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Flash Back

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"And why the hell not?! This whole situation is your fault! All these little complications are because of you're interference!" Seto cried.

"I could care less about either of your complications!" Duke shouted from his seat. "We have to find Joey before he hurts himself!"

"Duke is absolutely right." Ryou agreed. "We have to find Joey. Where would he go Yugi?"

"To his happy place- that's where he's gone before to hurt himself." Yugi told them.

"Where the hell is this happy place?" Seto inquired.

"His mother's house."


Joey grabbed a towel from the closet next to the bathroom, along with a wash rag. His mother handed him some clothes and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

"I love you so much Jo-jo, and if that Seto fellow can't see how special you are, thats his fault." She smiled and left.

He turned the water on in the tub, and let it fill with hot water. It was mostly full and steaming when he turned it off and locked the bedroom and bathroom doors.

He opened the medicine cabnet and pulled out an old bottle of pills. They had been high dosage prescription pills for her head splitting migraines after she'd had her accident.

He set them on the edge of the tub and returned to the sink, opening one of the drawers and pulled out one of his fathers old razors. He broke it apart slowly and removed the blade. It was cold in his hand but it quickly warmed up against his fingers. He placed it next to the pill bottle and stood, turning to stare at himself in the mirror for a few moments for continuing on.

He took off his clothes and folded them neatly, placing them next to the clean clothes in a little pile.

'I can't believe I was stupid enough to believe that he actually loved me... he used me... he used me to get to Yugi...' Joey wiped the tears from his eyes. 'Well, it's his mistake... I hope he lives with the guilt for the rest of his misurable life!'

He slipped into the water slowly. Relaxing and enjoying his last bath. The water stung against his skin, scolding it and turning it to a bright red color. He chuckled softly. Oh, how red the water would be soon. He couldn't help the little voice of sense in the back of his head though...

'Don't do this Joey! Seto loves you and Yugi loves you! Neither of them would hurt you on purpose!'

'Well they did! They need to know they can't hurt people like this and not suffer the consequences from thier actions!'

'But they aren't suffering! You're the one that's suffering! You're about to end your life because of them! I beg of you Joey, don't do this to yourself. Not again...'

'You don't get it! Seto was all I had! He was the only person that loved me the way I needed to be loved... or so I thought. He doesn't care about me. He doesn't care about anyone but himself. If it doesn't suit his fancy or help him out in some way he won't do it. Well, he used me, he's got Yugi and I hope they're happy together!'

'But Joey!'

"SHUT UP!" He screamed out into the bathroom. He looked around and sighed... at the least the voices had stopped. He picked up the pills first. He poured 20 into his hand and began to down them, two by two until they were all gone.

He took a deep breath and picked up the blade.

He inhaled sharply as he pressed it into his wrist. The small beads of blood dripped slowly onto his stomach and into the water. They hit with a little 'PLUNK' but were silent after that. He watched it drip again before pushing the blade down. He cried out softly, before pulling the blade away. There, one down, one to go.

He took the blade into his other hand, a little weak but still enough strength to get the job done. He slide the crimson coverd blade into his skin again, and a pained hiss escaped his lips. He sliced his arm slowly, letting it drip once more. Before pulling it away. He studied it closely, it was covered in blood and little slices of flesh. He shuddered and dropped it on the bathroom floor.

He let that arm hang there, it felt too heavy to pick up anyway. The other slipped under the water, it bleed profusely and it burned from the water, but again, it felt too heavy.

He felt himself getting tired. His vision became foggy before the rims of his vision began to get black... he slumped further into the tub, he could feel himself slipping... the pills were kicking in. He felt sleepy, too sleepy. Like he was going to slip into a coma. He didn't care. He closed his already weary eyes.

And he slipped into the darkness...

Somewhere in the darkness... he could here yelling...


Seto drove as fast as he could. Despite the rain, despite his fear, despite his self-loathing. He was going 90 to Joey's mother's house. He was glad he remember the way. He occasionally glanced at Yugi who was in the drivers seat, shaking and scared. He blamed him, but he felt sorry for him too, he must feel just as guilty.

Duke was sitting in the back with Ryou. He was staring out the window blankly. Ryou was trying to breath, he hadn't been able to stop crying, too much emotion and adrenaline for one night for the little silver haired boy.

He left the car running as he pulled into her driveway. They all jumped out and ran to the door.

He banged on the door with his fists, before Serenity opened it.

"What do you want Kaiba? Joey doesn't want to see you." She said with a glare, before sending that glare to Yugi who looked away ashamed.

"Where is he?!" He cried, letting himself in. "I have to make sure he's ok."

"After what you did you think he's going to be ok?!" Ayame said angrily as she came out of the kitchen. "Get out of my house Kaiba, before I call the cops."

"We think Joey is going to hurt himself you crazy woman!" Duke yelled. "Just tell us where he is!"

"Please Ayame, we have to make sure he's not going to do something drastic!" Yugi pleaded with her. She let out an angry sigh.

"He's in the bathroom up stairs."

Kaiba ran upstairs, closely followed by Yugi, Ryou, Serenity, Ayame, Duke and Mai. He kicked in the bedroom door, and banged on the bathroom door.

"Joey! Joey open this door right now or I'm breaking it down!" He yelled through the door. There was no answer. Not a sound, no water moving, nothing. Seto growled and kicked the door a couple times before it fell. And he couldn't believe his eyes...



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