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Summary : Sequel To "School's Out For The Weekend" Seto and Joey are Officially together, but many people don't like that, can they keep love afloat? YAOI JoeyXSeto Lemon in later Chapters...

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Seto watched as kids swamed out of the school, indeed graduation was getting closer and closer... another year of school had come and gone, it had been almost 3 months since his, ' Kiss of Life ' but many of his old " Fan Girls " Still hung on him like stink on a warthog. Tiffany had long since left him to be, she had told him that she had moved on...

' Moved on, my ass...' Seto thought, as he continued to wait for Joey and co., since it was indeed the last day of school, he had decided to take Joey and all his, correction, there friends to Vito's for Dinner. (( Vito's is the name of the Italian/ Sub/ Pizza place here in Cumberland where I live, good pizza to! ))

" Hey! Seto!" , He looked over to see Ryou and Yugi standing there, obviously waiting for someone. Ryou and Yugi had become more obvious about their relationship, actually all the lesbian and Gay couples had. Well since the whole - Mr. - Big - Seto - Kaiba - Kissing - Little - Wheeler - On - The - Lips - While - Giving - a - Gay - Speech - Incident.

" Have you seen Joey? We can't find him, he was suposed to be out here already, he said he was just gonna go clean out his locker, but he would be done by now..." Ryou said, obvious, to his suprise, they were holding hands.

" No, I was waiting here for him, he told me he was going to go get you guys, I was going to treat everyone to dinner, now I kinda getting worried, if he was going to do something else, that was this time consuming, he would have called my cell... or something..." Seto then retreated past the herd of teenages, and went to look for his little boy toy.

" Seto? Where are you going? " Yugi called as he and Ryou followed him up the stairs.

" To make sure Joey is alright, I hope he hasn't gotten himself jumped again. " Indeed Joey had gotten jumped one before about 4 to 5 weeks ago, they told the Principle that he had hit on someone on the football teams girl-friend, naturally many people knew Joey wouldn't do that...

One. Joey wouldn't hit on a football plays girlfriend, too Dangerous...

Two. Joey wouldn't even hit on a Football player... Still to Dangerous...

"Joey? JOEY? JOEY WHEELER! WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU! " Seto was really worried now, almost scared... ah, fuck it he was scared shitless... he didn't want Joey to get hurt because of their relationship, he didn't want anyone getting hurt because of it...

Softly they could hear someone yelling, it was faint, but you could still tell someone was yelling, and it sounded like it was coming from the locker rooms.

Swift as the wolf after it's prey, he ran towards the sound, with Ryou and Yugi close behind. They soon reached the source of the yelling, only to find about 5 or 6 guys, standing across from Joey, who was behind three boys, each wearing just punk and black clothing, and most of thier outfits consisted of Chains, safety pins, and Black make up... most of all, none of thier hair colors were natural, one had blue, one purple, and one green.

" LikeI told told you before, Jock I'm not gonna let you jump Wheeler here, without me giving you a serious ass wiping, and believe you me, I'll, unlike you, will enjoy every minute of it..." The tallest, and front most boy said licking his lips towards the captain of the basketball team, Patrick Lee. He had on long black pants with a total of 6 chains, a choker, combat boots, 7 earings (( 4 left ear, 3 right )) Blue hair, eye liner, black lipstick, and a sadistic smirk.

" What ever freak, and if you ever hit on me like that again, I will personally break every bone in your body! " Patrick said, throwing his balled up fist at the so called freak, only to ave his threat, caught in mid air by the smallest of the three boys.

" I don't like it when people threating my brother in such a manor, you have ten seconds to apologize, until I break your arm in three places! " This boy was wearing... less frightening clothes, black pants, devoured in safety pins, a white sleeveless shirt, with a long sleeve fishnet underneath, black and white converse, eye liner, a choker, just the same as the other two boys, and he had purpple hair.

Patrick was silent, well he was until his 10 seconds we up, then he was screaming in agony, due to the fact that the boy had indeed broken his arm in 3 places, maybe 4, there were quite a few large cracks to be heard. Patrick fell to the ground, obviously in a great amount of pain. The three gothic looking boy's grabbed Joey, or rather the middle sized on did, he was wearing all black, chains and safety pins everywhere, black make-up, piercing's everywhere, Chokers, combat boots with spikes, and a mean look, though he was sexy... Anyway, they grabbed Joey and his things and ran towards the door, the one Seto, Ryou and Yugi had been at the whole time. As they ran by, The tallest boy gave Seto a looked, telling him to run, and they would explain later, indeed he, Yugi and his lover, all ran after the three boys, and Joey.


Seto stood next to his limo, catching his breath. he looked at the three boys, none of which seemed to notice they were getting thier finger prints on his shiny limo. Oh Well.

" Now, would someone please explain to me, WHAT THE HELL WAS GOING ON? " Seto screamed after a few minutes.

" Seto! " Joey cried before pouncing on him.

" Joey! Would you please get off of me? " Seto said, trying to pry himself out from under Joey.

" Sorry, anyway, well, while I was in the locker room, some of the basket ball players came up to me and started to insult me, when these three guys helped me out. " Joey said looking at Seto, thenthe boys , then back at Seto, then the boys, Seto, Boys, Yugi, Seto...

" Well, I guess I should thank you guys then... how about you guys come with us to Vito's, My treat?"

The boys nodded in agreement ... So they climbed into the Limo and headed for Vito's...