I encounter the boy and the Qu again….. this time they have friends with them……I, Lich Earth-Guardian of Terra, shall finish them! My intuition shows two of them at levels 65 and 60 respectively….. I willingly accept their challenge, because I shall kill them. Kill them all. No one shall get past me….. The battle begins, I cast LV 5 Death…… The Qu and the boy die….. There are only two of them left…. I shall smite them…With Ease…..

The Summoner… she isn't the same one that killed Kraken… This on is a child…. Yet she summons an Eidolon that is as tiresome as it is fearsome to me: Phoenix! The Eidolon hits me with Fire which is my weakness, resurrects the boy and the Qu, and just makes me feel hot-headed! ARGH! I shall punish her later…. I am hit with Firaga….. Not too pleasant, but I tolerate the pain. My turn, DEATH CUTTER! She's finished! She could resurrect her friends, but she died herself! How ironic….. ARGH! I have been slashed, WHO DARES TO SLASH ME? The boy! He shall die….. The Qu hits me with a Pumpkin Head attack….. quite impressive, as I have been hit with at least 3500 damage! Not Firag….ARGH! That Mage! I shall kill him….. Yes! DOOM! He's doomed to die….. The boy has robbed me! He stole my Black Robe!

The Qu, it has given me yet another Pumpkin Head! I am half dead…. The Mage uses Firaga, and the Doom counter says 6! Yessss…… I cast Earth Shake, nearly killing all of them! The boy resurrects the Summoner….. Uh-Oh! Not Madeen! ARGHHHHHHHHHHH! The Pain! The damage….. I have a quarter of my HP left…. The Mage is dead…. LV 5 Death! The boy and Qu are dead…. She uses Madeen again….. I am mere HP away from paradise, yet she kills me dishonorably, with a Holy spell, not even Madeen….