Kaiya laughed as Hideki tossed a giggling four-year-old Kagome into the air, only to catch her and swing the happy child in a circle. At the gurgle beside her, she turned to focus her attention on the newest addition to their happy family, six-month-old Souta. A slight breeze grew in strength and Kaiya looked over to see Hideki had put Kagome down, and was pushing the girl towards her with his left hand.

"Remember," he yelled above the howling winds centering on his right hand. "Kagome must go through the well."

"Hideki!" Kaiya screamed taking a few steps towards him.

"NO! Get the children away from here." He yelled as the howling winds grew in volume and strength.

Kaiya grabbed Kagome's hand, picked up Souta's carrier and ran.


Kaiya brushed back a tear as she watched from the kitchen window as Souta called his sister over to the well house. Was today the day the girl would fall through the well and would their lives change when the quest the fifteen year old was about to embark on was completed? Moments later, Souta ran from the well house screaming about a monster pulling Kagome into the well. It had begun.