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Beelzemon sat pensively at the bar counter, staring into his half empty glass of tequila. Six months…he thought to himself, It's been six months since it happened…Since this whole fucking thing happened! He downed the rest of his drink, and slammed it down on the counter so hard that it cracked along it's side. Ai, Mako, why couldn't I save you?

-Six months ago-

Digimon had come back to the real world via the portal Takato had found, and were once again reunited with their tamers. There was much rejoicing and happiness, but happiness can only last so long…

Ai and Mako were watching the news on TV, when a man appeared on it with the story that had been broadcasting for the last few weeks. Organized hate crimes against digimon and their tamers had been reported all over Japan, and the government were denying all responsibilities of protecting them.

"In light of the incident at Shinjuku two months ago involving the so called 'D-Reaper'", said the news anchor, "the government has decided to issue certain restriction laws against digimon, because of the risk of such a thing happening again. Digimon are too unpredictable and powerful to be left unchecked."

Just then, Impmon walked into the room and addressed the two small children, "Hey, whatcha guys doin'?"

"I think that man on TV is talking about us…" said Ai, pointing to the TV screen.

"Digimon aren't evil monsters like that guy says, right Impmon?" asks Mako, looking over at the small purple digimon.

Impmon didn't answer right away, and instead turned his attention to the TV. He watched for a few seconds, but is instantly disgusted at what he's seeing. He snatched up the remote from the coffee table, and started absent-mindedly surfing through the channels. "Nah, those news reporter guys are just full of it." He says trying to put their minds at ease, but they still saw the worried expression on his face as he kept flipping the channels in vain; the broadcast seemed to be on every channel.

Impmon hastily turned off the TV and said "There's nothin' on anyways… Hey I've got a better idea! Let's go outside and play, I bet I could beat you guys at tag!"

"Nuh-uh!" said Mako, completely forgetting about the previous topic, "I am the CHAMPION at tag!"

He dashes outside to defend his claim, and Impmon starts to follow, but Ai stops them and says "Hey wait! Let me get our teddy bear, I bet he wants to play too!" She then ran upstairs, grabbing the teddy bear off her bed and then following the other two outside.

They start the game but after a few minutes Impmon notices a black car continuously circling the block, but it doesn't seem to strike him as suspicious and he quickly forgot about it. Geez, why don't they just ask for directions? He thought to himself before his attentionwas drawn back to the fleeing Ai and Mako. "Hey! Don't you guys think you can hide from me!" hesaid, chasing after them. He quickened his run and is about to tag Ai when he hears a distant phone ringing. "Aw crap, I need to go get the phone. Now you two, remember: Don't go out in the street, don't talk to strangers, don't pet strange dogs, if a stranger offers you candy say n-"

He was thencut off by Ai reassuring him, "Yeah yeah we know, you'd better go get the phone before they hang up!"

"Oh yeah…" said Impmon, dashing back into the house. He skid to a stop on the slippery linoleum floor, almost falling on his butt. He righted himself and checked the caller ID, remembering the words of Ai and Mako's parents saying to always check it before answering the phone. "Yamaki? Why would he be callin' here? And how did he get the number anyways?" Impmon muttered to himself before he finally picked up the receiver. Before he said anything, however, a devious smile creeped across his face.

"Sorry Yamaki, I think you have the wrong number; this isn't Lava Life. We all know how desperate you are but you shouldn't go around advertisin' these things." He began to snicker uncontrollably, while the other endwent deadly quiet. Finally after a few seconds, a deep voice finally answers him.

"Impmon… if you ever address me like that again I'll sic the Juggernaut program on you!"

Impmon is taken aback a bit, but remains his usual swagger "Ouch, somebody's a bit touchy this mornin'. Did you forget to take your valium again?"

Impmon hears a sigh of annoyance on the other end as Yamaki tries to calm himself, and resist the urge to strangle Impmon through the phone. "I don't have time for any of your childish games today, I called you on a matter of great importance. Have you been watching the news lately?"

The purple digimon paused a second before answering "No, but why should I watch it when it's only full of jackasses who think digimon are pests that need to be exterminated?"

"I thought you said you weren't watching the news?"

"Cut the bullcrap Yamaki, or else I'll hang up."

Yamaki obliged and said "Alright alright, as I was saying, the safety of digimon and their tamers is becoming quite unstable with all the recent hate crimes going on against them around Japan. Every day it seems to get worse, so I wish to do something about it before it gets out of hand."

"So…" said Impmon, trying to comprehend what Yamaki is saying, "What does this mean for me?"

"It means that your safety, including Ai and Mako's, is in jeopardy. I wish you to join others in my new protection organization at the Hypnos building, so that you'll be out of danger."

"So you're sayin' that I can't protect myself?" said Impmon, firing up right away.

Yamaki breathes another sigh of annoyance before reassuring Impmon "I know you can protect yourself, but what about Ai and Mako? What if you're not there for them and something happens?"

This time, Impmon's line goes quiet, before he answers "That'll never happen, 'cause I'll always be there for them!" he says angrily.

Yamaki finally lost his patience with Impmon, lowering his voice to a dangerous tone, and said "I'm tired of your reckless stupidity. Whether you like it or not, I'm sending the other tamers down to pick you up. You'd better start packing some things that you'll need to take with you."

Impmon's temper finally reached breaking point and he started yelling into the phone, but to no avail because Yamaki has already hung up. He stormed out and kicked a rock off the doorsteps before plunking himself down and glaring at nothing in particular. But what Yamaki says begins to sink in… Maybe Yamaki's right… he thought to himself, I know I could protect Ai and Mako on my own, but I do want what's best for them. Am I really what's best for them though?

All these thoughts ran through his mind until Ai called out to him, waving her arms. "Impmon, quit sitting there all alone and come play with us!"

Impmon looked lovingly at his tamers and only one thought is processed in his mind, Yes Yamaki… I'll do it for them. But soon he's rudely jerked from his thoughts by the ominous revving of an engine, and he sees the black car turn the corner towards their house.

It's that car again… thinks Impmon, slightly unnerved. As it slowly rolled by the house, a hand appears from an open window with a revolver clutched in it. NOOOO! Screamed the digimon as the gun fired. At this point, everything seemed to move in slow motion as the first bullet penetrateed the back of Ai's head, killing her instantly.

Mako began to scream, but he is soon silenced by the second bullet, that dug itself deep into his abdomen. After the heinous deed is done, the car speeds away with a sickening screech that makes Impmon's stomach turn.

"Please… no…" He managed to choke out, "Please God no…"

A few blocks away, Takato and the gang are quickly approaching the house on their way to pick up Impmon and his tamers. They're alarmed by the sound of gunshots, and break out into a full run. "Are you sure the gunshots came from Ai and Mako's house?" Rika asks Renamon with an urgent tone in her voice.

"Positive." Answers Renamon with a tone equally as urgent. They round the corner to the house and stop in their tracks at the chilling sight before them. Impmon is on the ground, clutching the still figures of Ai and Mako in his arms. Ai is bleeding profusely from a gaping hole in her head; they already know she's dead. As for Mako, he's still alive but barely, with his breathing haggard.

"Impmon! What happened?" Takato shouted out at him. The digimon seems to ignore him, being in the distraught state that he's in.

"I'll call an ambulance!" yells Henry as he runs into the house.

Takato, tired of being ignored, grabs Impmon by the shoulder. "What happened to Ai and Mako?"

Impmon shrugs off Takato's hand. "They killed Ai…" He says without turning.

"Who did?" Rika asks.

Impmon takes a deep shaky breath before answering "The men shot them because they were tamers, because of me." Suddenly Mako begins to cough up blood violently, and Impmon's eyes widen, "Mako! Just hang on! You're going to get help!" Tears begin to run down his cheeks, "Please don't die Mako, I can't lose you too! You and Ai are the best friends I've ever had!"

Mako's eyes open slightly, "Imp…mon…" His breathing is extremely laboured as he speaks.

"Yes Mako, it's me!" At this point, Impmon is soaked in their blood.

"Me and Ai … love you so much …"

Impmon feels a lump in his throat as he forces himself to smile through his sorrow. "You know I hate that mushy stuff, but I love you too."

Mako places his hand on Impmon's cheek and looks up into his tear-filled eyes. "Please don't cry…" Mako's hand goes limp and slips from Impmon's face.

"Mako! Don't die!" the digimon pleads, but it's too late; Mako has completely stopped breathing.

"I'm so sorry…" Takato says sadly to Impmon.

Impmon shook his head in disbelief. This can't be real… Ai and Mako can't be dead…he repeated this in his head over and over again, but it is real, a little too real… along with these thoughts and feelings of sadness, came another feeling. Anger. And another thought, revenge.

"They're going to pay for this…" Impmon hisseed, and in a flash of light and energy, the small digimon became the tall, dark, bad-ass biker that is Beelzemon. "I'll make sure they suffer for what they've done!"

"I know you're upset, Impmon, but don't do anything you'll regret later!" Rika pleaded.

"But I'm not Impmon now, am I?" says Beelzemon, turning around and looking at her.

Terriermon, who was hiding behind Guilmon's leg, peeks out his head and said "You know, he has a point…"

With that, Beelzemon converts to Blast Mode and takes off in the direction of the black car.

Meanwhile, the man who shot Ai and Mako with his 3 accomplices are driving to whereabouts unknown. The man is talking on the phone, "Yes sir, we took care of the kids, but I still don't see why we didn't kill the digital abomination that was with them."

The voice on the other end of the phone began to speak, "Your job isn't to ask questions, Johnson, your job is to deliver a message to all tamers and their digi-pets. Now that the message has been delivered, your job is done. Now if you'll excuse me, I have important business to attend to." The voice hung up, and Johnson muttered "Jackass…" under his breath. "If he wasn't paying us so much," He said louder, "I would've done him in like I did those two brats."

The other three men begin to laugh along with him, at his sick joke, but they are abruptly cut short by the sound of a thud on the roof of the car. "What the hell was that?" the driver asks, but soon gets an answer as a clawed hand punches through the roof and pulls him through.

"Holy shit!" one of the men says as he begins to unload his gun into the hole in the roof. After that, it all goes quiet.

"Did you get him?" Johnson asks hesitantly. Just then, the mangled corpse of the driver falls back through the hole with multiple bullet wounds in him.

"Ahh! He used him as a fucking human shield!"

Johnson then realizes that they don't have a driver anymore, and desperately tries to push the corpse out of the driver's seat, but to no avail as they careen off the road into what appears to be an empty warehouse.

One of the men who hadn't put his seatbelt on smashes through the windshield and impales himself on a jagged piece of glass. The two remaining men managed to open their doors and sprawl out of the wreckage, when they hear a voice above them say "Oh good, you're still alive. That means I get the pleasure of killing you slowly." They look up to see the Demon Lord type digimon towering over them, standing on the roof of the car.

"You're one of those digimon!" Johnson's remaining henchmen exclaims. He then runs a short distance and begins shooting at Beelzemon, but the man is so scared that his aim is completely off and not a single bullet hits him.

Beelzemon laughs mockingly and says "If you were tryin' to hit everything but me, then you've succeeded." He then leaps off the car and dashes towards the cowering man, moving so fast that seems to disappear at times. Just as he gets a foot away from the man Beelzemon disappears completely, and the henchman says "Where'd he go?" looking out from under his arms.

He looks up as he hears a whistle above him, and sees that Beelzemon had grabbed onto an overhanging pipe. He then flips himself over the pipe, letting his foot connect with the bottom of the man's face; but instead of the man flying across the room, Beelzemon's boot spikes have gone through his jaw and up into his skull. Even though the man is dead, the look of horrified shock is still etched upon his face.

Beelzemon hangs down from the pipe and kicks his leg, letting the body fly into a pile of boxes across the room. He then drops down into a three-point stance, and straightens up.

Johnson pulls out his gun and aims at Beelzemon's back, yelling "What in the hell are you!"

"I thought you already knew that." says Beelzemon, turning his head to the side.

Johnson then clicks the safety off his gun, and tries to steady his hand while saying "I'm warning you, don't come any closer!"

Beelzemon begins to laugh hysterically, "You really don't know who I am, do you?" The man's look of utter confusion on his face answers for him, so Beelzemon elaborates. "We met just a few minutes ago, when you killed those two kids. You sick degenerate bastard!" He runs frighteningly fast towards the man, so fast that Johnson forgets to shoot; which is a mistake that he will regret.

Beelzemon grabs him by the throat and slams him against the stone wall, so viciously that Johnson drops his gun. His head contacts with the wall so hard that he almost loses consciousness but Beelzemon shakes him awake and pulls him close to his face. "No, I want you to be awake when I do this to you." whispers Beelzemon in deadly tone.

The man simply whimpers as Beelzemon pulls back his arm, winding up.

Renamon arrived before the others, being the fastest, and sees Beelzemon beating the living shit out of the form of a man on the ground. She is too stunned for words, but then the other digimon and their tamers arrive.

"What are you doing to him?" yells Henry.

Beelzemon turns around and yells "I'm makin' him pay for what he's done!"

"But you're going to kill him!"

"That's the idea! But I want him to suffer first!" shouts Beelzemon as he resumes pummeling the man into oblivion.

"Like this? What would Ai and Mako think? Is this what they would want?" asks Renamon.

Beelzemon freezes. He's covered in the man's blood but doesn't seem to care, as he thinks She's right… My God what am I doing? He then takes a step back from the man who is curled up in the fetal position, bruised and bleeding profusely. He walked out of the warehouse, deep in thought; the tamers call to him but he ignores them.

As Beelzemon walks, he thinks about what has just transpired over the past twenty minutes; how the men had killed Ai and Mako, and how he had killed them for doing so.

"Never again…" He said out loud to himself. "Never again will I let this happen to any tamer or digimon."

And on that day Beelzemon vowed to protect digimon and tamer alike, so that what happened to Ai and Mako would never have to happen to any one else.

Beelzemon was pulled out of his thoughts by a commotion caused by a gang of thugs that had just entered the bar; he took a good look at them and then smiled fiendishly because he recognizes them. They were the gang that he had been tracking down for the last week or so; a biker gang that worked for the government and were paid to search and destroy digimon and their tamers.

"Well lookie here, it's my old friends, the Digi Desolators." mocked Beelzemon as he strutted up to the mean-looking group of bikers, the grin still on his face.

The big leader of the gang turned around and laughed when he saw Beelzemon. "Hey guys, check out the Fonzie wannabe!" The other bikers turn around and begin to laugh along with him, taunting and jeering at Beelzemon.

"Come on now, Fonzie only wishes he could be as cool as me." retorts Beelzemon. "But I digress… I should add that I really like the whole Village People look you guys have goin' on here." he said with a smirk.

The group goes silent as they are taken aback by Beelzemon's comment. Their smiles turn to grim scowls, and the faint sound of cracking knuckles is heard as they surround him. The leader stands so close to him that Beelzemon can feel his rank breath as he says "You need to learn some respect, digimon, or they're gonna have to squeegee you off the floor in a sec."

"Did you just eat a dead animal? 'Cause your breath smells like shit." answered Beelzemon as he crossed his arms.

"Well I guess you're just gonna hafta learn the hard way." says the leader as the circle grows tighter.

Beelzemon looks down and scratches his head, "Eleven against one, that isn't very fair." Before anyone can do anything his arm swings up and takes out the leader with a single uppercut. "Now it's fair, a nice even number."

The fight ensues, with the entire gang dog-piling him to the floor. Without much effort, Beelzemon exerts a small portion of his dark energy to send them flying to all corners of the bar; half of them are incapacitated instantly. The ones who can resume the fight charge back at him, one of them taking him on at a time. The first attempts to throw a punch but is grabbed by the face and thrown against a wall. The second tries to jump him from behind but is slammed to the floor by Beelzemon's tail; as he lays there a red puddle forms around his head.

One out of the three left finds a beer bottle and breaks it on the counter. He charges at Beelzemon, who humors him and lets him get an inch away before grabbing his arm and twisting it backwards with such force that a bone juts out. The man cries out in agony as his own attack is turned against him, when the beer bottle is imbedded into his stomach.

The last two men, knowing that they're unmatched, dash out of the bar towards their bikes in a desperate attempt to escape. Beelzemon gives them a three second head-start before getting on his own Behemoth and chasing after them.

"That's right cowards, run away 'cause when I catch you, your asses are mine!"