The Fortuneteller and the Path of Light

This is my fanfiction I had started about a year ago but have just now had the interest to keep going with it. It's about Gourry growing up. It has some funny parts, action parts and sad parts too. This is only a fanfiction as the characters are not originally created by me but Hajime Kanzaka and Rui Aruiz. Please read and review! Thanks!

A ten year old Gourry wearing a green shirt and brown paints with pockets (which were bulging from some objects inside the pockets) was carefully aware of his surroundings as if making sure no one saw him there. He approached a store with a magic symbol on a wooden sign hanging above the door and he knocked as loudly as her could.

"Ooh, can I help you!" an overly eager older woman threw open the door and with closed eyes greeted him.

She seemed to be about forty-five years old with brunette hair being brutally forced out by strands of gray hair. When she looked down, her green eyes flashed with excitement only to change to a flash of worry, panic and frustration as she discovered Gourry standing there.

Just as quickly as she flew the door open, she slammed it shut and right on Gourry's face.

"You again! Go away, I'm closed!" she shouted almost in a plea.

"But the sign says; Open…" noted Gourry, pointing to the "Open" sign hanging on the door.

A hand emerged through the door, flipped the sign over to the other side revealing "Closed" and disappeared right back to behind the door.

"I'm closed now, sorry kid!"

"All of a sudden? How come? Is it 'That Time of the Month' again?" Gourry asked obliviously with blinking innocent eyes.

The door flew open again and the older woman stuck her face inches away from Gourry's to glare at him.

"Hey boy, don't go flapping that phrase around loudly like a flag!" she scolded him.

"But I don't have a flag with me… I just wanted to know why you closed your store and thought it might be 'That Time of the Month' like you told me once," Gourry defended himself.

"Listen, that phrase isn't something that you should just casually go saying out loud! Girls are very sensitive about that!" the woman retorted.

"How come?"

"It's bad enough that you skip school to come here and that I stupidly told you that but like HELL I'm gonna tell you WHAT it is! I'm NOT going to have THAT on my conscious!" shouted the woman indignantly, slamming the door shut again.

"So why did you close the store as soon as I came?"

The door opened and the woman stuck her head out again.

"Because you're a nuiscence, boy! EVERYTIME you come to request a fortune you skip school, come without money to pay for my services (I have bills to pay, you know), and as soon as I let you in and turn my back for even a second, you end up breaking something! Besides when I DO feel gracious enough to show you a little something I can do, you fall asleep! It's not worth all that stress!" cried the woman in frustration.

"Um, I don't GO to school so I don't skip it… I skip my "practice" instead. AND this time I brought money with me… see?" explained Gourry, pulling PILES of gold coins out of both his pockets.

The older woman's eyes lit up in shock and greed as the gold coins were revealed. She quickly switched from cranky, yelling old woman to a happy hostess.

"Oh, then come in… come in!" she overly excited said.

She threw the door open and practically shoved Gourry inside the store. She moved to a room in the back and waved him to sit at a decorated round table.

"Take a seat boy but PLEASE I beg of you; don't TOUCH anything!" requested the woman beggingly. She then disappeared behind a red velvet curtain, which hid the room from sight. A minute later, she emerged out of the back room in a different outfit.

The outfit was pretty much what you'd imagine a fortuneteller's wardrobe to look like. A baggy blue velvet shirt with flare-open sleeves, a long purple skirt which swept the floor, an overflowing dark blue velvet cloak, an orange bandana wrapped around her head where her hair was tucked inside, and many beaded necklaces around her neck.

"Uh, that outfit is WAY too much," commented Gourry.

"Hey, it goes with the profession! Now sit down, shut up and you better not fall asleep on me!" snapped the woman.

Gourry swiftly sat down on a seat under the round table and put his hands on his lap. The old woman knew this wasn't going to be as easy as she hoped and sighed. She approached the table and sat down in seat across from Gourry.

From under her cloak, she revealed a black-colored crystal ball and placed it in the middle of the round table.

"What's that for?" Gourry asked.

He adjusted his seat to get a closer look at the crystal ball and got a little TOO close, almost knocking it off. Gourry with fast reflexes managed to grab the object before it fell to the floor.

"I'm sorry! I'm sorry, I didn't mean too!" Gourry apologized

The older woman shot him a deadly glare but lost grip on it when she saw his ashamed face and tears starting to form.

"It's okay just be more careful next time," she sighed in defeat and sat back down. "That is what I use to focus all of my magic energy on,"

"Huh?" said Gourry blankly.

"Okay… fortune telling is a VERY old type of method using magic. Most new sorcerers these days wouldn't be able to appreciate this kind of subtle magic-using with all of their flashy, explosive spells! In order for me to use Magic Energy to tap into the stream of time, I have to focus my spirit into an object that amplifies magic energy to attach my spirit to the stream of time itself and drag the images seen in it into my head. Then I tell you what I see… got it?" explained the old woman.

She was interrupted by a crash noise as she realized that Gourry was no longer sitting at the table but had been looking at something on bureau, which he had just dropped and shattered into pieces.

"I knew this was going to be painful but I'm a glutton for punishment," the woman sobbed to herself. Then she decided to change her mood to deadly serious.

"Young man, get your butt OVER HERE and sit down! Don't move an INCH and keep your wits about you, you hear me!" she demanded.

Gourry yelped at her commanding tone and shot like an arrow back to his seat. He dared not to say a word or move.

"Let's get this over with," announced the woman and she got into fortune telling mode.

"Spirits of life which moves like streams across the Sea of Chaos,

I call upon thee! Bring yourself to me and obey my will!

Become one with me and show my mind

What it desired!" she chanted and outstretched her hands to the crystal ball.

When she did, the black crystal ball glowed blood red

"Ashta Mori!" she called finishing her spell.

The blood red glow from the crystal ball then started to form into a stream and flowed into the older woman's body washing over her and a pentacle appeared within the now clear crystal ball and a blue magic circle flashed below the two figures on the floor.

Gourry was terrified and yet at the same time intrigued by what he saw. He didn't understand what was going on but he knew that something MAJOR was happening.

"What is the answer you seek?" the older woman asked Gourry, her voice demented by the flow of power.

Gourry felt his lower lip quiver with freight and he didn't know how he got the courage to say something but he finally found himself responding.

"I, I just don't want to do what my family wants me to do. I want to be a normal kid; go to school and have friends but I have to give all of it up for this family thing. It's because of this family thing that my family hates each other. I want to know… what's going to happen with my family and why I have to be dragged along with everything?"

The older woman took a deep breath and concentrated his question into her mind to seek the answer. A minute later, her eyes flew open.

"I see that this family object is highly regarded as a holy one, yet it brings your family greed, jealousy and hatred. The fighting will only get worse as the years go by and will reach a breaking point where they could quite possibly KILL each other over. You have an important role in all of this and an even GREATER role to follow. It will be your decision that will either save your family or destroy them. Either way, you will find yourself with that object so precious to others and yet so hated by you. Then you will need to master this object to fight for people who cannot fight for themselves and to protect the people most important to you. To master this object means; the threats to the world that will occur in the future will be conquered. To not means; the end of the world… or the end of the one you will hold dearest to your heart. You are a piece in a game played by the Lord of Nightmares and only you can determine how far the game can go. This game is necessary for the future of the worlds. That is all that I can say. Everything else you must learn through your own experiences…" were the fortuneteller's last visions before the red power seemed to have exploded and blinded Gourry.

When he opened his eyes, everything was back to normal except for the fortuneteller who lay passed out on the floor. Gourry ran over to her and shook her violently.

"Old woman, hey old woman get up!" he shouted worriedly.

The old woman groaned and mumbled something that Gourry didn't hear.

"What did you say?" Gourry asked her, leaning in closer.

"I'm NOT that old!" she shouted and got him in a headlock.

"Really? When I thought of bringing you up to father before he stated that I shouldn't go visit old money-grubbing gypsies like you or I would be manipulated. So I figured you use magic to disguise yourself to seem a LITTLE younger than you actually are,"

"Well that's not TRUE! Stuck up rich folks like the Baron don't know a THING about real life and profession of people NOT in High Class! There's so much out in the world that people ignorant of it can't possibly understand!" retorted the fortuneteller slowly standing up on her feet. "Why didn't you tell me you were a Gabriev?"

"You never asked," replied Gourry.

The fortuneteller slapped herself on her forehead. "You never asked for MY name either. Instead of calling me; "Old woman" call me Agetha. Back to what I was saying before, what the heck are you doing hanging around here when you should be doing more proper things?"

"Like I said, I hate it at home so I come to town to get away from all of that boring proper stuff… and shouting. Mostly the shouting though. "You always liked him more…!" "The Sword of Light is SUPPOSED to belong to me…!" "This is for the sake of the future of out world…!" and you get the point. I can't stand that!" declared Gourry.

"It's a life thrust-upon you not chosen. Aye, that must be hard. In all my years' fortuneteller, I have NEVER had such flood of insight and an ending like what happened. I saw SO much and yet I can't tell you all of it… as a matter of fact I can only tell you a little bit of what I saw," sighed Agetha.

"Why's that?"

"Hmm, how can I explain this…? A person's life has many roads and fortune telling allows you to see the most logical road that you would follow and the outcomes on taking it. But… I saw so many possible roads; ones that were light and ones that were dark. In your case I dare not say what I see or I may influence your decisions and you take the wrong path. Then again, if I DO say something I may be able to veer you away from it and into something worse. So I think it's best to just let things happen for a reason,"

"Is there ANYTHING you can tell me other than what you said in the freaky fortuneteller thing, old woman?"

"Yes, I can…" smiled Agetha rather evilly. "You'll meet a beautiful young maiden in distress who will be VERY important to you and your life…"

"REALLY? Oh wow! What does she look like?"

"Let's see… she will be very tall, strong both in strength and will, big chested, fiery, high-spirited and polite" lied Agetha. "That'll teach him to call me old woman and almost break my crystal ball," she thought proudly.

"I will DEFINITELY keep an eye out for that!"

"I'm sure you will," assured Agetha with a little bit of bitterness. "Damn, I would LOVE to see that meeting for myself! I would pay ANYTHING to see his expression!" she thought.

"I better get going old woman…"

"AGETHA! My name is AGETHA!" repeated the fortuneteller angrily.

"And I'm Gourry…not "boy". So we're even. I'll see you later okay?" replied Gourry and he left the magic shop.

"Uh, the MONEY! He forgot to give me my money, damn it! You better hope that girl has more patience than I do or you'll be in for it!" exclaimed Agetha's voice through the town as Gourry began his long march home.

I hope you enjoyed reading this chapter! One of the best characters to create is the fortuneteller. I know a lot of people may picture her as being a grandmother-type figure but come on, most fortunetellers aren't like that. They have one thing on their mind; money. I liked the idea of an edgy fortuneteller with good intentions but is often steered in the wrong direction. She was so fun to write for! Please go onto chapter 2 where you read more about Gourry's family! Thanks for reading!