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Drake was sitting in the back yard of his house playing his guitar. He was singing the Girble song from Steven Lynch;

'I bought a girble at the petting zoo

If Richard gear can do it, I can too

I get undressed, I start to lube

I stick the girble in the end of the tube

Wondering just how he'll feel

Will he like it better than his little wheel?

Careful now, he's right beside me

One more inch and he's inside me!

Gooooo! Girble! Goooo...

Burrow harder, burrow deeper,

Be my little chimney sweeper

One thing I forgot about;

How am I supposed to get you out?'(A/n the funny thing about Mr. Lynch is that he's straight!)

Drake stoped. He felt the eyes of another. He whirled around when he felt some one touch his shoulder.

"JOSH! WHATS WRONG WITH YOU!" Drake yelped, surprised.

"I heard you singing," Josh looked amusedly at him, hiding his hurt-ness.

"Did you write that song?"

Drake blushed, "you heard that?"

"Yeah," Josh said with a laugh, "I like it. Do you have any others like it?"

Drake took on an evil grin of doom. " of course! Listen to this." drake began to strum his guitar. and Josh began to bounce to the beat.

'When the game of life makes you feel like quitten'

It helps a lot if you kill a kitten (josh looked surprised and disgusted; instead of receiving the words of wisdom he was expecting, he, well, didn't.)

Mark my words, cause from were I'm sitten

You won't go wrong if you kill a kitten

There's no crime that you'd be committin'

I know the law

You can kill a kitten

And if you need yarn for that scarf your knittin',

You'll get plenty when you

Kill a kitten

Feed it turpentine, or break its spine-'

"STOP! THAT'S ENOUGH!" Josh yelled. This started drake so much hat he threw his guitar.(a/n-Mwaaaahahahaahhaaa) the 2 boys watched it sail threw the air, in sloooow mooosion. It finally landed and slid behind a dumpster were they heard a cat meow in agony. Then out of no were an old hick with a shotgun shot the cat.

"Poor old thing," He said before disappearing back from whence it came.

"You had to do it, didn't you drake." Josh shook his head. "And all this time I thought you were kidding about killing cats." Drake just looked dumbfounded were his broken guitar lay spattered with blood.