Author's Note:

This fan fiction takes place in an actual world, not a game. The premise is .hack, but instead of having the characters play a game, they live there lives out in a world that is very real to them. Thanks for reading this and enjoy:D

Prologue: The Tidal Pool

The plush, red throne felt good against her back and, oh, how she loved it. Nothing was more satisfying then being comfortable and savoring the beginning of a wonderful victory. Her long purple robes were only wrinkled by aslight draft coming in from the open window to her throne room. She smirked as she watched the figures before her writhe in pain.

They looked to be human, or at least partly so. Their lightly colored wings began to fade as there bodies began to take gruesome forms. One howled with such agony that it almost made her cringe. Almost. The black auras emitting from them all gave the room a stench that reeked of rotting flesh and the worst combination of garbage imaginable. Never had she smelled a more beautiful scent.

Each form, almost near death, began to shift. Slowly, one by one their bodies morphed. Each gruesomely had his or her body shattered, and in its place a monstrosity stood. The first had become a strange lizard, with rotting corpses growing out of and shrinking back into its back. The second had become a chimera, its three heads snapping at each other. The third had its body transformed into a werewolf, transforming to each of its forms with out control over its own body. The forth and fifth stood next to each other complimenting the other to form two fearsome beasts: The Manticore and The Dragon. The sixth's body, although shattered like the others, reformed into a very humanoid-like form, The Succubus. The seventh sprouted horns on its head and hooves on its feet, snorting wildly, it could be none other than The Minotaur. The lady's head swiveled to the last figure. It was standing and not enraged like the others. His body had only lost his wings. She smiled and directed her voice at the normal one, "And you, who is more normal than all the others, is the most powerful. How quaint."

Her head shifted to her left, almost 180 degrees, gazing upon the form of a limp girl on a stone alter, who was only about 8 years of age. She too writhed, but she did not make a single sound. The child was stubborn, that was definitely for sure. She got up out of her chair and almost glided to the stone block. "How does it feel, my dear? Does my power impress you?" Her voice was soothing yet chilling, exotic but dangerous.

"It…Won't…Work…" The girl's voice strained under the immense pain she was withstanding. "I…Will…Not…Succumb…To…You…Mother…" She gasped and let loose some of her own power. The dark radiance that surrounded her melted away to a clean brilliant light. She began to get off the table, her wings reappearing brighter than ever, almost solid. She looked over at the 8 suffering souls. Her voice was soft and caring, sounding almost carefree, "I can not save you now, creatures, but in do time, you will be saved." She turned to her mother, who was clearly shocked at the recent turn of events.

"You. You do not even deserve to be called my mother, no, not even a sentient being. You have power, but why did you decide to create such things? Is your lust for more so blinding?" She spun around slowly, taking in her surroundings one last time. "I will be leaving now, Ms. Hag. And your plan will not work." With those final words, she held her hand up into the air, where it began to glow. She brought it down smoothly to her shoulder, where a red double loop broach held her purple sash to her aquamarine robes. She disappeared in a flash of blue brilliance, her body and mind long gone from the room. The lady turned back around and went to her chair. "Fool," She muttered, "Nothing can stop The Wave."