Summary: Hubris (n): arrogance; a tragic flaw that leads to one's downfall. His downfall? Falling for the one girl that hated his guts. Or did she? SxS

Warning: May include irrelevant wackiness. And unexpected foul language (later on).



Part III

By Simply dZ


Loud banging. Loud, consistent, and extremely annoying banging, to be a bit more precise.

This is my ideal wake-up call, Kinomoto Sakura thought dryly. She was lying in her messy satin bed sheets, her head propped on her arms and her eyelids still half closed.

She moved to get out of the warm comfort of her bed to answer the door, but tripped instead. A loud thump reverberated throughout the room, and she heard the banging stop. The silence was followed by quiet snickering and a muttered "klutz".

"And I thought the walls were soundproof." She muttered to herself.

She flung open her door and yelled moodily, "what!"

But he did not answer her question at all. Instead, he opted to simply staring at her from his comfortable position by the doorframe. Li Syaoran stared so openly and so shamelessly that she looked down at what he was looking at.

And she realized what he was looking at. She was in a spaghetti strap and a comfortable pair of shorts….really short shorts. She had forgotten to put on a bathrobe in her hurry to stop the loud banging. She then looked up to Syaoran and for the first time noticed that he was in nothing more then a pair of boxers. She took in his tousled hair, his lips, his chiseled face, down to his muscled chest and six pack and stopped herself before she looked any lower. She traced every groove with her eyes and yearned to touch what she knew to be smooth and hard muscle. He was as much of a Sex God as ever at six in the morning.

He's a damn asshole, she chided in her head, glaring at his satisfied smirk. His next comment made her even more flustered.

"Like what you see?" he grinned lazily.

"No!" she lied and added hastily, "and what are you doing here!"

"Just wanted to see you, sweet cheeks." He ran his eyes over her body, "and I'm glad I did."

She flushed a deep red in response and motioned to slam the door in Syaoran's face to cover up her embarrassment.

…Too late. He had wedged his slippered foot right in between the door and the wall, and also managed to force open the door. He leaned down, one hand still on the door and his mouth almost kissing her left cheek. She could smell his clean scent of soap and spices and feel the warmth of his body heat enshroud her. She felt his hot breath on her cheeks and shivered, body very much frozen.

Personal space, personal space! She screeched desperately.

"Now, my dear Sakura. That is really rude. And as your punishment…" his lips trailed down, stopping right at her lips.

Her breath hitched in her throat and she waited, almost anticipating and so close to leaning forward just to put a damn end to it all. But what he said next was something she had never expected.

"I'm gonna have to use your shower. That's why I came here in the first place, anyways. Mine's broken." He straightened up.

She felt like hitting her head repeatedly on the wall. She felt almost disappointed…and she shouldn't be. No way in burning hell…

He slid past her and walked calmly to her bathroom, making himself very much at home.

"Wait, I need to shower, too!" she yelled at his back.

With his back still facing towards her, he waved nonchalantly back, "sorry, that's your problem."

He walked into the bathroom, still careful to hide his face away from Sakura. As soon as he closed the bathroom door, he leaned desperately on it to support what his legs could not.

His face was bright red.


"Li Syaoran! God damn it, I value my personal space!" Sakura tried to push away a laughing Syaoran, who had an arm around her.

"Ah, but I do too. And that's why I'm in it." He grinned cockily down at her.

Sakura hit Syaoran's chest continuouslylike a little kid throwing a tantrum, fully oblivious to the attention she was drawing from her fellow classmates.

"Let me go!" she hmphed, still acting every bit like a little kid.

Ignoring her, he whispered in her ear, "hon, as much as I enjoy our lovely little arguments, I think we're attracting a little too much attention."

Like they say (like who say?), itwas never over until he said it was over. And that was the way it was. Sakura knew this fully well too, a fact that she unwillingly learned to accept.

As soon as he let go, whispers erupted throughout the classroom. Finally realizing, Sakura grew bright red and stomped over to her desk.

"You and Li seem to be getting along extremely well."

Daidouji Tomoyo, heiress to the grande toy company, whispered from beside Sakura.

"We are not!" Sakura whispered back hotly.

"Uh huh." was Tomoyo's reply.

Some best friend.

"Is that a non-believing friend-doubting 'uh-huh' that I hear? Because we are NOT close!"

"Sure" Tomoyo dragged out the word, every bit non-believing and friend-doubting.




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