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A teenager looked at herself in a mirror; she had long dirty blond hair that she up in a ponytail most of the time. Her blue-gray eyes were determined about something. The girl was dressed in a short black skirt with a silver tank top. She sighed slightly going and sitting down on her bed where she began to put on some black boots, then pulled out her collection of knifes, examined them for a bit then placed one in each boot. She got up once again and reached for her silver belt; she placed it on as well as two gold armbands, being careful of the bandage on her left arm. She then heard a knock at the door.

Standing in the doorway was a guy not much older then her. He was taller than her, had blond hair, blue eyes and dressed in black. "Tsuki where do you think you're going?" he asked calmly.

"I have a mission to finish Kaji… Yamaki doesn't pay me to sit around." she said quietly, grabbing one last knife and putting it in her belt.

"Tsuki you can't go. Your arm isn't completely healed yet." Kaji said, slightly worried about his friend.

She glared at him, "I don't give a damn… listen I won't take long ok? I was just finished getting the necessary data when you had to interfere the first time…" She said, walking past him.

"When I showed up you had a bullet in your arm! How can you just go as if nothing happened?" He asked grabbing her arm. She winced faintly and looked at him. He frowned faintly, looking at her, "Listen Tsuki… I'm just worried you'll get hurt badly or something… and since your arm can't function fully that could be a problem…"

She looked at her friend slightly shocked that he would care about her safety since she'd never had anyone who even gave a damn; well, if you excluded her digimon. She stood there silent for a while before looking at him once again, "…I didn't know you cared about what happens to me, but now that I do… I'll do things more carefully. I'll even bring Garurumon with me ok?"

He sighed and nodded, "Fine" he said slightly annoyed that she'd be going on one of her assassin missions again. "Just make it back in one piece ok?" he said sternly, while offering her a blue jacket.

Tsuki smiled and hugged him; "Thanks I'll be back to bug you, heh heh" She then moved away from him and took the offered jacket. "See you around!" she said happily and headed out, "Come on Garurumon we got to finish that mission!" she yelled.

Kaji watched her leave and smiled to himself. As much as he hated it he couldn't completely bring himself to stop her from doing something she wanted, he just hoped things wouldn't be too bad for her.

Tsuki and Garurumon got outside; it was late out and kind of cold. She smiled, glad Kaji had remembered to give her a jacket or else she would have forgotten and freezed. She then looked around the underground town they lived in and sighed, "…I wish we could end this war… living under here is depressing…" She hopped onto Garurumon's back, "Let's go." she said.

Garurumon nodded and ran off towards the exit to the surface. "Why do you keep going on these types of missions?" he asked her once they were out of the city. He jumped onto the roof of the nearest building and began jumping from roof to roof.

"Not you too Garurumon." she sighed, "I do this because it's something I can do ok?" Garurumon didn't like her answer, but let it go. She yawned and rested her head on his back. She didn't enjoy killing but she was the best at assassinating for a 'child', and she did what she was asked to, for the most part.

Garurumon stopped on top of one of the roofs, "What's that down there?" he asked. He sniffed a bit, realizing it was humans. Dead humans.

Tsuki jumped off Garurumon, climbed down to the ground and went over to the bodies. "…This one's been shot," she said examining one. She knelt down getting a closer look at it, "Hmm… if I'm not mistaken, by a digimon too…"

Garurumon stayed on the roof looking down at her. He tilted his head, "…I can smell that Beelzemon has been here…" He said quietly.

Tsuki blinked and looked at him, "What? What would a digimon like Beelzemon be doing around here?" She asked getting up. She thought a bit before speaking again, "I heard that some Beelzemon was with two kids… his tamers… Could he be the same one? Hmm… oh well it's not my job to figure this stuff out…"

Garurumon laughed slightly, "You're right about that" He stretched and shook himself as his ears twitched, "Come on we better be off now before we get caught."

"You're right Garurumon we should be going," she said. She climbed back up the building and onto Garurumon's back. She smiled and patted his head a bit as he started jumping along again, when a thought hit her, "…Yamaki is probably nearby then, if something like that happened right?"

Garurumon blinked a bit, "You know you could be right… let's worry about that later ok?"

She nodded a bit and glanced around, spotting the warehouse where she was to be going, "Head that way Garurumon…" Garurumon nodded and jumped over to the ugliest part of Tokyo at the edge of the Shibuya district. People said it was one of the most dangerous places to be. Garurumon landed on the roof of the place and Tsuki got off. She looked at her partner, "I want you to hide and don't let anyone find you ok? I'll let you know when it's safe to come inside." He nodded and quickly left to hide. She took a deep breath and glanced down from the roof examining the place.

There were a few people standing guard at the front door. She thought a bit before smiling and jumping down in front of them. She quickly moved behind one of them, knocking him hard at the back of the head with the hilt of her dagger; he fell to the ground unconscious. She turned her attention to the other guard the minute he grabbed hold of her arm. She glared at him, "Don't freakin' touch me." She said coldly and with a quick movement and tossed him to the ground hard enough to knock him out as well. She then looked around; "Ok coast is clear for now." Garurumon came out of hiding and started following her.

She smiled to herself and went in through the front door. She glanced around and hid in the shadows examining the current area, while Garurumon just stood at the door waiting for instructions on what to do. "Hey Garurumon… what do those shadows look like to you?" she asked tilting her head a bit, "…They look like tanks…"

Garurumon looked at what she was talking about, "I'm not sure what a tank is but whatever they are I'm guessing they aren't good."

She nodded and moved towards one of them, "No they aren't… what could the government be planning to do with these?" She placed a hand on one of them and frowned, "…They're so cold… I bet they're planning to use these things on us… so… I have an idea" She smiled suddenly and looked underneath the tank, "I want you to cut any pipe or wires under here ok?" she asked.

Garurumon tilted his head, "What do you mean exactly?"

She looked at him and pulled out her knife, "…Well just do this to each tank in here ok?" she then swiftly cut the pipe and gas started leaking out. She stood up straight and looked back at him, "Think you can do that for me?"

Garurumon nodded, "Shouldn't be to hard…"

"Great!" she said happily, "Just be careful you don't get caught… you should be safe for the next ten minutes. When you're done…" she pointed to a door at the far end of the warehouse, "Meet me on the roof." He nodded and started sabotaging the tanks.

Tsuki smiled and then walked off to the other side of the warehouse where an elevator stood. She pushed the button and waited patiently. When it opened she proceeded in and looked, "…Hmm that's a lot of basements…" She thought and pushed the B1 button as the elevator began moving. It came to a stop and she exited it, carefully keeping her guard up. She closed her eyes for a split second to remember the map of this floor, which she had memorized. She loved hunting people down to find this stuff out in the first place. Tsuki quickly and silently proceeded down the hallway and turned into a room. She glanced around the room and sighed in relief. It was thankfully empty, since it was indeed late. She went and sat down in a computer chair facing one of the computers in the room. She smiled, pulling out a disc that Yamaki had given her, and placed it on the desk while she booted up the systems. Once ready, she disabled a few things before putting the disc in and uploaded the viruses on it into the programs. "This stuff is as good as gone." she said waiting for it to finish. She shut the computers done after taking her disc out.

She got up from her seat and returned to the elevator where she pressed the B3 button. She looked around this floor, thinking of the map, and proceeded down the hall ending up in an office. She smiled sitting down at the computer. She booted it up and disabled some things once again, placing the disc in. She sighed slightly, "I hate to say this but this task is a bit too easy…" She blinked, hearing something from outside the small office, "…I take that back…" she said to herself. Tsuki quickly finished getting the viruses in and getting the disc back, and shutting the computer down. She quickly climbed onto the desk and into a vent closing it behind her.

She looked down from her vent watching as two guys came into the room. Both of them were armed with guns and looked pretty angry about something.

"Are you positive you heard something in here?" one asked the taller of the two.

The taller nodded, "Yes… sounded like a girl as well"

The shorter smiled, "A hot one?"

"What does a girl being hot have to do with anything, you moron?" The taller asked.

The other looked at him with a strange look, "Everything man! I'm still looking for a wife you know."

The tall guy sighed, "I don't care about that now search the room," he said as he started looking around, "Besides she'd be dead if we caught her"

"Awww that sucks… I mean if she's hot wouldn't you want to… you know…" The shorter guy said checking the back of the room.

The other guy blinked, "What the… Get your mind out of the gutter and pay attention to what we're suppose to be doing!"

Tsuki was twitching slightly in the vent listening to the two idiots talk about her as if she wasn't there. 'Oh yeah, to them I'm not…' she thought to herself 'Whatever. I can't take this…' she thought, and quickly got out of the vent; and with a swift kick to the head of the tall guy landed on his back. The guy was now unconscious. She looked at the shorter of the two.

The guy looked, "…You are hot… Too bad you have to be killed." He aimed his gun and was about to fire it when she did a forward flip and kicked it out of his hand.

"Listen moron, no one by the likes of you can call me hot, got me?" she asked and picked up his gun and smacked him the head with it hard. The guy fell to the ground and she glared at him for a bit. She put the gun down, then left the room, "Guys are such… grrr" she dusted herself off getting into the elevator. She pushed the last button, which was B4.

As she reached the last floor, the bottom basement, she knew this floor wouldn't be as easy. But she had a knife out and ready. She walked into the hall, "…Walking casually isn't what I should be doing…" She looked around and noticed a vent and went and climbed on in it.

She then started crawling through the vents. She winced a bit as some nails cut into her skin. She sighed to herself, and continued crawling along before coming to an end. She looked down and noticed her target sitting in a chair at a desk. She smiled slightly to herself, and proceeded in removing the vent covering carefully and quietly. Her target got up and left the room, just as she had finally removed the vent covering.

She climbed down and glanced around the small room, "…Hmm" She dusted herself off again, and went and hid in a closet behind the desk. She pulled out the knife from her belt and waited for her prey to come back. When he finally came back, she saw that he was an ugly looking brute with messy hair, dirty looking clothes, and ready to kill. He went and sat behind his desk once again. She took a deep breath before slowly exiting the closet silently.

She walked up behind him and with a quick movement had her knife to his neck also preventing him from moving. She smirked slightly and whispered in his ear, "…How does it feel to know you're about to die?" She asked him not moving an inch, "…I bet the tamers felt the same way you do now…" She dug the knife into his neck allowing some blood to flow, "Doesn't the blood feel nice against your skin?" she giggled like a little kid, which seemed to anger the man. He reached back and grabbed her, and with a quick movement sent her flying into a wall.

She whimpered slightly, as she had hit her head pretty hard. The guy got up, and stood above her, "What a foolish weak girl. You thought you could kill me?" He grabbed her by the throat, "I've killed more than you know, and I won't be afraid to kill you as well!" He smirked a bit, looking at her.

Tsuki looked at him and smiled, "…I'm not the foolish one" she said and kicked him hard enough to make him let her go. She quickly jumped over him and put her knife to his neck again, "…You never did answer my question… oh well… Hope you enjoy being dead." She smiled and slit his throat, ultimately killing the man. She him fall to the ground, and moved back, "…" she frowned and went to his desk sitting down.

His computer was already on which saved her time. She inserted the disc, uploaded the viruses, and took it back out when it was done. "…Next time… get better security." she said, knowing he couldn't hear her since he was already dead. She laughed to herself a bit and climbed back into the vent.

She crawled back to the hall, and climbed out, wincing a bit, "…Great… My arm's hurting again and now I have these annoying cuts, along with a major headache…" she sighed, "What else could go wrong?" She shook her head deciding that wasn't important. She went into the elevator and returned to the main floor.

When she reached there a few guards were now standing around. She cursed herself for screwing up and slid into the shadows. She carefully walked among them, doing her best to make no sounds as well as to stay unnoticed. She reached the door to the roof, and smoothly opened it, climbing up.

Garurumon was lying down on the ground looking rather bored. He noticed Tsuki and looked at her carefully, "Are you ok?" he asked, concerned for his tamer.

Tsuki smiled and climbed onto his back, "Just fine… I'm tired… Wake me when we get back ok?" She rested her head down and fell asleep easily since she hadn't slept in a few days, much to Kaji's dislike.

Garurumon made sure she had a good grip on him before quickly heading back to the underground city. Once he arrived there, he went to Kaji's house where Tsuki had been living for awhile now. When he got there, Kaji came running out and saw her, "Is she alright?" he asked worried, taking Tsuki off of Garurumon and holding her close.

Garurumon nodded, "She's fine, just tired… I think it's safe enough to let her sleep until Yamaki gets back, right?"

Kaji thought a bit, "It should be…" he carried her inside and up to her room. He took her jacket off and looked at her new cuts, frowning. He then began to clean them up, and rewrapped the wound she had already on her arm. He laid her in her bed and smiled. Kaji kissed her forehead lightly and left the room, going to the kitchen to make some food. "…I wish I could protect her on these missions… but I can't… I feel so useless…" he said to himself. He had his own digimon, who, at the moment, was out pursuing it's own ambitions. He could have helped her out, but he knew his skills were nothing compared to hers.

Garurumon went up to her room and laid down beside the bed, falling asleep. Once eating the food, Kaji returned upstairs and looked into Tsuki's room, making sure she was sleeping ok before going to his own room, "…Shouldn't be long before Yamaki gets back from where ever…"