A Small Possibility…. Chapter 1

By NoDrogs

I do not own Kim Possible or any related characters, they are the exclusive property of the Disney corporation and used in this story without official permission. Other references are also used without permission. This is a Kigo (Kim/Shego) relationship story. In this story, Kim is 17, a senior in school, and ignores the events in 'So Not The Drama'

Dr. Drakken rushed into the room his second in command, Shego, was occupying in his latest hide-out.

"Egad, Shego!" cried Dr. Drakken. "I'm so brilliant this time, I amaze even myself!"

"Uh-huh… Right, Dr. D" said Shego, in her most bored voice. She continued sharpening the claw tips built into her gloves. "You've finally learned to put the toilet seat down in the bathroom."

"Ye… NO!" snapped Dr. Drakken. "It's nothing like that at all! I've just figured out how to make it impossible for even Kim Possible to derail my latest plan for world conquest!"

"Going to derail it yourself, doc?" suggested Shego. "Anyway, what's your plan this time? Dehydrate the members of the UN Council?"

"No!" said Dr. Drakken. "Actually, I haven't come up with another plan to take over the world yet. But I do have a plan to remove the Kim factor from the equation."

"And that would be?" drawled Shego. Kim and her friend Ron had foiled so many of Drakken's plans, she was sure his latest plan would fail also. Still, Drakken was the one paying her.

"It's a surprise!" gloated Drakken. "But I will need a few items. First:"

"OW!" yelped Shego. "What's that for?"

Drakken held up the small hypodermic needle, full of Shego's blood. "Just a sample… call it a baseline. Now, I'm also going to need…."

"This had better not be some plan to mind control me." muttered Shego as she rubbed her arm where the needle had gone in. Sometimes, she swore, the only reason she put up with Drakken was the money. Well, that and the chance to lock horns with Kim Possible.


Kim and Ron set at their usual table in the Buenos Nachos restaurant. Rufus was on the table, eating up a vegetable burrito called a 'Dilberitto'. Also on the table was Kim's Kimmunicator, showing an image of Wade.

"What could Dr. Drakken want with all this stuff he's been stealing?" asked Kim. "High tech genetics equipment, retrovirus manufacturing equipment…"

"And don't forget Dr. Feliz's medical records" said Wade over the Kimmunicator. "I'd be worried about one of your arch enemies having your complete medical records."

"Whoa, hold the phone." said Ron. "You don't go to Dr. Samuel's any more? Kim, we've gone to Dr. Samuels for YEARS!"

"Yeah, since we were kids." said Kim. "He's a children's doctor."

"Booyah!" agreed Ron. "That's why he's got the BEST collection of comic books in his waiting room of any doctor in town."

"Well, Dr. Feliz is better for… women's issues." said Kim.

"Say no more." said Ron. "If you put your health before comic books, there's nothing else I can say."

"Comics!" said Rufus. "Yay!"

"Come on, guys." said Kim. "We need to figure out what Dr. Drakken and Shego are up to."

"Oooh, maybe he's trying to grow an army of Kim-clones." said Ron.

"Uh-uh." said Wade. "I thought about that, but while he's having Shego steal a lot of equipment for DNA modification, there haven't been any thefts of any sort of growing tanks. So while he might be able to copy Kim's DNA, or even make the DNA for some sort of Kim-Monster, there's no way he could actually grow it."

"All right, enough talk about Kim-Monsters" said Kim. "We need to figure out what Drakken is planning so we can stop it and him."

"Looks like you're going to have your chance to ask him directly, guys." said Ron. "I've just got a report of another break in… and Shego and Drakken are both there."

"Guess Shego is getting sloppy." said Kim. Most of the last thefts had been done so well that by the time Kim had got there, Shego and the equipment were already gone. "Another genetics lab?"

"No, this time it's a nearby jewelry company." said Wade. "I'm lining a ride up for you now."

"Guess the D-man wants some bling-bling!" said Ron. "Ready to rock, K-girl?"

"I'm always ready, Ron." said Kim, her face drawn into the serious lines of her 'game face'. Inside, she was feeling the familiar thrill she always felt when she went up against Shego… the thrill of matching yourself against someone at your own skill level, the thrill of performing better then you ever thought possible.

"Be careful, Kim." said Wade. "This could be a trap."


"Why did it have to be a train!" said Ron.

"This was the fastest way to get where the jewelry company is, Ron." said Kim. "Just sit back and enjoy the ride."

"Couldn't Wade at least gotten us seats INSIDE the train?" demanded Ron, bracing himself against the top of the high-speed train.

"Inside!" agreed Rufus, holding tight to the edge of Ron's pocket.

"Our stop's coming up." said Kim, getting out her grappling hook. "Ready?"

"I am SO ready to get off this train." said Ron, aiming his own grappling hook and making sure he had on a sturdy pair of pants. "Let's go."


The jewelry company's display room was filled with tray after tray of finished jewels, rings, bracelets, and necklaces.

"Oooh, this one is pretty." said Shego, picking up a ring. "And I've always liked emeralds. We should have broken in here a week ago."

"I told you, timing is essential to this plan. Where are Kim Possible and that buffoon?" demanded Drakken, clutching a large device to his chest. It resembled a bazooka made out of large, shiny alluminum. Small lights flashed on and off along the sides, and his thumb played with a switch built into the handle.

"Right here!"

The glass windows shattered as Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable broke through the window. Assessing the situation, Kim reached into a pocket and threw what appeared to be a metal pen at Drakken's weapon. In flight, the pen split open, forming into a razor sharp boomerang that sliced the weapon in half.

"Oh yah!" cried Ron. "Who's the man! Er, girl!"

"Curse you, Kim Possible!" snarled Drakken. "You think you've defeated me?"

"Well, yeah." said Kim. "We're here, the police is on the way, and your new toy is broken."

"Actually, " said Drakken. "That was a decoy. I gave the real one to Shego."

Kim turned. Shego was holding a small, futuristic looking pistol… so small that Kim hadn't seen it before. The villianess pulled the trigger, and a small dart flew through the air and pricked Kim in the shoulder.

"Kim!" yelled Ron.

Kim plucked the dart out of her forearm and took a moment to check. No sign of dizziness, no nausea… she tried to make herself feel embarrassed (picturing the tweebs reading her diary, aloud, to the whole school) and nothing happened. "Sorry, Shego… but your dart didn't do anything either." said Kim.

Shego tossed the pistol aside. To tell the truth, she never expected the pistol to work… and didn't have any idea what it was supposed to do in the first place. "Time for plan B… B for battle!". Shego said. The grin on her face was that she always wore when fighting Kim. Fighting Kim, there was a freedom she rarely experienced other times. Ever since the meteor had given her and her brothers their powers, she had had to hold back, to be careful not to hurt people. Even on the few times she let her anger go and blasted at Drakken, she had to be careful not to use her full powers. With Kim, it didn't matter… the girl was as good as Shego, able to handle everything Shego could throw out.

Drakken pulled out the remote for his new hovercraft. "No time for that now, Shego. The police ARE on their way."

"Another time, pumpkin." said Shego. She threw a small handful of pellets on the ground. Thick, green smoke billowed up between Kim, Shego, Ron, and Drakken. When the smoke cleared, the criminal duo were gone... Fortunately, without any of the jewels.


The next day, Ron and Kim were in her house, hunched over the Possible Family's kitchen table. Sitting on the table was Kim's Kimmunicator.

"I'm sorry, Kim." said Wade over the high tech communication device. "I've analyzed the dart and launcher a dozen times. The launcher was a simple gas propelled gun… CO2. The styling was just typical Drakken dramatics."

"And the dart?" asked Kim.

"Whatever was on that dart…" said Wade, "It broke down way too fast for me to analyze."

"Well, Dr. Feliz did a blood check and said everything was fine." said Kim. "No sign of mutation, no odd blood counts."

"Sounds like another Drakken plan is a dud." said Ron.

Kim took the metal pen out of her pocket. "And Wade? The Pen-a-rang worked great."

"Well, the pen IS mightier then the sword, Kim." said Wade. "Well, let me know if anything odd happens, but if nothing happens I guess Ron is right… whatever Shego shot you with a dud."

"I'm fine." said Kim, putting the pen away.

XXX About a month and a half later XXX

"Mom?" said Kim. "I think… something might be wrong. Can you take me to Dr. Feliz's?"


Kim and Mrs. Possible waited in the waiting room. Dr. Feliz had drawn some more blood samples and was testing them now. Running through Kim's minds were all the things that might be wrong for her… little did she realize what her current condition was.


In his lair, Dr. Drakken laughed. "At last, my plan will be revealed! Another six more months, and Kim will be helpless to stop me!"

Shego glanced at the monitor Drakken was standing in front of. It showed a hidden camera view of Dr. Feliz's waiting room. Mrs. Dr. Possible was waiting there with Kim. Since Mrs. Possible went to another doctor, it was obvious they were there for something doing with Kimmy.

"So, it was a really, really slow acting poison?" asked Shego. She spoke with confidence. Surely any poison that worked THAT slow could easily be stopped, so that she and Kim could go back to trading blows.

"No poison." gloated Dr. Drakken. "I just wish I could be there to watch their expressions when the good doctor gives them the news.

"What news?" said Shego. "You've been going on for months how that little prick would slow down the great Kim Possible."

"Ok, Shego…" said Dr. Drakken. "It's time I explained what that little prick of yours did…"


"I'm WHAT?" gasped Kim, staring at Dr. Feliz. Mrs. Possible, standing next to Kim, just had her jaw open in shock.


"She's WHAT?" demanded Shego.

"Pregnant!" chortled Dr. Drakken. "Thanks to the little retrovirally inserted DNA that I had you inject into miss Possible, she is now pregnant! When she's nine months due, there's no way she can come stop my plans!"

Dr. Drakken burst out laughing at the mental image of a nine-month pregnant Kim Possible, not noticing the look on Shego's face. "And even if she decides to get an abortion, the emotional scarring will make it so that we can crack Miss Possible's ego like an egg-shell! I hope she does get the abortion, just so we can permanently get rid of her!"

"You used your DNA to impregnate her?" snarled Shego. "Why didn't you just go and rape her while you were at it?". Shego felt a surge of illogical anger… of almost homicidal rage, at the thought of Drakken sullying the young heroine… worse, of tricking Shego into doing it.

"Not my DNA" said Dr. Drakken. "The same experiment which turned me this delightful shade of blue made my genetic structure far too unstable to risk anything like this on. I used yours."

"MINE? It's MY kid that Possible is carrying?" said Shego. "And you want it aborted!"

"Um, Shego…" said Dr. Drakken, realizing that Shego was seeming to get upset. "Is something wrong?"


"There's no WAY I can be pregnant!" said Kim. "I'm still a virgin! You know that, Dr. Feliz."

Dr. Feliz held up the clipboard. "I had them rerun the medical checks twice. Someone call the Catholic church, girl, because you are pregnant. Based on your menstrual cycle, someone managed to impregnate you on or around September third."

"September third?" said Kim. She tried to franticly remember. "September third… the jewel robbery! Shego shot me with something!" She moaned, slapping her forehead. "What if I'm carrying Dr. Drakken's kid?"

"You're not."

Kim, Dr. Possible, and Dr. Feliz's heads turned to face the doorway. Standing there, in her trademark green and black outfit, was Shego. "It's mine." continued Shego. The villianess, normally the epitome of smug, condescending superiority looked, for the first time Kim could remember, as if she actually felt guilty.

"What?" gasped the two Possibles and Dr. Sanchez, in near perfect harmony.

"I.. I didn't know until just a few minutes ago." said Shego. "Dr. Drakken used my DNA to make a retrovirus that could impregnate Kimmy… I mean, Kim and then had me shoot her with it. He didn't tell me the details until just a few minutes ago. I swear I didn't know what it would do to you.". Shego stared straight at Kim's face, green eyes meeting… willing the younger woman to believe her.

"And you think that makes me feel better?" snapped Kim. "Thanks to you two, I now have to make one of the toughest decisions of my life!"

Shego held up her hands. She looked more scared then Kim had ever seen her. "I… I know. Look, this wasn't my idea, but please… please don't abort this baby. Let me help."

"And where is this Dr. Drakken?" demanded Dr. Possible.


The police officer in charge of the front gate at Prison Complex 13 opened the door. The man who had been pounding on the door a moment ago dashed in. His clothes were badly scorched, and his blue face was almost white with terror. "Quick, arrest me!" he said, huddling behind the officer's desk. "Lock me up in a nice, safe cell!"


"I know why I would have trouble aborting a baby." said Kim, sitting on the edge of a bed in Dr. Sanchez's examination room. Her mother and Dr. Sanchez were in another room, talking (with Wade) about what the medical procedures had to have been done to use one woman's DNA to impregnate another. "But what's your reasons?"

Shego sat on the other end of the bed. "Kim… my brothers and I were latchkey kids. Even before the asteroid made me… like this, our parents didn't have a lot of time for us. After the accident, it was even worse. They seemed to make every excuse they could to stay away from us, especially me. I vowed that if I ever had a child, I'd make sure it was loved… and that I'd never abandon it, no matter what he or she looked like.". Shego looked down at the ground, unwilling to look at Kim. She had never been this honest with Kim before… in fact, Shego couldn't remember EVER being this honest with anyone.

"Is there… any chance it'll inherit your abilities?" asked Kim.

"You mean my healthy greenish-white complexion and glowing hands?" said Shego, bitingly. Then she forced herself to be honest. "I don't know. The meteor's affect changed me… even at the genetic level. I'm not even sure if I could personally bear a child. This child might grow up with white skin and red hair, or she might have normal skin and black hair, or something else entirely.".

"She?" said Kim. "You don't think it might be a boy?"

Shego glanced at Kim. "Kim… I'm not a geneticist, but even I know that it takes a guy to provide the Y or X chromosomes. With just my DNA to work with, it's going to be a girl. A little Kimmie junior, I guess."

Kim looked at Shego's face. She never would have expected it, but seeing Shego as she talked… Kim knew that, however this baby growing inside Kim had come to be, Shego wanted to have a child… and had been too scared to have a child on her own. Kim reached for one of Shego's hands. "She'll be a Shego junior, also." said Kim.

Shego blinked. "So… you're going to have the child?"

"I'm going to have the child." said Kim. "It's a big decision… and it'll mean a big change in my life. But I can't kill an innocent baby, even if it's just a potential baby. "

Shego impulsively hugged Kim. "Thank you!" said Shego. "I'll do anything I can to help!"

Kim pulled back. "Hold on." said Kim. "If you want to help raise this kid…"

Shego blinked. The thought of raising the child hadn't really entered her mind yet… just the thought she had to stop Kim from aborting it. It was a big shock.

Kim continued "…you're going to have to make some changes in your life, too. And the number one change is, NO CRIME."

Shego jerked. Given Kimmie's good-guy persona, it wasn't a surprise. Giving up her life of criminal activity would be a big change… but so would raising a family. "Hold on… How can I support you?" said Shego. "Not a big job-market out there for people who can hurl plasma bolts and have albino skin, you know."

"I'm still living with my parents." said Kim. "If you want to support me and the baby, that's fine… but you'll have to find a way to do it legally."

Kim, inside her head, was amazed. Here she was, sounding all logical while talking with Shego… when all she could think inside was the words, repeating over and over, "I'm going to be a mother".


Shego crawled through the air duct, clad in her trademark green and black jumpsuit. She was right above the main conference room. Below, she could hear the richest men of the corporation gathered below. She reached for the pouch of tools and took out a small welding torch. A thin pair of black rubber gloves replaced her normal green-and-black clawed gloves. Using her powers to do this would be a no-no… anyway, sensors in the building would detect the heat from her plasma touch. The torch, with it's much smaller, shielded flame would go undetected. The torch burned through the lock and Shego back-flipped onto the large council chamber, as all the board of the company stared up at her.

"Gentlemen…" she purred. "You have a serious problem…"

She hopped off the table. "…with your security. First, your ventilation system is far too wide. It should never have ducts big enough for someone to crawl through. Secondly…"

About an hour later, after walking the gentlemen through all the flaws she had found in the security system, Shego was carrying her paycheck in the elevator. She'd have to type up everything she had just said and hand it in… yawn. As a villain, she had NEVER had to do an after-action report. Also, the pay for being a Security System Evaluator paid nowhere near as well as being a thief did. Still, there were the fringe benefits… for one thing, no cops chasing her (although police had never really worried Shego). For another…

"Shego! How did it go?".

Shego looked up as the elevator doors opened. Standing there, in the lobby, was Kim. She was wearing her normal over large cargo pants, but the shirt she had hung to her waist. It had been two months since Kim had gotten shot by the impregnator dart, and only someone who watched Kim as closely as Shego would notice that Kim was pregnant.

"Pretty good." said Shego. "Are you ok? Is something wrong at school?"

Kim rolled her eyes. If anyone had told her three months ago that Shego would be acting like a mother hen about her, she'd have burst out laughing. On the other hand, three months ago, she also wouldn't have believed that she'd be pregnant… especially with Shego's child. And STILL a virgin, to top it off. "Yes, everything is fine. And school is out for the day."

Shego glanced around, to check a clock. "Shego!" chided Kim, finding it hard to believe that Shego was the one who wanted to make sure that Kim wasn't playing hooky from school. "Look, you're the bad girl in this couple."

Kim blinked. It was the first time she had referred to herself and Shego as a couple. While they WERE going to be co-parents, that didn't mean they were a couple… did it?

Shego shook her head. "Sorry…. I'm just not used to… well, caring about another person."

"What about when you were with Team Go?" said Kim. "Didn't you care about your brothers?"

Shego shrugs. "Care? No. I watched out for them… tried to make sure they didn't get killed. But I still hated to spend time with them. You… I like spending time with you."

Kim blushed. "Even when we were fighting?"

"Especially when we were fighting." said Shego. She begin to walk to the exit, miming trading blows with an invisible opponent. "Come on, Kimmy… you can't deny it was a rush. Fighting and winning… or losing… by a hair. "

"Well…" said Kim. "I guess… yeah, it was exciting. Weird… Fighting you, I was never nervous. Other fights I've been nervous about…"

"You didn't think you might lose?" said Shego, sounding insulted.

"No no no!" said Kim. "Not that! A lot of the times I won… I knew I could have lost. But… there was always this feeling. That you weren't trying to kill me, so much as… having fun. Seeing how well I could fight. And that you wouldn't think I was anything less if I didn't manage to win, as long as I just tried my best."

Shego blinked. "You're kidding, right?"

Kim shook her head. "I know it sounds silly… I mean, you were trying to kill me…"

Shego shook her head. "NEVER kill you. Just… testing you, I guess. Trying to stop you…"

"Never?" said Kim. "But… all those death traps."

Shego sneered. "Most of them Drakken's work. Killing you would have meant… not being able to fight with you again. Come on, Kim… would ANY of those death traps REALLY been able to stop the great Kim Possible?"

Shego opened the door to the building, letting Kim go out first.

"The great Kim Possible?" repeated Kim.

"You underestimate yourself!" said Shego. "Do you have any idea how great a fighter you are, Kim? Trust me… I've fought with and against some of the best. You and me, Kim… we're in a league of our own."

"Not right now." said Kim, ruefully patting her belly. "Not with the little one on the way."

Shego reached a bare hand down, timidly, over Kim's hand. "Oh, you could still probably kick bad guys' asses." said Shego.

Kim hesitated. Shego had changed a lot, in the last few weeks. Before, she had always struck Kim as… well, a slacker. Someone who didn't really care what she did or who she hurt, as long as she had fun. Now, Shego was maturing… holding down a LEGITAMATE job, and even holding onto her temper.

Shego waved her hand to try to attract a taxi-driver's attention. When he failed to slow, she lit her hand and threw a plasma blast in front of the taxi's bumper, carefully making sure not to actually damage anything. The explosion caused the driver to slam on the brakes. "Hey! Two ladies over here!" said Shego, pointing at Kim. "How about a little respect, ok?"

Ok… thought Kim. Make that MOSTLY holding onto her temper.

Shego opened the door and made sure Kim got in, safely strapped down, before she ran over to the other side of the taxi and sat down.

"Um, shouldn't you put a seat belt on also?" asked Kim.

Shego was about to make a sarcastic remark… about her not being the pregnant one… but then hesitated. "Yeah… I guess. I'm not used to being cared for, either." said Shego.

Kim smiled. "That's ok…". Much to her surprise, Kim realized she was feeling a huge surge of affection for the slightly older, pale skinned woman.

Shego relaxed in the back of the taxi, after giving directions to Kim's house, and then planning to drive to the apartment she was currently renting.

"So…" said Shego. "Got my first legitimate paycheck, as a security consultant… remind me to thank Wade for his helping me find a job that fast."

"No problem." said Kim. "He said that reference from Dr. Director really helped… I guess they want you to stay on the straight and narrow, after you turned evidence against Dr. Drakken in exchange for immunity for past crimes."

Shego nodded. Dr. Director had told Shego in a private interview that she was willing to help Shego start a new life, in exchange for what she planned to do to help Kim and turning evidence on Dr. Drakken. However, Dr. Director had gone on to explain that, if Shego did anything to deliberately hurt Kim or committed another crime, that Shego would deeply envy Dr. Drakken in his solitary cell before Dr. Director was done with Shego. Shego decided to change the subject. "So, have you told Ron and the rest of the people at your school yet?"

"Not yet." admitted Kim. "To tell you the truth, it's only been two weeks since I found out myself. Then, Mom and Dr. Feliz had all those tests they wanted to run to make sure the baby was ok."

"And?" asked Shego, expectantly.

"Last test report came in today." said Kim. "The baby DNA looks like what you would expect if you were a guy who had impregnated me the normal way.". Kim blushed a little, not quite comfortable talking about it. " I asked my mom and Dr. Feliz not to tell me any more details… just that the baby was healthy and going to be ok."

"Did you ask if it was going to be… normal?" said Shego. Kim looked at Shego questioningly. Shego shook her head. "Look, I like being able to throw plasma bolts, it's just that… pale green skin isn't a really popular look, you know what I mean?"

"Really, Shego…" said Kim. "I stopped noticing your odd coloration soon after we met. I don't care what our baby looks like, and with US as her parents… well, could you imagine a bully willing to pick on her?"

"I can." said Shego. She held up one hand, letting it glow with green flame. "Charbroiled."

Kim laughed.

"So…" said Shego. "When are you going to tall Stoppable and your classmates?"

Kim stopped laughing. She took a breath. "Tomorrow. I'm going to tell him… them… tomorrow."

"Want me to come along? Provide moral support?" asked Shego.

Kim was startled… and touched… by the offer. While it would be comforting to have someone alongside her… well, the thought of Shego at her school would probably set off a complete panic. Also, if any of those students did something Shego found objectionable… well, Kim was only mostly convinced that Shego was joking about that charbroiled thing. "I'll be fine, Shego." said Kim. "But thanks for the offer. Don't you have a written report to turn in?"

Shego groaned and slumped. "Don't remind me. Paperwork!"


"So, Rufus, what do ya' think Kim asked us to meet her here so early?" asked Ron. Middletown High was almost deserted, with only a few students and teachers bustling around, preparing for another day of school.

Rufus, wearing a night cap and yawning, had his head stuck out of Ron's pocket. "Nuh-uhuh." said Rufus, shrugging his little mole-rat shoulders. "Nuh nuhuuh!"

"I hear you, buddy." said Ron. "Meeting half an hour before class… it's just WAY too early to be up."

"Ron! Rufus!" said Kim, walking up. She had been worried she might be late… she had actually had to throw up this morning, although she wasn't sure if it was morning sickness or nervousness.

"Hey, KP! What's the sitch?" said Ron.

Kim fiddled with her hair. "Um, can we sit down and talk about this? In private?"

Ron glanced down at Rufus. Rufus looked wide awake now, and was pulling the night-cap off. "Uh-nuh?" squeaked Rufus inquisitively.

"I don't know either, pal…" said Ron. "Something must be up. Sure, KP."

Ron followed Kim to a sheltered nook, away from any passing students or teachers.

"What's this about, Kim?" said Ron. "Why the secrecy?"


"You're WHAT?" gasped Ron Stoppable.

"WHAT?" squeaked Rufus.

"Shhh! Shhhh!" hissed Kim, glancing to see who may have noticed. Fortunately, the few passing students and faculty kept walking, assuming that Ron Stoppable was just being… well, Ron Stoppable. She sighed. "That was pretty much my reaction, too."

"Kim, how could you do this to me?" demanded Ron.

"Huh… what?" said Kim, startled.

"Have sex with some guy and not tell me!" said Ron. "I thought our friendship meant something."

"Ron! If I was having sex with someone, of COURSE I'd confide in you!" said Kim.

"Um, KP? Sex Ed was one of the classes I did NOT sleep through." said Ron. "To have a baby, one must indulge in 'the nasty' with a member of the opposite sex". Ron held up his hands in the air, miming quote marks.

"Sex!" agreed Rufus.

Kim sighed. "Normally, yes… but NOT when a super villain shoots you with some sort of retrovirus that makes you pregnant."

"Shooting with a retrovirus… is that what they're calling it these days?" said Ron, still upset. "I guess non-swingers like Rufus and I wouldn't be up to your lingo."

Kim grabbed Ron's shirt. "Now hear this." said Kim. "Dr. Drakken mixed up some retrovirus which, when I was injected with it, caused the DNA pattern he had selected in order to cause me to get pregnant. No sex involved. You and I are both STILL virgins."

"Bummer." said Ron. He then blinked. "Whoa, whoa, hold the phone… you're pregnant with DRAKKEN's baby?"

Rufus eeped, slapping his paws to his cheeks.

"No." said Kim. "Fortunately, he didn't use his DNA in the retrovirus."

"Whew, that's a relief." said Ron. "So, who's did he use? Junior's? One of his henchmen?"

"Shego's." said Kim.

Ron's jaw dropped open… and then the rest of him dropped backwards.

"Ron? Ron?" said Kim. "Wake up…"

Rufus pulled a handkerchief out of Ron's pocket and began using it to fan Ron.

Ron opened his eyes. "Oh, Kim… thank goodness… I was just having this weirdest nightmare…"

"Did it involve me saying that I was having Shego's baby?" asked Kim.

"Uh-huh." said Ron. "You had that dream to?"

"It's no dream." said Kim. "It's the truth."


At lunch, Ron and Kim took their trays outside, for more privacy. "So, how did your parents react when you told them?" asked Ron.

"Well, Mom was there when I found out." said Kim. "And she told Dad. He was kind of shocked… he recovered mostly, I guess. The tweebs are kind of shocked also, trying to get their heads around it. When they finally do, I'm sure they'll tease me about it."

"If they do, I'll knock their heads in!" growled Ron, feeling a surge of protectiveness.

"That's pretty much what Shego said." commented Kim.

"Well, glad that…. HOLD ON!" said Ron. He glanced around to make sure no one was paying attention to his verbal outburst, then leaned close to Kim. "Shego said? As in, Shego who is the fa… mo… the other parent of your baby? As in, scary hands of death arch-nemesis Shego?

"She's reformed, Ron." said Kim. "She… she actually wants to protect and take care of this baby growing inside me."

Ron shook his head. "Way too much input for the Ron man…"

"I'm still getting used to all this myself." said Kim. "My parents and I are going to talk to the principal of the school this afternoon. Let the faculty know I'm pregnant… and not going to devulge the name of the father."

"So, going all the way with this one?" said Ron.

Kim nodded. "Yeah. Abortion… I just can't kill a baby, Ron. As for putting her up for adoption… If I do that, there's no way Shego will ever be able to see her daughter. And whatever else she is, this child will be half me also. I have to do this, Ron. To be there for my daughter, no matter how she came about to be."

Ron nodded. "Well, ok, Kim. Just know that I've still got your back."

"Thanks, Ron." said Kim.

"Me too!" squeaked Rufus.

"Thanks, both you guys." said Kim, and then pulled Ron and Rufus close for a hug.

"Hormones" said Ron, in a very soft voice, to Rufus. Rufus squeaked acknowledgement.


"She's WHAT?" bellowed the principal's voice, audible through the thin office door.

Kim, waiting outside, flinched.

Inside the office, the principal was busy on the phone. "No, I can NOT ask Mr. Barkin to take over Home Economics… he's already substituting for another teacher. Tell her she'll have to come in, self inflicted food poisoning or not!" The principal slammed the phone down. Some days, it seemed the only teacher he had on staff was Mr. Barkin. "Now, Doctors Possible." said the principal. "What can I do for you two?"


"Did you hear the news?" said Bonnie. "Kim is PREGNANT! You know what this means?"

"No, what?"

"She's off the team!" squeaked Bonnie, excitedly. "I'm the new head cheerleader!"


The news spread through the school like wildfire. By the next day, people kept stopping Kim and asking either how she felt or who the father was. So far, she had just said that the father and she preferred to keep it a secret, feeling that was much easier then explaining how a now-retired super villainess was the father.

Rumor soon had the father being either Ron Stoppable or some secret agent guy Kim had met. Ron didn't help quiet the rumors, with his constant hovering over Kim and ready to get anything she wanted. When asked if she and the father were planning to get married, Kim just said there were 'legal complications'.

By the end of the school day, she had managed to ditch everyone (even Ron) and had called Wade. "Wade… I'm not sure I can handle six more months of this!" said Kim.

"Being pregnant that much work?" said Wade, concerned.

"No, all the attention." said Kim. "Come on, there are stories about high-school age girls getting pregnant all the time."

"Relax, that attention should die down after a while." said Wade. "It's the OTHER attention I would be worried about."

"What attention?" demanded Kim. "Is there something up I need to know about?"

"Not yet." said Wade. "But think about it. Drakken isn't the only super villain who would love to know that you're out of commission."

Kim groaned. She knew that Wade was right. "Look… Global Justice and everyone else will just have to deal without me helping to save the world. Heaven knows that Team Impossible would love to pick up the slack… for a fee."

"It's not the world I'm worried about." said Wade. "It's you. Some of the guys you've ticked off by stopping may want revenge."

"If they hurt my kid…" said Kim, suddenly speaking with the fierceness of a lioness protecting her cubs.

Wade hastily made 'calm down' gestures. "Easy, Kim. I thought about it… Once your child is born, I'll have it monitored 24/7. It's while you're pregnant that you… and your child… will be in the most danger. Afterwards, I'm sure that you'll be able to handle anything that happens."

"Well, both Ron and Shego said they've got my back." said Kim.

Wade coughed. "You're SURE about trusting her?" said Wade. "After all, she IS the one who shot you with that dart."

"She didn't know what it did." said Kim. "And… you should have seen her there that first time, in the doctor's office. She honestly wants what is best for this baby… and so do I."

Ok, whatya think? I figure it would take something pretty big to make Shego go straight… but finding out she's going to be a mother (?father?) would do it… even if Kim was the mother. Let me know if you want to see another chapter. I would REALY appreciate any constructive criticism. Also would appreciate suggestions for the name of the child/children (Hey, it could be twins). If it's just one child, it'll be a girl. If twins… well, either two girls or a girl and a boy. E-Mail me at . If I do write a second chapter, It'll probably have some super villain's plans to take out Kim while she's pregnant. Mayby have Ron and Shego have to work together to save Kim. Suggestions on what super villain would be appreciated.