to hear that pathetic old man admit it. He now believed in me too, which made me even more determined. Oddly his support added to the others gave me strength and I reached the head with ease. I had stayed back a little to get a good shot and was annoyed to find he shielded his eyes with one of his wings.

"Nice try Shadow but I'm starting to see through your attacks", Said Doom warping to another location.

"Damn I have to get closer before I fire my Chaos Spear", I said out loud.

"Shadow there is only a small window of time between getting close enough and him warping to another location. You must get your timing exactly right", said Omega.

"We know you can do it Shadow. After all you're the Ultimate Lifeform and part of the Ultimate Rogues", said Rouge.

I took Omega's advice seriously and charged the Chaos Spear as I approached Doom again. Just as I broke through the debris field I quickly fired my attack straight at the eye. Doom didn't know what hit him. He warped away again screaming in pain as he went.

"You…..will….not….defeat….me!" said Doom panting heavily.

I was now panting heavily but I didn't let it deter me. I could tell Doom was on his last legs.

"He almost finished Shadow. Time for the final attack", said Sonic

I navigated through the debris field as Doom made another taunt at me.

"You…fool….don't…you…know…who….you…are?" asked Doom

"I…Know….who….I….am", I said angrily back at him while panting heavily.

I prepared to fire the final Chaos Spear as he prepared to fire his fireball attack.

"I am Shadow the Hedgehog", I said smashing the Chaos Spear right in his skull.

Doom writhed in pain before collapsing to the floor. His body reverted back to normal as it crashed into the ground below.

"But…I am…I am…" said Doom weakly.

Soon GUN soldiers surrounded the near dead Doom as they captured him and sent him off somewhere. Probably to a prison or laboratory. As soon as I knew Doom was in safe hands I proceeded to destroy the last piece of my past for good.

I headed straight for the Black Comet and flew to its base. It pushed it away from Earth's surface before warping it back into orbit, letting it float towards ARK a little. I then warped into the main control room for the Eclipse Cannon, put in the co-ordinates and charged the cannon up myself in my super form.

"Goodbye Black Comet!" I shouted before firing the cannon.

The Green laser tore through the armoured comet like a knife through butter. The force caused the Black Comet to explode into tiny little pieces. The huge meteor was now nothing more that dust floating in space.

It was over at last. I collapsed out of the Cannon as I reverted back to my normal self. The chaos emeralds disappeared, probably scattering around Earth as always. I then realised I was in the Arms of Vector.

"Awesome Shadow, Just Awesome", said Vector.

I smiled as I looked around to find the Chaotix Detectives there to help me. Normally I wouldn't accept it but I was too exhausted to make a fuss. They had a radio which linked to Sonic and the others.

"Wow! Shadow that was sweet. Sure wished I could've been up there with you", said Sonic.

I heard more cheers for me, and Knuckles making sure that the Doctor didn't escape.

"Shadow I only wish you could hear me now", said the President.

"Mr President? Shouldn't you be back at GUN Headquarters where it's safe? er sir?" said the Commander.

"After researching the events of fifty years ago I realise that we are to blame as well as Doom. We all misjudged Professor Gerald, and of course Shadow the Hedgehog. I just wish he could hear me say, I'm sorry. Not just for me, but for the entire world", said the President.

I had regained some of my strength and started to walk a little smiling a little.

"I appreciate your help guys but if you don't mind I'd like to be alone now. Could you three please leave ARK", I said.

"But Shadow you clearly need help", said Espio.

"Yeah we can't leave you like this. What are you crazy?" asked Charmy.

Vector looked at me and realised I was serious.

"Come on guys, time to go home. We got what we came here for. Let's leave Shadow to sort things out himself", said Vector.

"But...But…But…But", said Charmy

"No buts Charmy. It's time to go home", said Vector.

The three soon left ARK, leaving the place to myself. I went straight to the observatory room and looked down at Earth once more. The peaceful giant blue orb looked so fragile, so beautiful. I began to wonder what I was going to do next.

Was I going to be the weapon GUN wanted? Was I going to help the Doctor take the world? Would I return to the Rogues? Or become the hero Sonic wanted me to be? I would be none of these things.

I examined the photo I always carried of Maria and Gerald. The photo showed how happy they were before all this happened. Before Black Doom created me with Gerald, before he released all the Artificial Chaos. Before the humans attacked ARK and killed Maria. I cried knowing it would never be like that again.

I knew the life I had, the life I wanted would never be mine again.

"Goodbye Shadow the Hedgehog", I said as I threw away the photo and walked out of the observatory.

So that is my story. My Adventure of Self Discovery. In the end though when I discovered the truth it didn't matter. I was none of the things others wanted me to be and they all seemed to bend the truth to get me to do their bidding. I still feel as if they used me, all of them, even Sonic.

Now I don't care. The life I wanted is gone; my past no longer holds me. The only thing that matters to me now is fulfilling Maria's wish. It's the only part of my past I choose to keep, as well as keeping ARK a sacred place in the memory of those who died here. What I was no longer concerns me. What I will be? Now there's the real question.

Whatever happens though I'll never turn back to the way I was. I will never be used again. I know who I am now, I am Shadow the Hedgehog and I will live my life the way I want to.