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This is a short story that took place inside the Asakura and Kyouyama household when thirteen-year-old Yoh Asakura happened to pass by the room of his fiancée, Anna Kyouyama. He walked on his tiptoes, careful so as not to create any noise that would wake the blonde itako. He perfectly knew well what would happen if she does.

And so he took a step. Another. Followed by another. And he noticed that her door was not properly shut. He was about to do the honors when he heard a moan.

A soft one.

He was curious.

All thoughts were cleared from his mind… like there really are. He placed an ear against the panel door.

Another moan.

He know not what to do. She could already be in trouble for all he knew. But his shaman senses did not pick up any aura that would mean her harm. In fact, hers was the only one he felt inside the dark room.

He was almost ready to pull the door open to see how she was when he heard her mumble softly.


The brunette almost jumped. He thought she was awake. He peeped through the opening and only saw darkness. His pupils adjusted. He saw a bundle in the middle of the room. Still and peaceful.



He was not mistaken. Anna was calling him, alright. Out of unconsciousness, he knew. The itako girl would never call him by that till his dying day!

But it was enough to make his male ego swell with pride, having himself enter her subconscious state of mind. He knew she cared for him as much as he does.

Yoh noiselessly slipped inside and approached her sleeping form, leaving the door slightly open.

She laid there, her blanket only reaching up to cover her slim waist down to her feet. Golden hair spread evenly on the pillow; some blocking her closed right eye.

He tried to reach out to brush those sun-bathed strands away from her lovely face but suddenly hesitated. If she wakes up, what would he do? What would SHE do?

He shivered at the thought of hell, the Anna Kyouyama way.

But as he looked down at her again, he noted that her usual sharp features were gone. Could she really ever become vulnerable? Who knows… but right at that moment, he thought he saw the innocent girl underneath several ice sheathes.

This shaman hopeful did not know what kind of courage possessed him but his urge to touch her overpowered his fear of being slapped. His hand traced her cheek down to her chin. Her face was so smooth and carefree he could not help but smile.

He froze (literally) when she stirred.

"Yoh…" she seemed to be oblivious of him. "… start cleaning the house now… then do 500 push-ups and 200 laps around the city… and then buy groceries before cooking dinner…" she continued to mumble.

Instead of getting annoyed that she still bosses him in her dreams, the Asakura lad smile warmly at his beloved itako.

"Hai…" he answered softly while pulling the comforter up to her chin. "Oyasumi, Anna… my Anna…" he added, loving how the last two words felt good on his lips. "My Anna…" he repeated, bringing his coal eyes back to rest on her face. He was about to leave the room when he heard her again.

"My Yoh…" she whispered before sighing contentedly, a small smile tugging at the corner of her lips. She turned to face the other direction, her back towards him.

Yoh blushed furiously. Indeed, Anna said that too many times before but the way she said it a while ago was different. It made him so happy.

"I'd definitely become the shaman king, Anna. I'll train hard so I can give you an easy life like what you've wanted. That's a promise." Yoh added before closing her door and proceeding to his room to get some sleep.

Anna's eyes slowly opened. "That's good…" she whispered with a sardonic smile before drifting back to sleep.

And that was what happened a few months after Yoh defeated Hao and his spirit of fire.

Still under Anna.

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