A Holiday Album

A House, MD fan-fic by entercreativename.

Summary: Brief snapshots of everyone's holidays.

Disclaimer: I do not own these characters, I just admire what Fox and its affiliates have created.

Chapter 1 - Home for the Holidays

She looked out her window, there was snow everywhere and from downstairs she could hear the sounds and smell the scents of her family at Christmas. She was home, away from her boss, and finally, safe. She dug through her suitcase again looking for her slippers; it was cold here in Ohio. She loved being able to be back home on the farm, sharing a room with her sister.

"What are you doing?" her sister yelled at her gleefully as she came up and hugged her for the fifth time this evening since coming home. She was so glad that her boss for once let her off for more than one or two days at a time - the trip here was long enough that it was better to save up vacation days and use them all at once.

"Oh, just trying to find my slippers. It's colder here than out east."

"Well come on, it's time for Santa to come!"

With that, she and her sister ran down the stairs in the old farmhouse. Once downstairs, she looked around and saw her parents, aunts, uncles, siblings, cousins, and even the family pets all surrounding a man dressed in a red suit. It was family tradition every year that her father played Santa and they each take turns telling him what they want for Christmas. It was tradition that went back for over four generations. Her brother, her nephews, and their children would all continue that.

She sat with some of her youngest cousins on the floor in front of the tree nibbling on milk and cookies; she even held one in her lap who was busy trying to keep his new puppy from running away and eating everyone's snacks. She still could not figure out how, but somehow her entire family managed to fit into that house each year for Christmas. The night was complete with everything she wanted except one thing: him. It didn't matter who "he" was, he could be anyone for that matter, but she just felt alone. How silly! She was surrounded by family, and the one thing she wanted was to be with just one other person, if only she could find and convince him to do so.

Times like this reminded her of her husband that left this life ages ago. She did this all for him. She tried to keep a normal life going, but it was hard. All she wanted to do was regress into something somewhere where she could hide. Home was for that. Yet, she was there and she felt as if she still didn't belong; being widowed in college would do that though.

Her sister came and tugged on her sleeve - it was her turn!

"And what do you want for Christmas my dear?"

She sat in the jolly elf's lap and tried not to cry. She was happiest to be home, happiest to be with her family. Her father saw that she was holding back tears and gave her a huge hug.

"I just don't want this evening to end!" And with that, Allison Cameron cried into her father's arms, a picture of Christmases of yesteryear about to draw to yet another end.