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The Horrible Truth

Nova's P.O.V

When the Skeleton king captured me why here you the first one to rush to my rescue? Was it because we are good friends, or was it something deeper. When the Skeleton King took aim at me why did you block it? You lie in the medical bay now fighting for your life.

I feel the tears cascade down my face; I may be scared to cry but not for you. I have never admitted to anyone but your stupid dumb jokes make me laugh, your stupid insults make me giggle, even though I keep a straight face.

It's been five hours since the accident, and to me it seems like years. I miss you so much. I miss your brilliant red fur, the cheeky sparkle in your eyes and your signature grin, the one with 'mischief' plastered over it.

I want you back Sparx.


Normal P.O.V

For the entire monkey team the last few hours had been the saddest, Sparx's health was running from him. He was getting weaker and weaker.

Nova had been sitting in the main room, staring at the door which held an unconscious Sparx with Otto and Gibson trying desperately to help him.

Antauri had been putting on a brave face and Chiro, well he was about to try the impossible.

"Nova I need you to tell me what happened,it will help us." Chiro said his words just rolling off her. Her eyes were lined with tears as she turned to face him. Obviously this was the wrong thing to say, as the tears rolled down her face and made her fur glisten.


Nova's P.O.V

I stared at Chiro; I was ashamed to let him see me cry. I'm a warrior I should be strong, but when it's your best friend an inch from death you are aloud to cry right?

But is that all he is, my best friend?

I am confused; I don't want to remember it hurts too much.

"Nova I need to know" Chiro is worried and sad to. The poor kid, he's only fourteen and is suffering badly. Sparx was one of his best friends.

The pressure burning up inside of me, I have to tell him, anything to try and help Sparx.

"It's all my fault" I choke out in-between tear drops. He encloses me in a hug. It feels comforting, but not enough to help me.

"I'm sure it's not your fault Nova" he says. I try to smile but It's like my muscles have stopped working and I just can't.

Fear is an awful thing, and it's why Sparx lies in the med. Bay dying. It was the fear of death that mad me stop, my feet glued to the floor as I saw the end of my life.

The Skeleton King, a cruel creation made only for others pain. It was him who made me stay on one spot, him who made Sparx jump in front of me.

Wait, nobody made Sparx jump in front of me. It was his own free will, now I feel worse. If I wasn't who I am, if I was someone stronger would I have moved?

"Nova you ready to tell me?" Chiro asks. I stare into his eyes. Searching for any glitter of hope.

I nod;

I'm ready to retell the horrible truth.


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