Chapter 5

Cassandra and Adrian had decided to not tell a soul about their trip. They wanted to avoid stupid questions and just said they were horse riding in the forest. The next day met, they thaught again when thezy could visit the count again. This case happened sooner as they had expected. Already after three days they had gotten the chance to make a trip over the whole day with their horses. Packing food in their bags in the morning, they found the weather quite cool and it was only eight o´ clock in the morning.

As they reached the edge of the forest a couple hours later the weather seemed to get warmer and findly turn into a summer day. After ashort break near the river they continued their journey and reached the lower part of the mountains around midday. The girls bound their horses an trees and then started climbing the heavy way up the rocks. As they had reached the top they had to take another break because it was very exhausing.

Having collected their strength again they knocked on the huge and heavy door. This time they knocked more self – confident and not so scared like the last time. That day they knew, they were expected. Igor opened the door rather quitly, bidding them to came in immediately. Adriana and Cassandra entered and found them selves in the entrance hall once again.

"I´ll tell my master, the count, that the girls from a few days earlier have arrived. Please, wait here for a short while. He´ll them be here and greet you." Igor didn´t bother to wait for an yreply and left. The girls didn´t have to wait for long. They watched him walk dowm the stairs. Count Vladislaus Dragulia wasn´t a visible near as he welcomed them friendly:

"So soon? What can I do for you?"

"We were just here to see you. We´ve been so fascinated by this castle, we just had to come again. I hope we don´t bother you?" Adriana explained, also smiling and also blushing.

"No. Be ded. I´m sorry." He looked especially at Adriana.

"I´m always galdto have some company. Please, tell me are you here with your horses again?" They nodded.

"If you like, you can bring them into my stable. Then these beautiful animals don´t have to stand outside. My servant Igor would take care of them then. Could he please you with the horses care kast time?" he asked.

"Yes, very much. But where is thi stable? As we went around the castle three days aog we didn´t see anything, that looked like a stable." Cassandra declared.

"That is indeed true. It´s farther away from my castle as you might have expected. But if you like Igor can bring your horses to it." The girls lokked at each other and then nodded in agreement. They then walked behind him into another room. While possing Igor, they saw him hurry outside. In a library they saw a piano.

"A piano! We haven´t noticed it last time." Cassandra exclaimed.

"Can you play it?"

"Yes, indeed. Are you innterested in music?", he asked politely.

"Yes. We both love to sing." Adriana explained, lokking at her friend.

"But our voice are nothing special really –"

"So you´re surely talents at it." The count finished. The girls blushed shyly, walking closer to him.

"Maybe you can proove it? You can singwhen I play piano." Both of then nodded at his suggestion.

"Do you know ´The Phantom of the Opera´? This is our favourite song from apopular opera." Cassandra looked at the count after talking. And so they sang together, both sides excited by the other´s talents. After they had finished they continued their tour through the castle and arrived in Vlad´s room. Pointing at his bed he motione them to sit down.

"I´m quiet thursty." Cassadndra declared, sighing in exhausion. Adriana agreed: "Yes. Could you bring us something, please?"

"Of course. Please wait here, I´ll be right back." He said smiling and left, just to return again after a couple minutes. In his hands was a bottle of juice and two glasses. He filled the glasses with the liquid and then sat them down on a table beside the bed. Handing the glasses over to the girls he sat down next to them. Adriana and Cassandra nodded thankfully but wondered about the fact, that a third glass seemed to appear out of nowhere. Raising hisglass filled with a different liquid he said: "I hope I can count you two as my friends now." The girls found no reason for protest. The count touched the girl´s glasses with his own for a brief moment.

"You may call me Vladislaus." Adriana smiled and together with her friend she told Vladislaus her name.

As soon as the girls had finished their drinks they started feeling dizzy and soon fell asleep on the top of each other. The glasses dropped to the floor carelessly. Calling for his servant the count picked up Adriana. Igor took Cassandra and together they carried both of them to a separate room. Laying them down on also sepertae beds they placed two long beautiful dresses beside them and then left, locking the door behind them.

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