Fools! They dare to challenge I, Maliris, in combat! For I am the Fire-Guardian of Terra, and am near unstoppable! Muahahahaha! I shall sharpen my blades on their burnt, charred, roasted, grilled……corpses…. So, they think that I am weakened by water and ice…. True, but my decades of deep isolation have rewarded me….with strength, magic, and endurance unthinkable! They should have thought twice, for I am resurrected! In the Well of Memories, Memoria….

I start to torment them with a Flaming Swords attack….. Hmmmm, they actually are still standing! They approach worthiness in the eyes of Maliris, the Fire-Guardian, which is I, of course….. Argh! Resisitant as I am, Water and Ice still cause me pain! The 2 elements burn me as Fire burns others….. A Mustard Bomb should finish them….. What! They have curing spells and items for that attack! Nooo! I shall burn them! FIRAGA! FIRAGA! FIRAGA! FIRAGAAAA! Ha! Three of them are dead! But the Qu, Quina, has survived…. Never mind… all shall be burnt in time to come! Death shall claim them through the heat and light of Fire!

The Phoenix Downs, they had them! Now the Mage, Vivi, has been resurrected, ARGH! He used a Water spell on me! As I push aside my pain, I cast Mustard Bomb on him…. In a round or two he shall die of Heat…. No! The Qu cast Aqua-Breath, he cast Blizzaga! Two elements I am weak to cast in rapid succession! In my blurred vision I see the Mage dying…. Feel the Heat! I cast yet another Mustard Bomb on the Qu, but it has the ability to immunize itself form Heat or Freeze! Its Freeze attack doesn't affect me, and I counter the failed attack with a Firaga……

Damn, the Qu used a Hi-Potion on itself! Now I have more work to do…. Yet I still lash out with a Swords Quiver. The Qu is still standing! Now it has resurrected Garnet, the Summoner! No! She has summoned the Leviathan, the only Eidolon I fear! ARGH! The Agony! The Pain! My Resistance is breaking down……. No! I will make my stand! FLAME SLASH! The summoner is dead, Finally! Hahahaha! Argh! I've been hit by an Aqua-Breath attack! That blasted Qu! I shall…… No! My flames are going out! I'm being extinguished! Ex…..ting……guishhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…..ed…… With my last ounce of magic, I shall strike them, hopefully to death, and I shall see paradise…………. Swords…..Quiver…….

Author's Note: And so died Maliris, the Fire-Guardian of Terra. Though its kinda short, please R & R!