Final Fantasy X: Jak Style

Rated: PG-13 for violence, language, and suggestive themes/romance

Summery: Yes, I've finally gotten up the courage to undertake my biggest crossover yet. Two great games. The story of Final Fantasy X with Jak and Daxter characters and locations. Jak Mar finds himself lost in a strange world and is soon caught in an epic story of love, sacrifice, and loyalty.

Disclaimer: I don't own Jak and Daxter… they belong to Naughty Dog and Sony Computer Entertainment. I don't own the Final Fantasy franchise in any way. They all belong to Square Soft.

LES: Some parts include music from the game. (Perhaps even both games) I'll give you the name of the music so the you can find it.

Quick Cast of Characters:

Jak Mar: Tidus

Sig: Auron

Damas Mar: Jecht

Metal-Head Leader: Sin (LES: Except I'll be making him bigger and more powerful)

Tess: Rikku

Daxter: Wakka

Ashelin: Lulu

Brutter: Kimahri

Keira Hagai: Yuna

Erol: Seymour

Samos: Braska

I think that's all the main characters. Now, here goes nothing…

Chapter I: Prologue

Music—'At Zanarkand'

It was near sunset. A small group of tired looking travelers gathered around a small fire, trying to keep warm. However, it wasn't working very well. Of coarse, their bodies were warm enough, but their insides were as cold as ice.

No one spoke, for they were all absorbed in their own thoughts. The group consisted of a young blonde woman, a tall and strong-looking man, a lurker, (which is a humanoid-like creature with purple fur. Lurkers sort of resemble gorillas.) a brooding redheaded woman, an unusually silent, red/orange haired man, a young green-haired woman, and a silent man with green and blonde hair.

He gazed quietly around the circle with piercing blue eyes. Finally, he couldn't stand the silence anymore. He stood up and began to walk away. The green-haired woman looked up as he got up. He stopped behind her and gently put a hand on her shoulder to comfort her.

She sighed at his touch. He kept his hand on her shoulder for several seconds before removing it. She watched him walk away.

He didn't walk far. Only to the top of a small, near-by hill. Once there, he gazed out at the near-by city, a city that had long since been destroyed. A city that he knew well. He had recognized it instantly. A sight that could only confirm what he had denied for so long.

Suddenly, a voice-over interrupts the stillness. Listen to my story… The voice begins. This… may be my last chance to tell you the story of what has happened to me… and my friends…

--End music