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Rating: M for Mature. M-A-T-U-R-E

Of Crossing and Lines

The conversations felt oddly familiar.

"I thought we went through this already?"

"Did you not mean it the first time?"

"Maybe," Sirius began. "It's possible to fall in love twice."

"That was extremely stupid of you, Sirius."

"You never know."

"Hello! I have a problem here."

"No, James, you don't, for the first time in your life."

"Sirius you're an idiot, of course I have a problem."

"And what is this one? That you still love Lily?"

James paused. "No, that I still have Jane."

Sirius threw his hands up causing his spoon to fly into the air. "Finally we're getting somewhere."

"What are you going to do about it?" Remus asked. "Jane has done nothing but love you. You can't just throw that away."

James thought. "I could date them both."

Remus kicked James.

"That was the most idiotic thing I have ever heard."

"I object," Peter spoke up. "I do believe that when Sirius wished he had broomsticks instead of feet, you said that was the most idiotic thing you have ever heard."

"Yes, but that was Sirius, this is James. Completely different."

"Well James. You are an expert at dating two girls at once and you wrote the book on dating three, so I dub you worthy to do so again."

"I can't believe you are encouraging him!"

"Remus, this is the girl he was, sorry, is in love with. He should do everything he can to get her back."

Remus was stunned. "That was…rather intelligent of you."

"Really? I just remembered it when you said it to me in sixth year about James."

"I knew it sounded familiar."

James was keeping a close eye on Davis Faxon, who had just walked in.

"He's not with Lily, I'm going. Make sure he doesn't leave."

Sirius nodded and Remus noticed a look on Sirius' face that he hadn't seen since Hogwarts. James left quickly and Sirius stood up and made a large rouse walking over to Davis.

"Are you really Davis Faxon?"

James had spent a very long time looking at the new releases (they were the closest to the front desk). Lily finally came out of the back room flipping through papers.

"Alright, Lily?"

She looked up. "James, I haven't seen you in here for a while."

"I come in the mornings. However, I could say the same for you."

"I've been…busy."

"Faxon says so as well."

"You've talked to Davis?"

James laughed. "Wouldn't you like to know?"

Lily looked at him. "You've changed."

James laughed again. "I'm glad that you've finally realized."

"Why are you still trying?"

James stepped toward her. "Because I believe that I still have a chance."

"What makes you think that?"

He stepped toward her again. "You haven't kicked me out yet."

"I have never kicked you out; you always leave before I can."

"Do you think I'll leave now?"

"Not if I get my way."

Lily stepped closer to James. He was a little more than surprised. "That's a bit seductive, don't you think?"

"Did you find it seductive?"

"I always find you seductive, Lily."

Lily smiled. "You're crossing the line."

"I wasn't aware there was one."

"There is always a line James."

"Then I must always cross them."

"That you do."

"I guess I never learn."

"I can agree with that."

James stepped closer pinning Lily against her desk.

"Crossed the line," she whispered.

"Past tense?"


"I never look back."

"Neither do I."

Their noses touched and James mouth opened in anticipation.

"James, what is taking you so – James?"

James closed his eyes and leant his forehead against hers.

"Busted," she whispered.

He smiled slightly and turned to face Jane.

"James, what are you doing?"

Lily knew that she loved James back in sixth year and she had never stopped since. She didn't know this of course and it took a rather close encounter to make herself realize it. But now that she did, there was clearing no going back.

"Have a nice day, Lily?"

She had hoped that Davis wouldn't be there when she got home.


"Sell lots?"

"As always."

He came into the kitchen and kissed her on the cheek. "I'm glad to hear it. I'm off, I have some things I need to do before I leave."

"What? Where are you going?"

Davis threw his cloak over his shoulder. "I never told you? I'm going back to Rome for a few days, the team wants me to go to a tournament."

Lily shrugged. "Alright, will I see you before you leave?"

"Probably not, I'm leaving tonight. I'll see you in a few. Bye luv."

Lily never responded but when the door was almost closed she spoke up.

"You could have told me."

He walked back in. "I just did."

"Not that."

"Then what Lily, I'm not a mind-reader."

"Who is she?"


"The other girl."

Davis paused.

"She's a writer for the Daily Prophet."

"How long?"

"A month. How long have you known?"

"A month," Lily laughed.

"You're not upset?"

Lily shrugged and blinked back tears. "Not really, I was kind of expecting it. You are Davis Faxon."

He laughed rubbing the back of his neck. "I'm sorry."

Lily waved him off.

"No, Lily I really am."

"I know."

Davis looked at his watch. "Shit, I really have to go; the game starts in an hour. I'll see you when I get back?"

Lily smiled and nodded. "Sure."

Davis smiled and left.

Thank Merlin that Sirius and no social life outside the Marauders. The rest of them had gone out to get food. Sirius had offered to hold down the fort and to quickly finish the food which he had hidden from the others.

Just as he was settling into a nice easy pace of eating crisps, someone knocked.

"No ones home!" he yelled.

"Sirius? It's Lily, please let me in."

Frowning, Sirius got up from the indent in the couch and let Lily in. He face was blotchy and her puffy eyes were red from tears.

"Lily, what's wrong?"

Instead of answering, she ran in and hugged Sirius. Sirius, never being very good at these things, was rather surprised.

"Um, Lily?"

"I knew it wouldn't last long."


"You can't tell James."

Sirius was confused. "Sorry Lil, I can't really know what not to tell him, if I don't know."

She looked up at him leaving wet spots on his shirt.

"Davis, he cheated on me."

"That bastard! I'll kill him!"

Lily laughed. "Please don't bother Sirius, its really okay. I should have seen it coming."

James and Remus walked in.

"Did we interrupt something?" James smiled.

"Of course not Jamie. We were just going to the bedroom," Sirius smiled.

James returned to his place to see Jane waiting for him on the couch.

"It's late, Janey."

"Stop pretending James."

"Excuse me?"

"You're pretending like nothing happened with Lily today. I saw you! You can't keep telling me that you were reaching for a quill behind her."

James sighed. "You're right; I was reaching for a chocolate frog."

"Just admit you want to be with her! Stop dragging me along!"

"Alright! I want to be with her! I love her!"

Jane, not seeing anyway this could backfire, was taken by surprise.

"I love you James."

"I love Lily."

Jane slid down. "This can't be happening."

"I'm sorry."

"No, you're not."

James paused. "I'm not."

"Finally, I hear honesty."

"Are we over?"

"I believe so James."