Chapter One

Transylvania 1901

Once upon a time there was a small village, where only 20 til 30 families lived. Every house was built straight beside the other and that´s why everybody knew almost everybody of the village.

And so did two families. The Wilsons was made up of mother, father two children (boy and girl). The daughter, Cassandra, was 16 years old. She was the best friend of the 15-year-old Adriana Miller. The two had blond hair and rather tall.

The two of them met nearly each day because their families were good friends.

Adriana and Cassandra laughed, argued, told the other one secrets: just like true friends did.

They also had horses, which they got on their birthdays. Cassandra´s horse had a pure white color and its mane seemed like silver in the sun. It was a stallion, named Silverstar. Adriana´s horse, Moondance, was a black stallion. Most of their time they spent in the village and just sometimes they left it and rode to the near forest.

On a sunny day they made a trip together with their horses in the forest. They were very adventurous girls, you must know, so they made a race. "Who´s first on the other side has won!", Cassandra shouted and rammed her thighs into the horse´s sides.

Too bad that they arrived at the same time. Adriana and her friend had never reached this part of the forest. What they saw there made them speechless. They stopped their horses and looked around.

Everything was shimmering in a green shade. Between all the meadows small rivers made their ways through the beautiful grass. Farther behind a large group of mountains were standing proudly and glancing at the countryside.

But Adriana saw something else with her stormgrey eyes. Yet she didn´t know what it was. "Hey, do you know what´s on top of this mountain? It looks pretty weird", she asked and pointed in this direction. Cassandra shrugged and replied: "I don´t know. But from here it looks like a ruin or castle."

"What do you think? Shall we go there and look or keep standing here", Adriana asked with that look on her face.

"I´m sorry, but it´s late. Maybe tomorrow." Her friend nodded, a bit sad but still full of enthusiasm.

"Ok", Adriana said slowly and paused, "but we should keep this as a secret." Her friend agreed and the two of them rode back into the village.