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Summary: Lash loves being a bully. He always has. In fact nothing beats beating on a freshman sidekick. Someone else wants to know why. His response...What could possibly be better? He's about to find out!

Takes place after the movie.

AN: This was just an idea bouncing around in my head that wouldn't leave. I'm kind of surprised because I haven't written fan fiction in a LONG time so hopefully I haven't become to rusty. To keep this from being a total failure, I am asking reader help in the form of A) a BETA and B) lots of feed back, heck I'll take flames if it helps me make this better! Now as they say...On with the show.


Lash sighed for what was the millionth time that day as he entered his house through the back door. He looked around and noticing the emptiness, tossed his backpack on the kitchen counter and shut the door behind him. He grabbed a seat at the table and simultaneously opened the fridge door.

'Nothing like a good stretch.' He joked to himself as he grabbed the carton of Orange Juice and drunk it straight from the carton.

He checked his reflection in the spotless small antique mirror his mom had hung up. After messing up his hair a bit and pulling down his striped shirt a little he smiled in satisfaction.

'Yup, when you've got it...You've got it!'

He pushed his chair back a little and put his feet up on the table, getting as comfortable as he could and taking another gulp from the juice carton.

He then let out a small yawn.

He had come home finally after a long day of group detention-emphasis on the long!

'Man, I can't believe I used to like Speed. If I have to hear one of his stupid jokes again...' he thought to himself. He shook his head a little and smiled slightly. 'Well he is my best friend, I'll let it go this once.'. He leaned back more in his chair and reached to turn on the small T.V. that sat on top of a shelf in the corner. "Man, I am so tired." he grumbled out loud.

'Well at least no ones home. If I have to hear another lecture about how much of a disappointment I am, I'm going to...I don't know but it will be bad!' Lash thought.

If life was bad at school, (courtesy Ms. Powers, Stronghold and the loser squad as well as his old friends.) it was worse at home(courtesy parental figure). All his life he'd been trying to live up to his father's legacy of crime fighting...

'Puh-lease! So a guy can turn himself into a solid man of steel a few times, all he needs is a large magnet and...BAM!'

...And all his life he had come short. Not that Lash minded the constant reminders of his failures. He was used to them by now. His father had started on him the ripe age of five! He could still remember it like it was yesterday.


"Hey son, come here I want to show you something ." A voice yelled from the basement. A young and small Lash came sprinting down towards his father. It wasn't often his dad wanted to play. "Yeah Dad?" he asked eagerly.

"Come here...and ready catch." Lash's large eyes got huge as his dad through a large metal chest filled with tools at him. His small arms got ready to catch the tool box with little faith. The box hit Lash full force and sent him flying backwards into the wall. The small boy could feel the bruises forming on his back and tried as hard as he could not to cry.

"What's the matter with you!" His Dad cried at him, "Why didn't you power up? Where's the steel armour? Hmm?"

"I told you dad," Lash said through uncontrolled breaths, "I don't have any powers yet." He looked up at his dad with watery eyes and after no response whispered, "I'm sorry."

If he was expecting some sort of comfort now that he'd apologized he was mistaken.

"Where did I go wrong raising you huh kid? When I was your age I was already breaking everything in sight. My parents who got the shock of their lives didn't know what to do. And here I have this "Second generation" hero who can't do a thing. Do you like being an embarrassment to my name? Is that it?"

Luckily Lash was spared saying a word when his mother came down.

"What's wrong? I heard a loud noise?" asked the stunning Laura Metstrech. She glanced around and saw her baby holding back tears on the floor. "Honey, what's wrong?" she asked, opening her arms for a hug.

"Don't do that dear!" Her husband scolded.

"Do what?"

"Baby him! No wonder he isn't getting any powers. Why should he when he can cry to mommy for everything?"

Laura narrowed her eyes a little at her husband. 'So that's what this is about!' she thought. The whole crime fighting super powers thing was not something she understood so she never understood the big deal her husband always made about their little son but she did understand that he had just stupidly injured that little son and super powers or not she was going to kick his butt.

"You mean to say you through our son in to the wall?" she asked seething.

Before Steel Metstrech could respond she looked at her son and said, "Honey come here." She gave him a hug as he stumbled towards her. She winced when he flinched at her touch, the pain in his back was intensifying due to the contact. "You go up to bed and mommy will tuck you in soon. Okay?"

Lash nodded and ran upstairs but listened at the door.

"And you..." His mother began on his father.

'And here comes the fight.' Lash sighed inwardly.


Lash gave a small cynical little laugh remembering that little time in his life. 'Well at least he won't try throwing any more tool boxes at me any more-not after that last time he did.' Lash laughed for real this time, briefly enjoying the memory. But he stopped and a frown crossed his face. As every childhood memory he had experienced in his short life, this one also ended in depression.

'And I thought getting my powers would be a fun day...'


'Lash, come here. I got something for you.' A seven year old Lash lazily got up from the couch to meet his father in the basement. Which for the record was his least favourite place in the house.

"Yeah Dad." he asked .

"Look boy, your seven now, far past time to grow your powers..."

Lash rolled his eyes and zoned out, he was becoming quite the spunky kid. His teachers said he was beginning to demonstrate obedience problems but he didn't care. Every time they were going to call a parent he acted like a little angel and they though they had rehabilitated him.

'This again? Gosh how many times do I have to tell him I have no powers. I'm just like mom. Normal. Maybe that's why Dad wants me to be like him, so he's not the only weirdo in the house...' he thought and just as he was continuing his spacing out he was shaken out of it by a...


"What?" he asked stupidly only to see the same large metal tool box from last year and the year before come barrelling at him.

"Dad No." he cried as he closed his eyes and stuck his arms out to catch most of the blow. He then felt a strange sensation in his arms as they began to grow. He opened his eyes and stared down at his arms in shock. They were growing. 'Oh my G...' his thought was cut off as the chest made contact with the side of his elastic arms and instead of hurting them only made them stretch back like a slingshot.


The arms whipped the chest forward into his unsuspecting dad who got the tool box nailed straight at his head.

"Son of a..." His dad screamed as he powered up slightly to late.

Although he knew it was wrong, Lash couldn't help feeling a little satisfied his Dad had finally been on the receiving end of the flying tool box. He felt a little bad though when he saw the big bruise forming on his dad's face, but then he thought about all the ones he'd endured and felt slightly justified as well.

"Oh my gosh, Dad I'm so sorry. I don't know how that happened." As he was apologizing Lash was also becoming a little excited. He had powers! Now his dad could leave him alone.

"What exactly was that?" his father asked.

"Um I don't know. Powers?" Lash replied.

"Yes, but why did you stretch?" His father asked.

Once again the reply was, "I don't know. Aren't I supposed to do something weird like that?"

His dad's face went a little more red at that but he ignored it, "No you're not supposed to do something weird, you're supposed to do something amazing. That being becoming steel. Not a bungee cord. How could this possibly happen? My own son is a living elastic band! It's better that you don't have powers."

Lash tried to hide the hurt and annoyance. He thought his power was pretty neat. Now he could reach the cookie jar and other places mom stashed the good stuff.

While his dad was still ranting his mother came down. Once again being his saviour.

"What's going on here?" she saw the tool box on the floor and got angry. 'This is the third time and how many times have I told that man to stop throwing things at my baby. Lash isn't strong. He's more of a bean pole. Always tall and skinny for his age.' she thought, butout loud she asked,

"Dear, what's that tool box doing on the floor..." she was then caught by surprise at seeing her son okay and her husband with a large bruise covering most of his face.

She looked at Lash who gave her a sheepish smile.

"I got powers mom!" he said quietly.

"Oh. Well honey that's great! Now you can be a big time super hero like your father!" what she was thinking though, 'Great powers. My baby's going to grow up to fight super villains while I'm helpless at home worrying about him to the point of insanity.'

She looked at her husband expecting him to be happy he'd finally gotten what he wanted. She was surprised to see that was not the case. Wasting no time she said, "Lash honey you can go back upstairs I need to have a word with your father."

He did what he was told happy to get out of there especially knowing what was going to occur. 'Dad was supposed to like me more with powers not less" he thought sadly.


Lash cried out in alarm. He had forgotten about the juice carton in his hand. He didn't even realize he was gripping that hard until the juice was all over him. Thinking of his mom did that too him. She was the only one who cared about him in any way and then she had to go and get killed. Another thing he hated his father for. It was his fault she was in danger. His fault his arch nemesis found out about his wife. His fault he lured her in a trap that ended badly. And his fault she wasn't there to defend Lash against his dad and make him feel good about himself. 'Well there's other ways to feel good.' he thought with a slightly evil looking smirk. 'Good ole Sidekicks.'

He got up to clean the mess he had made. He took of his shirts as well so he could throw them in the laundry on his way up to his room.

'Great more manual labour.' he thought. 'Could this day get any worse?'

That's when he heard a car park in the driveway.

"F#$!" he swore out loud, "Looks like daddy dearest is home!"


AN: I know it's short but it's just a little set up. A little insight to Lash's home life. So tell me what you think. And also I totally made up the names and it's slightly AU. So if anyone knows his real last name or his parents name please tell me.

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