Well, here it is! The beginning of the sequel to Dark Waters. I'm so sorry it took so long, but you know, Christmas season is here! All of you who have not read the first book, Dark Waters, I encourage you to do so before reading this. Although you can jump into this, it is much better if you read that first. This being said, "All sails ahoy! Murky Waters ahead!"

Chapter 1


Link had to admit it, at first it was great. "Yes." he admitted to himself. It was even fun. The blonde-haired man pulled himself to a sitting position instead of lying down. At first it seemed like a wonderful thing. They were Shipwrecked on an island…out in the middle of nowhere. Peace and quiet, no worries, palm trees, plenty of rest and relaxation, right? Wrong. The novelty had worn off very quickly, and he realized that this was undoubtedly the worst thing that had ever happened to him. Of course, he wasn't about to let his wife, Zelda, know about that. She was trying to keep the mood up. He sighed, getting to his feet. He needed to find more food.

Link had heard many stories about people getting abandoned on deserted islands before as he had exchanged loot and listened to friend's tales, but they were all wrong. Being left alone on an island for months was not fun. Not at all. He was cold, sick, and tired. Anything was better than this.

As Link let these depressing thoughts echo around his mind, a slight rain began to fall. Sheltering himself the best he could, he retreated home. Well, to what they could call home anyway. It was a sad excuse for a tent. He would never admit it, since he was the one who had fashioned it, but it was terrible. He ducked under it to see Zelda, hair soaked and face scrunched together unhappily.

"Any luck with food?" she questioned. "I mean besides the coconuts."

Link shook his head. "Sorry, but there's nothing to eat around here. A few mangoes maybe, but it's raining too hard to find them. How's the house cleaning going?" He glanced around.

"How does it look like its going?" Zelda sneezed, causing the few sticks she had aligned to fall. "I think I'm getting a cold." The rain dripped onto her head as she shivered a little. She sniffed, and sighed.

"That's not good." Link ducked outside for a moment and returned with a few wet palm leaves. He set them in Zelda's lap, slicking back his hair and trying to keep water out of his eyes.

"What are these for?" Zelda asked innocently.

"What else? Keep yourself warm." Link ordered, looking at her as if she were a child.

"I don't think that's going to help much." Zelda responded, but obeyed. She fell asleep, shivering still. Link looked outside for a moment, and saw there was nothing he could do in this rain. He sighed, and lowered himself gently onto Zelda, letting his body heat radiate to her cold skin. Soon he was asleep, but for a short time. Link never slept for that long.

He expectantly awoke first, lifting himself carefully off of Zelda, so as not to wake her up. First of all, he noticed it was far past morning. He had overslept terribly! He practically leapt into action, first stopping at the piece of driftwood he used as a calendar. It had been…he carefully marked up the days. Two months. Had it really been that long? He felt as if each day had passed so quickly.

Using his dagger, which he had kept in his clothes, he carved another mark into the wood's surface. "Thank goodness I kept this." he talked to himself. It was quite handy. His cutlass was much too big to do much with. After the experience with trying to stab a fish, he had laid it aside. Link glanced down at his foot with the memory and shuddered. That had hurt. First he decided to leave Zelda for a bit. He wanted to get some of those mangoes for breakfast…or lunch, or whatever time it was. It was difficult to tell time when you were deserted on an island.

He stopped in front of a banana tree, eyeing the fruits at the top. "Well, why not?" he flexed for a moment. With a slight jump, he caught hold of the bark of the tree, inching his way toward the prize. The bark scratched at his wound, making him wince a bit.

Unfortunately, Link did not notice the sharp thorn on the tree until it pierced his wounded side. Even worse, Link was already on the highest point of the tree, fruits in hand. When the shock of pain flew to his mind, he instinctively let go of the trunk. With a loud thump, Link collided into the sand. He pushed himself up, spitting a bit of the grainy substance out of his mouth. "Ouch." he mumbled. Link grabbed the fruits and began heading home. Zelda could not be in that much trouble…could she?

Meanwhile, Zelda had decided to do something that would impress Link. Lately he had somehow obtained the thought that women were small and defenseless, and she had to prove him otherwise. At first she could find nothing to do, and then a thought occurred to her. They didn't have a fire. Fire could help them with a signal too! She brightened up. Her good attitude faded however, when she saw the looming jungle in front of her. To make a fire, you needed wood. She was sure there was wood in the jungle, but where? It seemed to be Zelda's lucky day, for as soon as she began looking, she caught sight of a huge pile of wood, just sitting in pain view.

She marched over to it with a haughty attitude, and almost picked up a branch when a voice barked out from behind her.

"Stop!" Link was beside her. "Zelda! Don't move! Slowly back away towards me." He motioned, his face frozen in fear.

"What?" Zelda retorted. "Look, I'm just getting a few sticks for a fire. I'll be there in a minute."

"Zelda! Not later! Now!" Link whispered, his face quite pale.

Zelda frowned and sighed, stomping over to Link like a spoiled child. "What?" She glared at him. "I was just getting some firewood. What's your problem?" she scolded, shaking a finger at him.

"Zelda, be quiet! Watch this…" He grabbed a nearby stick and made sure she was behind him. He carefully poked the stick at a small crevasse in the wood pile. Zelda leaned in closer and heard a slight hissing noise, as if a cat had been agitated. Her complexion paled considerably, for out of the wood she saw a snake slither out, flattening its head and spitting a little. Link backed away with Zelda, watching the snake warily for any signs of it attacking. Luckily the snake had no intention of attacking because it was far too tired. It simply gave one last warning hiss and slithered back into its home.

As soon as the snake was completely gone, Link turned to Zelda and gave her a knowing look. "Okay, I'm sorry." Zelda apologized. "I was just trying to help a little."

"I understand." Link gave way to a little smile. "Come on, let's go home." The night was approaching fast, and the safest place was in their haven. Link let Zelda go in first before joining her. He covered her with the palm leaves and let himself relax, staring at the stars. Perhaps it wasn't all bad. There were some perks. Not many, but some.

Zelda fiddled with her wedding ring, slipping it on and off her finger and playing with it in general. "Link?" she questioned.

"Yes?" Link responded, continuing to stare at the stars. This was almost like being on the ship. That's what he used to do when he was tired.

"Are you scared of snakes?" Zelda asked. He had looked so frightened.

"No." Link answered, having to stifle a chuckle. "Of course not."

"You looked so frightened, like you had seen a ghost." Zelda pondered. "What were you afraid of?"

"I was afraid I would lose you." Link's voice whispered, followed by a yawn. "That snake was poisonous."

"It was?" Zelda remarked, suddenly aware of how much danger she had been in. "Link…thank you. I love you." She was greeted by silence. "Link?" she questioned, raising her voice a bit. "I love you."

The only answer she received was the sound of Link snoring. She laughed, tucking herself in as best as she could. She would hope that tomorrow a ship would come. Soon they would be rescued, wouldn't they? She was sure the stories of deaths on deserted islands were just stories…weren't they?

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