Chapter 1: Dreams

Shouts could be heard throughout the Pupanunu village. Fire-lit torches were held high in the air, flooding the darkness of the night with light. A face could be seen through the crowd.

"You don't belong here anymore. Jibolba is the new High Shaman, we don't need your dark magic any more."

"Fools! You don't know what magic I posses! You all will pay!"

A dark power surrounded the figure. With an evil laugh, the dark energy shot in every direction killing everything it touched, including parents of a boy.


Tak sat up in bed, sweat beading over his body. He looked down at his hands; he had a death grip on his sheet.

"Tak! What is it, what's wrong?" asked Jibolba, slamming Tak's door open.

"N-nothing, I'm fine," said Tak loosening his grip on the sheet. Jibolba took one look at Tak and knew he was lying.

"You had the dream again didn't you. About your parents." said Jibolba sitting on Tak's bed.

"Yes. Jibolba, why won't you tell me who killed my parents? I keep dreaming about that person, but I can barley see his face." said Tak, hoping Jibolba would give him a different answer than before.

Tak has always asked 'who killed my parents?' and Jibolba would always answer 'I'll tell you when you're ready.' Tak has asked this question for as long as he could remember and has always gotten the same answer.

But when Tak started having these dreams, Jibolba looked like he was on the verge of telling him. But Jibolba would just shake his head and give Tak the same answer.

"Tak, I'll tell you when you're ready. But right now lets get some sleep. I have a big day tomorrow training the great warrior Lok and I'll need all the help I can get, running to get stuff, you know the drill."

With that, Jibolba got up and left the room. Tak sighed, thinking of what he had coming tomorrow. It's not that he didn't like Lok, their pals, he just didn't like to go out to the village. With Lok, it was like the Moon Juju was walking by. With Tak, people would give him weird looks, like he was caring an illness. It probably had to do with the fact that he had no parents and that he had to live with Jibolba. The villagers probably thought he contaminated the ground Lok walked on.

Tak shrugged and laid back down to sleep, hoping the dream would not come back.