A quick drabbe about why Mark wears black.


Even the word is kind of cool.

I don't understand why people won't let me dress in black without asking why I do. Does there have to be a reason why I do? There is a reason, but still…

I dress in black because it makes me feel stronger. It makes me feel different from my brothers, and it makes me feel like an individual. After all, Randy already has the brains, and Brad has the sporting arena down pat. There aren't a whole lot of areas of expertise left open for me.

When I dress in black, I feel as though I can hide my feelings; something I have tried to do all my life. Brad and Randy used to hit me, and I could rarely hold back my tears. One blow to the stomach after another, and then they would sense my weakness, and keep on hitting me. If I could hide my feelings, they may have left me alone. If it was anyone else, I could put them up for assault, but no, they were my brothers, so I had to forgive them.

Can you see why I wear black? Black is constant, and steady. Nothing can change black, nothing can affect it. I'm safe from exposing my true feelings.

Sometimes people ask if I get sick of wearing black…I don't. You can see every colour in black, yet it never changes. It can suck emotions in, and yet never release any of its' own. I guess in a way, black is my protector. It protects me from being me.

Will I wear black for the rest of my life – probably not. One day, when I find out who I really am, I think I'll wear more colours. But black is comforting to me, and my lost soul.

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