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Chapter 1- A Walk Through Godric's Hollow

Harry had been there for hours. He knew that he must have been. Just standing there, staring. A million thoughts went through his mind. None of them were pleasant. Vaguely, he was aware that his two best friends, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger, were somewhere behind him. The thought that they were there was the only thing that was comforting to him in this place. He was grateful that they had not rushed him here. They knew that this is what he needed. Honestly, he thought that being here would give him some bit of peace, but it's impact on him had been the exact opposite.

He shuffled his feet on the ground on which he stood. Looking up, he read the tombstone before him for the millionth time in the past hours. "Lily and James Potter. Loving Parents, Friends, and Children. May Their Souls Rest." Usually, it bothered Harry to stand on someone's grave. He thought it disrespectful. He had had the unpleasant opportunity to discover this feeling years and years ago, when he had been about four or five years of age. One of Dudley's cousin's had died at an unfortunately young age of nineteen, and Harry had gone with the Dursleys to the funeral. However, Harry knew that he was not standing on a pair of graves in the present, but rather before a memorial. Suddenly, his mind was flooded with memories that he did not know was his own.

He remembered Hagrid telling someone once that the spells cast between James and Voldemort had caught the house on fire. He had only nearly gotten Harry out alive. Harry knew that his parents' bodies had been incinerated. He shuddered. He did not like to think about it. Another memory flooded in. It was of the bright green light he had dreamed of so many times before he had discovered that that had been the curse that had killed his parents. He sighed. Godric's Hollow was not a happy, peaceful place for Harry Potter.

A slight crunching of twigs and such behind Harry made him wake to the present. He did not turn, knowing that this had to be either Ron or Hermione come to speak with him, to check on him. He would let them speak first.

"Harry?" came Hermione's voice timidly. "Harry, maybe…maybe it's time to leave."

She waited. She was waiting for a response that Harry would not give. Realizing this, she continued.

"I'm not so sure this place is good for you. We should go," she said.

Away from her eyesight, Harry smiled. His friends loved him so much. They were always thinking of him. He was grateful beyond words for them.

"Just a minute or two more," Harry said.

There was more crunching, a bit quicker this time. That was Hermione retreating to tell Ron the reply and that Harry was fine. Harry did not blame Ron for not coming to ask about him. He knew that Ron had probably tried to get Hermione to leave him alone.

Suddenly, there were the sounds of loud footsteps approaching and laughing and shouting coming from around the bend. This time, both Ron and Hermione ran forward. Grabbing Harry, they dove behind the large tombstone, which was wide enough to sufficiently cover all three of them.

Laughing joyously still, three figures in black cloaks appeared. They all wore the strange masks adorned by Death Eaters. Harry let out an involuntary growl of disgust. Hermione shushed him.

"Good times, good times!" one of them yelled, pointing toward the tombstone they hid behind.

"Those Potters died as swine! So easily!" another cried.

Harry was clenching his fists now. Ron placed a hand on his shoulder. This did nothing to comfort him.

"If only the Dark Lord would've called us in to help him, instead of asking us to wait outside! He would've been triumphant then…and we would have no Harry Potter to plague us!" the final of the three said.

Stumbling over, this Death Eater approached Lily's and James's tombstone. Scoffing, he read the inscription out loud.

"'Lily and James Potter. Loving Parents, Friends, and Children. May Their Souls Rest.' Bah. It should read, 'Lily and James Potter. Mudbloods and Blood Traitors. Good Riddance.'" he said.

Then, he doubled over laughing, followed quickly by the other two Death Eaters, as if this had been a most hilarious joke. Harry could take it no longer. Jumping out from behind the tombstone, he launched a stunning spell at the Death Eater in front of the tombstone. Having been laughing as hard as he was, he did not expect it. He fell over, stunned. The other two, however, seemed to come to their senses. Their wands drawn, they began to launch hexes at Harry. Behind the Boy-Who-Lived, Hermione and Ron had popped up and began launching spells of their own.

"Run!" Harry yelled at them. "Get out of here!"

They didn't move. They stood steadily behind him, launching spells.

"Go!" Harry cried again.

Out of the corner of his eye, Harry saw Hermione grab Ron's arm. They disappeared from his eyesight. Good, he thought. Now they're safe. Harry launched a few more spells before, finally, one of the Death Eater's spells caught him in the chest. It had come with a flash of yellow light, so it had not been the Killing Curse.

"Harry!" he heard Hermione yell. As he lost consciousness, he was vaguely aware that this meant that they had not left. Now, they were in danger. His world went black.


"Harry! Harry!" Hermione screamed.

The Death Eaters turned on them now. Then, with a sudden pop, another robed figure appeared.

"Stop!" he yelled just as one of the other Death Eaters stunned Ron.

Muttering a spell, the new Death Eater held out his hand. With a force greater than Hermione could fight, her wand flew from her hand to his.

"Stop!" this new Death Eater yelled again. "This was not what the Dark Lord ordered! You are not to be here!"

One of the other Death Eaters scoffed. "You always ruin the fun, Severus."

Hermione gave a tiny gasp that went unheard by anyone. Meanwhile, the Death Eater that had said this previous statement to Snape, lifted his wand and pointed it at Harry.


"Protego!" Snape shouted, blocking the horrible curse. "How often does the Dark Lord have to remind you that Potter is his? Leave!"

With disgruntled muttering, the two Death Eaters grabbed their still stunned friend and departed. Snape shook his head and approached Harry, who was still very unconscious. When he bent and picked up Harry, Hermione rushed at him.

"Let him go! Let him go, you murderer! Traitor!" she shouted, beating against him.

With his elbow, he shoved her off of him. She landed on the ground and stared up despairingly at him.

"You're going to kill us."

"No, Miss Granger, I am not. However, if I do not get an antidote in Potter, he will die," he said scathingly.

"How can I believe you?" Hermione asked, standing slowly.

"I've got your wand, and I haven't killed you yet. Isn't that sufficient proof for the moment? Now, grab Weasley. We must move quickly. Do you have your apparition license?"

Hermione nodded.

"Good," Snape said. "Grab Weasley and apparate to Spinner's End. I'll care for Potter there."

Hermione grabbed the stunned Ron by his elbow and turned to Snape.

"What's Spinner's End?"

"My home."

And with a pop, Snape was gone with Harry. Hoping and praying that she had made the right decision in following without struggle, Hermione and Ron apparated.

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