Title: Streetlights and Skylines

Author: Sara and Lizzie

Rating: T for language, a little violence and little sex

Disclaimer: Dick Wolf is God, obviously, since he really does own Law and Order, but since he'd never stick this on at 10 pm Tuesdays, we took the liberty of doing it for him.

Summary: Four years ago, Elliot attended Olivia's funeral. Little did he know, the casket was empty, and Olivia was in a condo in Los Angeles, calling herself Lucy. But, when the man who forced her from her life dies, she comes back to New York, and the 1-6, to find her former partner and boyfriend, engaged.

June 14, 2002.

John Munch looked down the aisle past Odafin Tutuola, Casey Novak and Donald Cragen. His eyes slid past Fin's tactful show of emotion, Cragen's moist eyes, and Novak's blatant tears. They rested on Elliot Stabler. He stood there, clutching the pew, his eyes never leaving the casket. The only thing that showed he was still alive was the white of his knuckles, holding onto the wood, and the rise and fall of his chest. His eyes were locked on the casket, but his face was stoic. He showed no emotion.

None of the fulfilling love, burning guilt, or overwhelming desperation came out. He was numb. John Munch watched him watch as Cragen moved to the pulpit to say those cliché words about Elliot's partner.

Partner. It was funny how far that term spanned for Elliot and Olivia. At first they had been partners to the fullest extent. They were there for each other. No matter what. And slowly, it changed. It grew. Then Kathy took off, and they were left with what they could never talk about before.

And then, enter David North. He was a psychologist. A psychologist who raped girls who had issues. Not mental issues like autism or Down's, but psychological issues like alcoholic parents, or attachtment issues. And God love her, Olivia saw a little piece of her in every one of those girls. So she had to get him.

Unfortunatley for her, David North wasn't David North at all. He was really Vince Gianotti, an influential Mob boss, who had a high price on Olivia's head. An he got to her.

Elliot always thought it would be him. That if one of them was going to go down, he'd make sure it was him. Hell, he was so in love with her, he would have thrown Munch and Fin to the mob. Anyone but Olivia. But she was the one they got.

It shook Elliot to the very core. He was her partner. He was her lover. If that combination hadn't been enough to smarten him up enough to protect her, what was he even doing here?

John Munch listened as Cragen tried to Olivia justice through words. He looked around the crowded church. IAB reps, other Cops, Academy teachers, ME's, CSU, victims, victim's families. He looked back at Elliot Stabler.

One more victim, right down the pew.

Olivia Benson looked out the window. It was dusk, and all she could see was sky. She had stopped crying a long time ago. There was nothing inside her left to cry out. She felt numb.

She gripped the sides of her seat until her knuckles turned white, but she couldn't feel the exertion in her hand. They had switched planes in Atlanta, then flown back up the coast to Philadelphia, and still, no one would tell her where they were going.

She felt sick. The flight was calm, the air was placid. She felt sick. She closed her eyes and imagined what Elliot was doing right now, and she realized. He's at my funeral. She was bitter, and angry already. There really wasn't much justice. She fell in love with Elliot Stabler, one of the first cases she worked with him. A girl was murdered at a college, and they came across her memorial.

Elliot had told her something about if he ever went down, she better make sure that it didn't look like that, or he would haunt her. And she had smiled in the sunlight. And her life had never been the same.

And then Kathy left. Up and left with not a lot of warning. And he had come to her. And they had fought and they had struggled, and they had ended up falling into each other in every possible way. And Olivia had been so incredulous. She never thought, never for a second, that something like this could happen to her. But it did.

And then she had pushed herself too far. She had pushed and pushed and then, that last night, she had pushed until she felt the tear of flesh in her chest.

And Elliot had been telling her for weeks to slow down, be careful. She had scoffed at it, taken offense to it. She was a big bad cop. She could handle herself against one shrink.

And Elliot, oh he had gotten a feeling. There's something about him Liv. He would say. And she would laugh and tell him he was being paranoid, and then she would switch off the lights.

And look where it had gotten her. Olivia Benson had always been stubborn. Stubborn to a fault. Goal oriented. Reckless. Usually, it was what made her so good at her job. This time, it had gotten her a plane ride away from life and love. It had gotten her a new license that said Lucy Campbell. It had been her downfall.