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Chapter 7!

Chapter 7: Secrets Revealed

The sun peeked threw the mini spaces of the clouds, the most sun anyone had seen in days. Two days had gone by sence the beginning of the yorbel collection. Flora said they had gotten all of the yorbels in the Pupanunu village, except an area across a deep cannon which Sydney and Tak couldn't get to. She also hadn't senced any more yorbels in the other areas, so Jibolba told them for their own safty to stay put.

And this is where we find out two heros, sitting and staring across the cannon to the area filled with yorbels.

"Ugh, how many yorbels do we have now?" asked Sydney.

"Last time I checked... about fourty." said Tak laying on his back.

"I'm going to check on Lok." said Sydney standing up.

"Why? He looks the same as he did before." said Tak.

"True, but it's better than staring at something we can't get. See ya." said Sydney.

Tak couldn't lay there any more and headed back to the hut. He found Jibolba in the juju plant garden behind his hut.

"Tak, where's Sydney. Every sence the beginning of this ordeal you two have been inseperable." said Jibolba picking random plants.

"She went to check on Lok." said Tak leaning against a tree.

"Why?" asked Jibolba, not looking up.

"She said it was 'better than staring at something we can't get'."

"The yorbels?"

"The yorbels, and Flora hasn't said anything yet. Need help?" asked Tak watching Jibolba.

"No, but you may stay." said Jibolba. He pulled a plant out of the ground, looked at it closely, then threw it at Tak.

"Have a nibble off that and tell me how it tastes."

Tak picked up the plant and turned it around to get a good look. The stem and leaves were a marble of light and dark green. The flower was shaped like a violet, except being purple it was black with yellow spots.

"Is it safe?" asked Tak.

"Yes, you'll be fine."

Tak shrugged, pulled off one of the black yellow spoted petals, and put it in his mouth. A sweet, warm sensation formed in his mouth and spread threwout his body.

"Wow." said Tak in a low voice, leaning against the tree.

"Ah good, it's ripe. Thank you Tak." said Jibolba.

Jibolba looked up at Tak and saw his eyes were closed. If anyone else was there at that moment, you could see Jibolba was wadging a war inside. Desiding his next move, Jibolba took a dark blue leaf and walked over to Tak. He sat down and shook Tak awake.

"Here eat this." said Jibolba.

Tak didn't rejet and nibbled off the top of the leaf. He was instantly awake as if he never fell asleep. He was about to thank Jibolba when he saw the worried look on Jibolba's face.

"What's wrong?" asked Tak.

"Tak... I need to tell you this, but I don't know how. But I don't know how else to do it, I think it's time to tell you about your parents." said Jibolba, trying not to look at Tak.

"You mean you haven't told him yet? You're slipping Jibolba." said a voice above them. They both looked up to see Tlaloc floating towards them.

"This poor boy has spent his whole life not knowing when I could tell him at anytime. And they say I'm evil, Jibolba... that's just crule." said Tlaloc landing on the ground.

"Tlaloc, you're not welcome here. Leave now." said Jibolba on his feet and Tak standing next to him.

"But I believe you were about to tell Tak who killed his parents, and I wanted to be here to see the look on his face when you do."

"Why do you care so much about what happened to my parents?" asked Tak, his Spirit Rattle out.

"Because I'm the one who killed them." said Tlaloc.

Tak couldn't move, it was as if time stood still. Tlaloc killed his parents, and now he was threatening his village. He felt the Spirit Rattle slip threw his fingers.

"So the truth is finally reveald." said Tlaloc with an evil smile.

Tak's lege gave way and he fell to the ground. He felt someone put there hand on his sholder, trying to bring him back. Tak could still hear Jibolba and Tlaloc talking.

"What they say is true, the truth's stranger than fiction." said Tlaloc.

"You've done enough damage Tlaloc, leave!" yelled Jibolba.

"Don't worry I'm leaving, I can do more damaged later."

A sound like a cannon echoed threw out the area. Jibolba gave a death stare to the ground were Tlaloc was standing, then he turned to Tak.Tak hadn't moved at all, Jibolba bent down next to Tak and again tried to bring him back.

"Tak? Say something... anything."

Tak however layed his head on Jibolba's sholder, still staring at the same spot. Jibolba wrapped his arms around Tak, Tak not moving at all.

"Tak... I'm sorry."


"Tak... open this DOOR!" yelled Sydney pounding on Tak's door.

The meeting with Tlaloc forced Tak to retreat to his room and talk to no one, expecially Jibolba. When Sydney came back from cheacking on Lok, she came back to Jibolba standing at Tak's door begging him to come out and talk. After Jibolba told Sydney what happeded between Tak and Tlaloc, Sydney took Jibolba's place at Tak's door.

"Tak, come on this is no fun. Please come out." said Sydney.

"Let me try something." said Jibolba.

"What can you do, he's not going to talk to you for a while. I mean I've tried everything and there's nothing you could possible-"

Jibolba put his hand on the doornob, turned it, and pushed it open.

"Are you telling me, that door was unlcoked this whole time." said Sydney.


"Then why didn't you open it before?!"

"It's bad enough I didn't tell him a his parents, but I don't want to invade his pravice after Tlaloc told Tak about his parents." said Jibolba.

"Oh yeah... that makes sence. Shall we check on him?"

They pushed the door open a bit more and stepped inside. It took them a while for their eyes to adjust to the darkness, but they were soon able to see their surrowndings. Tak's room still looked the sam as it did this morning.

"Wow, it's so neat. I thought it would be like a tornado had hit." said Sydney.

"Where's Tak?" asked Jibolba.

Sydney looked around the room at places Tak might be. The bed and chair in the room were empty, but something caught Sydney's eye; Tak's carrier was gone.

"Jibolba, Tak's carrier's not here." said Sydney.

"No worse, Tak's not here."

Sydney looked up. Jibolba was standing near the window, it was open. Sydney stood next to Jibolba and together they stared out the window, wondering and worrying where Tak went as the stars twikled in the black sky.


Tak dragged his Spirit Rattle on the ground, creating a small dirt trail. He continued to stare at the ground, words buzzing around in his head. Jibolba keeped this from him for so long, but why; did Jibolba think Tak couldn't handle it? If Jibolba kenw, then did everybody in the village know what-

Tak stopped, now it made sence, that's why no one in the village liked him. Tak had been marked by Tlaloc, Tak's parents had been the only people killed by Tlaloc.

Tak tossed aside his carrier and Spirit Rattle and layed down next to a tree root, this was a good place as any to rest. He was never going back to the Pupanunu village and he was never EVER going back to Jibolba's hut.

Tak found a gaint leaf and curled up into a ball, hoping to create enough heat to last threw the night. He closed his eyes and fell into a very uneasy sleep.

Not that far away, Sydney and Jibolba were looking behind bushes and trees trying to find Tak. Sydney was climbing up trees to give them a birds eyes view, while Jibolba walked on the ground.

"I don't see him yet." said Sydney jumping down.

"This is all my fault, if only I told Tak sooner..." said Jibolba.

"Yeah, I've been meaning to ask you about that. Why didn't you tell him?"

"I thought it would be better if he didn't know."

"He found out his parents dealth by the person who killed them. He gets depressed and runs away to never come back unless we find him. How doew that help?" asked Sydney.

Jibolba stopped and turned to fac Sydney, a look of fury on his face.

"You wouldn't understand, I hoped this would keep Tak safe." said Jibolba.

"Safe, safe from what?" asked Sydney. Jibolba sighed and sat down.

"You'd better sit down. This is a long story, but you should hear this." Sydney sat down, her full attention to Jibolba.

"To most people in the village and serrounding areas, there are two different types of people in this world; people who have juju powers and those who don't. But only a few people know there is a trird type, but it's so rare that we don't even have a name for it."

"Wait, wait, wait... let me get this strait. This... whatever it is, is really important but you don't even have a name for it." said Sydney.

"Yes, now may I continue? Now, no one is really sure where this power actually came from; all we know is that the power is almost as strong as the Moon Juju's power. Because of it's power, the people who don't have it but know about it will so anything to get it."

"This is a great Magic Lesson 101, but what does this have to do with Tak?" asked Sydney.

"Tak and his parents are/were the last people who actually have this power."

"Are you serious. But who would... oh duh!" said Sydney.

"Finally figured it out have you." said Jibolba.

"You're protecting Tak from Tlaloc. That's why Tlaloc killed Tak's parents; his parents would never join Tlaloc because they knew he was evil. But with Tak's parents out of the way, he could get to Tak easier."

"It's also the reason I raised Tak. With Tlaloc willing to kill anyone to get to Tak, the village wants nothing to do with him."

"Well, let's go." said Sydney standing.

"What?" asked Jibolba a little starteled by Sydney.

"Come on Jibolba get up! We still need to find Tak."

"Right, let's go."

They continued down the path, calling out Tak's name. Tak however was fast asleep and didn't hear them. But for some reason, the Spirit Rattle was emeting a soft green glow.

"Jibolba..." said Sydney pointing to the glow. They ran towards the light and leaned over the root to find Tak asleep; they both breathed a sigh of relief.

"You get his carrier and Spirit Rattle, I'll get Tak." said Jibolba jumping over the root.

Sydney followed and picked up the carrier and placed the Spirit Rattle inside. She placed it on her sholder and turned to Jibolba. He had wrapped Tak in the leaf and was carring Tak in his arms.

"We need to move." said Jibolba looking around. Sydney replied with a nod and they headed back to Jibolba's hut.


Tak slowly opened his eyes and felt his surroundings, he knew he wasn't outside any more. He sat up and looked around; Tak was back in his room. Tak was fuming, Jibolba and Sydney must have found him last night. He heard his door open but Tak didn't look.

"Tak, can we talk?"

Jibolba. Tak swore in his head and laid back down, his back to the door and Jibolba. He could feel his bed sink as Jibolba sat down. Sydney staied outside Tak's room and closed the door behind Jibolba. She quietly stepped away from the door and headed outside. Jibolba and Sydney had both agreed last night that Jibolba should talk to Tak.

Sydney found a good spot under a tree. She sat down and closed her eyes. She was almost asleep when...

"Sydney! Wake up, wake up; yorbels have appeared, yorbels have appeared!" yelled Flora.

"Gah!" said Sydney jumping up.

"Good, you're awake. We need to move, yorbels have appeared in- hey where's Tak?" asked Flora looking around.

"Jibolba's having a talk with Tak. So, yorbels have appeared, where?" asked Sydney.

"Their in the Burial Grounds."

"I was hoping we wouldn't have to go back there until was had to get Lok's spirit." said Sydney.

"What are we going to do about Tak?" asked Flora casting a worried look at the door.

"Wait, I'm not leaving without him." said Sydney, sitting back down.

"Ok, I'll be waiting in the Burial Grounds when your ready." Flora turned into a green ball and floated off.

Sydney watched Flora float off then turned her attention back to the door, in time to see Tak open it and step outside.

"Tak we gotta go. Flora said yorbels have appeared in the Burial Grounds." said Sydney.

"Really? Finally, I was starting to get worried let's go!" said Tak running off. Sydney stared after Tak; what did Jibolba say to him? Sydney shook off the question and ran after Tak.

"Come on Sydney, hurry up!" yelled Tak at the lift.

"Hold on! Geez, what did Jibolba tell him? Whatever he did, Tak's back to his normal self."

Sydney stepped on to the lift, Tak threw the lever, and dn they went; going to the last place they wanted to go.

"The Burial Gounds, where nerbils are abundent and fog is the atmostfeat." said Sydney waving the fog away.

"Guys, over here!" They saw Flora waving at them and headed to the plateform she was on.

"So, where are they?" asked Sydney hoping for a cave full of yorbels.

"Yeah, about that. It's going to be kind of a treasure hunt." said Flora.

"What?" asked Sydney.

"They're spread out in this world and probably eerywhere else."

"Hmmmm, interesting." said Sydney rubbing her chin.

"But why are they spread out? They were clustered in the village." said Tak.

"I think Tlaloc (Sydney casted a worry eye at Tak) may have separated them so it would tak longer for us to collect them." said Flora.

"Well, we're not going to get them staning. Let's go." said Tak, jumping off the platform and on to the ground; Sydney followed.

"Ok we're going to have to split up, we'll meet back at the entrance. See ya!" said Tak running off to the left, waving.

"Hey Flora could you do me a favor." asked Sydney.

"You are asking me, wow there's a first." said Flora.

"I know, I know, suprising. But could you follow Tak to make sure he doesn't do anything crazy?"

"Crazy, like what?"

"Like running away or something like that, I don't know. Just watch him and tell me if anything like that happens." said Sydney running to the right.

Flora turned into a green ball and floated off after Tak. She soon found him looking behind some bushes.

"Tak, look up." Tak looked to see two yorbels on the platform above.

"Thanks Flora." said Tak taking his staff out; he jumped on the platfrom. He swung the staf at both yorbels and they dissappeared. Tak was going to go back down, when something caught his eye. He turned and walked over to what looked lke two small hills. Tak wiped off the moss covering to reveal two gravestones.

"Maleka and Rammel, why do those names sound familiar?" asked Tak outloud.

"Those are your parents names." said Flora.

"Really? But why are they buried up here instead of the tombs?"

"Your parents were very good people Tak. I mean if your dad ran for high shaman, he would have won over Jibolba; and your mom was so kind and generous that she gave my mom a run for her money. This place changed when Tlaloc took over, but this is the only area where sunlight falls and where plants can be grown. The villagers respect your parents death and this is the best way they can show it." said Flora.

"Wow, this is amazing. It probably looks even better with plants growing here." said Tak looking around.

"Yeah, it's really great. Oh hey, we better move or Sydney might worry about where we are."

"Where have you been?" asked Sydney as Tak and Flora neard the entrance.

"Sorry, but we made a side trip." said Flora.

"Side trip, to where?" asked Sydney.

"My parent's grave. But don't worry, we got at least 10 yorbels." said Tak thinking that Sydney's worried face was for thinking they didn't get any yorbels.

"How many did you get?" asked Flora.

"Um, I got 5." said Sydney.

"So we only added 15. What does that bring us to?" asked Tak.

"55." said Flora simply.

"So now what do we-." said Sydney.

"Yorbels, yorbels! They've appeared on Chiken Island!" yelled Flora.

"Come on, let's go!" said Tak running off to the lift, Sydney and Flora following.