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Summary: Lash loves being a bully. He always has. In fact nothing beats beating on a freshman sidekick. Someone else wants to know why. His response...What could possibly be better? He's about to find out!

Takes place after the movie.

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Magenta woke up in the morning feeling rather happy and as a consequence completely freaked out. 'What the heck? It's seven in the morning and I'm smiling at the mirror!' She eyed her reflection warily, and simultaneously touched her face, looking for some trick or anything else suspicious. She couldn't find anything, but that wasn't enough to convince her everything was okay. After all she basically invented teenage morning grunt speak with a pinch of the 'I hate getting-up, pass me something sugary now' scowl. So to do this over again and start the day right, she flopped down on her bed and went back to sleep.


Zach awoke feeling great. He whistled, as he got dressed, something he usually did. 'Looks like it'll be another great day!' he thought looking through his bedroom window at the sun. He found a pair of yellow board shorts and tossed them on, then picked up a white t-shirt with yellow writing. To complete his outfit he donned a yellow visor and spiked up his hair. Doing his best "The Fonze" impression he pointed to his mirror and said, "Hey!" then with a satisfied smile went to eat breakfast.


Lash's alarm clock went off and The Virus's "Full Circle" blared out. Ignoring it completely, head still under the covers, Lash flipped over in his bed and broke the clock.


Zach got on the bus and sat with his friends and on cue all raised their hands as the bus took off. From his seat beside Ethan he got the nagging feeling something was wrong. He couldn't place his finger on it so he did a quick glance at everyone. Warren and Will were sitting together thumb wrestling. He smiled, at how evenly matched they were despite that most would think Will had it hands ('or should I say thumbs') down! When Will tried the super strength thing, Warren would light his hand up with fire causing Will to back off. 'Well that's all in order.' Zach thought shaking his head in amusement at how long that would be going on.

He looked at his partner and Ethan gave him a quick glance up from his book, Unlocking your Chi and Standing Up, and smiled. Zach laughed back. Ever since Homecoming Ethan had become addicted to self-defense books and could be found showing off new moves to other sidekicks everywhere. His run in with Lash had really made him more comfortable with himself and definitely a lot braver. Once Zach walked in on him putting Warren in a headlock much to his amusement. Warren on the other hand had a face mixed with shock and impressiveness.

Next on the list he turned to Layla who was alternating between braiding her pigtails and staring at Will. Something she only did when she was bored. She turned to him and asked, "What's up with you glow-master?" She let go of her reddish hair and turned to face him.

"Is something missing?" he asked.

"I don't think so!" Layla replied thinking the question was aimed solely at her, and started looking through her purse for missed items. "No everything's in here!" she then turned to her large green bag beside her. Wait! She never put her bag beside her she, had to put it by her feet because…"Magenta!" Layla and Zach cried at the same time. The three other boys looked up thinking something was wrong.

"It's nothing, Magenta missed the bus!" Layla filled them in. 'No wonder I was so bored!' she thought missing her best friend. They (the boys) shrugged and went back to their previous activities.

"Well I guess that explains it!" Zach said, "Mag is missing."

"She's not missing, she's probably sick, she didn't look so good yesterday and she'd never miss school otherwise!" Layla reminded him, "I'll just call her cell and make sure she's okay and if she wants me to bring her homework to her after school." Layla took out her own phone and dialed her friend.

"Ring…" "Ring.." "Ring.."

"Hi you have reached the voice mail box of 'Magenta the Magnificent, bask in my awesomeness!' please leave a message at the beep."

"Hi Mag, it's me. Just making sure you're feeling okay and if you want me to bring you whatever you miss. Which of course includes all of the day's worth of gossip and drama… Dun Dun Dunn!" Layla laughed into the phone, "Anyways call me back at lunch time when you get this! Muaw!" She clicked the end button as she finished her kiss sound. "Voice mail." She told the inquiring look directed at her by Zach.

Zach nodded and leant back in his seat, he rubbed the spot behind his eyes a bit and decided he was a little sleep deprived and needed to take the last couple minutes of the ride as a nap.

Satisfied everyone and thing was okay, Layla took out her digital camera and started taking pictures to waste the small remainder of the bus ride. Soon they were at school.


"Grr…" Magenta growled at the noise, the awfully familiar noise. Feeling completely disorientated she ignored the sound and eventually it went away. That was enough for her to go back to sleep and those pleasant dreams of some cute topless guy who she couldn't make out.


Zach got off the bus with a stumble. Will who caught him by his bag saved him from falling down in complete embarrassment.

"Careful there buddy!" Will laughed as Zach corrected his visor. "For a radiating glower, you sure don't watch your step!" he joked. Zach pushed him playfully and the two caught up with the gang as they entered the large school doors.

"Alright see you guys at lunch!" Warren announced and then waited for Will to let go of Layla's hand so they could get to hero class.

"Bye hunny!" Will said as he let go of his girlfriend's hand then added, "See you later all!" he walked off with Warren. The three sidekicks laughed as Warren playfully shoved Will into a locker. They laughed harder when Will jumped on to his back with a caveman scream.

Layla smiled remembering something Magenta had said once, to the effect of, "You know, the way those two act sometimes, you should make sure your boyfriend doesn't have his own boyfriend." She had replied with a scandalous, "Don't worry I think I got some persuasion to keep Will all to myself that Warren doesn't possess and if the two are an item, I don't mind sharing in a little three-way!" The two had laughed themselves hoarse at that although both knowing none of it was true.

She looked up to see Ethan and Zach had already started towards the "Hero-Support" wing of the school. She followed behind eager to start a new day. She was the group's optimist and mother figure. She couldn't help it with her mother nature like powers. Taking care of life forms was just a part of her, that and loving the sun. She remembered how hard Principal Powers had tried to get her to switch into Hero classes after her display of plant-life mastery, but she had refused adamantly sticking to her convictions.

She took Magenta's seat next to Zach, otherwise she'd be sitting by herself at the end with an empty desk separating her from her friends. She took out her notebook and waited for the bell.

Zach stopped his conversation with Ethan in defeat. There was no way he would ever convince his friend that Batman despite being powerless was still a better superhero than Superman who seemed to have nearly every ability you could. It was an argument that would never die between the two, even if it were about fictional characters. The comic heroes were nothing to the real heroes the world had and the verbal battle pointless, but as Layla had taught them, you had to stand up for what's true. That being, (according to Zach) Batman's better and Nightwing even more so!(1)

The bell rang shocking Zach and surprisingly hurting his ears badly. He put his head down to block the sound and when the last chord had struck he sat up straight, staring at Wonder-boy writing on the blackboard.


Magenta got up drowsy and irritated. 'There that's better' she thought. 'That extra ten minutes of sleep were just the thing.' She looked at her clock for confirmation. "CRAP!" she screamed. The clock showed 10:14 am back to her. "Oh my gosh!" she cried frantically, "How am I going to get to school?" She calmed down and remembered she had Ron the bus driver/ super hero extraordinaire's number and could easily get him to come back and pick her up.

She noticed her phone flashing a new message sign at her. She checked her phone and listened to Layla's message. "Well at least I don't have to worry about missing the morning stuff and Layla just gave me an excuse! I can just arrive at lunch and say I felt better." She said out loud to T-Bear.

With a plan of action she went to the washroom to take a shower and get ready for school.


Lash woke up, and wiped the sleep from his eyes. He stared at his broken alarm clock in confusion. 'When did I do that?' He shrugged without concern and reached into his bottom dresser drawer, extending his arm. He pulled out another cheap alarm clock that was lying there with another four. He unplugged the broken one and threw it into his trashcan and replaced it. Alarm clocks belonging to Lash had a low life expectancy rate thus the ruining of one never bothered the owner. He bought the cheap dollar store ones basically in bulk.

He checked his watch for the time. 'Hmm, 10:00,' he thought, 'What day is it? Thursday. Damn I have 'Biological explanations' today.' He sighed. He hated that class it was so boring-well more so than the rest of his classes. All they did was read a book by some super that explained how those with physiological and metabolic powers worked. The class didn't include those with energy-based powers, such as pyrokinesis or laser vision. Anyways the point was Lash didn't care how it worked, as long as it did. 'Well no point in going to school now that I'm already late. It's not like it's possible to give me anymore detention!'

Lash was really getting used to this whole living on your own thing, especially since he didn't have to worry about money. If he were at home, ('I mean dad's house) his father would have made sure he was up and ready to embrace a new day of academic success. Lash laughed out loud, he couldn't help it. "Academic Success referring to me is just funny!" Not that Lash was dumb he was just uncaring and lazy with distaste for homework. Anything he was interested in, he excelled at, anything he wasn't which was almost everything he barely passed and only did the minimum.

Today's class, Biological Explanations, he flat out failed. Since he had no hope in that class anyways, well actually he could always try to bring his grade up but like that was going to happen, skipping the day sounded like a great plan! Lash smiled, the only thing better would be if magically Speed had decided to play hookie too.

After doing nothing for a short while Lash decided he was hungry and wanted to go out to eat. He grabbed some clothes and went to the bathroom to change among other things.


Magenta applied the last of her lip-gloss and grinned in satisfaction. She didn't realize how relaxing waking up late could be. She decided since she had time, she would just call Ron at the stop and then spend that time waiting for him catching up on her journal.

She smoothed out her purple plaid skirt and grabbed an apple from the kitchen counter on her way out. She picked up her black and (unsurprising) violet backpack and marched outside. She looked up at a tree where she had heard a bird chirp and covered her eyes against the sun. 'It's such a nice day. I hope it stays bright after school as well. We could have a game of touch football in the park.' She thought. She was turning around the corner, about two blocks from the bus stop when her eyes locked onto a familiar face.

"Hi Sarah, why aren't you at school?" Magenta asked her friend.

"I had a dentist appointment in the morning." The blond replied with a grimace. Magenta offered her a sympathetic glance. "So what about you Mag? What's with you not being on time? I thought you were a keener!" Sarah asked jokingly.

"I woke up sick." Magenta lied, "But after getting a little more rest and taking some pills I feel good enough to sit through the rest of the day."

"Aww my, poor guinea piggie." Sarah crooned, "Well at least you're better now."

Magenta cringed at Sarah's name calling. How many times did she have to tell these people not to refer to her as their guinea pig? Sarah had overheard Layla say that once to her, and had taken it as a sign it was open to anyone to call. Instead Magenta smiled, barely, and replied, "Yeah thanks." She then added, "Glad you survived the Dentist."

Sarah laughed then asked, "Have you called Ron yet?"

"No. I was going to wait until I reach the bus stop first. Why did you already call?"

"Yeah. He said he'd be there in about twenty minutes because he had an urgent civilian distress call he had to handle first."

"Oh well that's cool then. So anything new happening?"

The two girls became absorbed in their conversation as they continued to walk to the secret bus stop. Sarah had just finished telling a story about how her grandmother almost got in trouble at the supermarket for accidentally blowing up a chunk of the meat section. Luckily they had gotten a telepath there instantly to erase some minds. Accidents happened with older people who didn't have the same control they once did.

Magenta had one earphone in and was telling Sarah how her brother had an accident as well at his daycare but luckily no one noticed because the only super working there caught him. Turns out he was playing with the day care bunnies and had turned himself into one to get closer. Magenta was so absorbed in her story telling and the music singing to her in one ear that she didn't move for the person walking past her.

That person didn't move either and instead the two collided. Magenta fell against the much taller person's impact while he looked down.

"Dude don't you watch where you're going?" She raged without looking up as she picked up the spilled items of her bag, "Seriously you're not the only one on the sidewalk!" Magenta looked at Sarah who was giving her a frightened and shocked look while trying to tell her to stop.

'What's got her freaked?' Magenta thought

"Well good morning to you too Sidekick."

At that voice the heavens parted and Magenta saw the light. 'Never mind I think I know." Before she could say anything witty or smart back he had already begun to speak.

"Wait shouldn't you two losers be in school getting all edu-ma-cated or what not?" he asked. Sarah gulped but didn't have the guts to say anything. This seemed to amuse Lash who winked at her in a threatening manner. She nearly passed out.

Lash rolled his eyes at that though he hadn't even done anything…yet. It was too easy. Where was the battle? Where was the quest to hide the fear while standing up for yourself?…

"Dude F#$ off we're not in the mood!"

…There it was! Lash smiled, he smiled harder at the shocked and glazed expression on the beach ball girl's face. It was almost funnier than the look she gave when he picked on her. He could have fun with that, in fact if he worked hard enough, maybe with a little help he could help beach ball develop the secondary mutation of eyes popping out.

"Woah, there sidekick watch your mouth. You know it's not very polite to talk to old friend's like that." He replied while swinging an arm around Magenta's shoulder.

"Don't touch me!" Magenta said with a little more bite than was intended. The quick touch had sent a chill and made her jump. She whipped his arm off and glared. Sarah who silently witnessed the show of bravery, was literally frozen to the spot. 'We're going to be killed.' She thought.

Lash ignored Magenta, for now at least, and turned his attentions towards Sarah. "Well that wasn't nice was it?" he asked Sarah in a casual tone. He crept closer, "I bet you wouldn't shrug off a gentleman being gentle-manly like that would you?" he asked and without missing a beat had his arm around the poor girl.

Sarah tried opening her mouth but all she could do was give Magenta a look for help.

Magenta who was sick of Lash at this point said, "Leave her alone, can't you tell she's probably going to faint any second?"

Lash looked back at Magenta. "What's the matter sidekick? Jealous?" Lash made his grip a little tighter and pressed in closer. Magenta glared while Sarah finally made a sound, a small whimper.

Magenta was about to get mad but at the sound of her friend she became upset and confused instead. She looked at Lash with questioning eyes. Did he really enjoy this kind of torment that much? She remembered not even two weeks ago she'd probably react the same way. Lately she had experienced so much "Lashness" in such a short time she had forgotten the way he treated other people and the revelation made her sick. No wonder Zach was so mad at her yesterday. At the end of the day Lash was a bully. In fact the only reason he probably hadn't done anything terrible to her was because in each situation he wasn't able to. The closet he was high. The hospital? He was hospitalized! At home he had her mother to deal with. But now they were alone, and he had no reason not to do anything he wanted to the pair of them. With this harsh reality dawning on her Magenta also began to lose the courage she had required dealing with Lash, and a small sound of defeat left her mouth.

Lash on the other hand was having fun with Sarah, it always made him a little mad when girls thought he'd harm them but since he wouldn't he could let it slide. After all fear was the number one weapon in the bully's arsenal. He turned to Magenta expecting some cleverish reply but instead got nothing but an odd stare. In a few seconds that look had gone from odd to strange with a hint of, 'fear?' Lash was confused, 'Since when do I scare her that badly?'

He leant close to Sarah's ear and whispered, "I'll let you leave now and if you keep your mouth shut I won't ever bother you again. Got it?" Sarah who had become an incredible shade of white nodded and as soon as she was released squeaked a quick "Sorry Mag!" and ran to the bus stop as quick as she could.

Magenta tried to be brave but now she was alone. Lash scowled at the look she was giving him. Whether she knew it or not, it was making him highly self-conscious and uncomfortable. Whenever he felt like this he only knew of one way to act…

"What do I have to speak slower now? Come on Sidekick where's the clever tongue that loves to walk on the dangerous side of life?" he asked, "Or did the cat finally catch the guinea pig? Pathetic. You know, you're your mom was telling me about your brother. So far he's been able to become a rabbit and a garden snake. Out done by a child. What a loser you are!" Lash whistled in faked amusement.

Magenta was so disorientated by all the different questions and emotions swirling in her head she wasn't ready for the attack. 'How could he?' she thought. 'After what I already told him! He is just a bully. I can't believe I ever thought…' he inner voice trailed off, she wasn't even sure what she thought. What she did know was he had hit a nerve and all she could think of doing was crying-so she did.

"Please just leave me alone." She asked quietly head down, "I need to get to the bus stop." Lash stopped at her tone of voice. He saw a small tear fall down to the cement and an unfamiliar feeling hit, well actually it was more of a continually ignored feeling than unfamiliar. Before he knew what he was doing he had her wrapped up in an awkward hug.

Magenta flinched at the contact and Lash's feeling increased. He let go of her and once again before thinking said, "Listen I'm sorry! You're not pathetic, you've just got a crappy power. It happens! And guinea pigs are a million times better than a beach ball right? I mean that's an inanimate object! And while I'd never want to have a kid with a pow…" Lash trailed off shocked at the nature of his words. Words he had heard so often directed at another kid who felt picked on. In anger he walked towards the closest building and hit it hard.

"I said I'm sorry okay!" he yelled, "Would you just shut up now! I think we've been through this enough to know I won't hurt you anyways. If you just reacted in the predictable manner we wouldn't be doing this- acting all Oprah-ish. F#$ me." He swore.

Magenta stopped crying, and stared at the downcast looking boy holding his head down in frustration while rubbing his fist with the other hand. She was only half surprised to see how little he looked. She could have been staring at her brother in one of his moods. Finally she said, "How would I know?"

Lash looked up, "How would you know what?" he asked confused.

"That you wouldn't hurt me. You've never done anything to indicate otherwise."

Lash felt a glimmer of annoyance and anger but pushed it aside, this was not the time. "Have I ever physically hurt you?" he asked.

"No, but words can hurt just as much."

'Ouch! Ain't that the truth. Wait we're getting way to personal!' Lash thought panicking. This wasn't his friend, he didn't know what she was too him but he was not going down this road. He sighed and finally said,

"Here I promise to never physically hurt you and watch most of my words around you."

Magenta snorted.

"I'm serious Magenta." Magenta looked up at him in surprise.

"Did you just use my name?"

Lash shrugged in an offhand matter, "Well you did tell me too didn't you?"

Magenta managed a small smile, "Yeah, but when does big bad Lash listen to loser sidekicks?" she didn't mean to sound so sarcastic but she wasn't going to forget who this was again.

"When does this loser sidekick care what big bad Lash does?"

He had her there.

"True, I don't but…holy crap are we bonding?" Magenta asked in surprise.

Lash looked incredulous, "What no! We're just making a truce treaty. Trust me you're not the type I would bond with. For one thing you're legs are way to short…"

"Ugh!" Magenta groaned and cut him off, "Too much information and well just Ugh!"

Lash laughed and shrugged in a "What you gonna do about it now?" manner. Magenta shook her head then replied, "Okay so this truce treaty…what do I have to do for my part."

"I didn't think that far ahead. Lets go through the list of things we've been left uneven. The closet we were matched…"

"Wait, I wasn't serious about my part and…What we were not! You left me in there you jerk!" Magenta yelled all fear and confusion replaced by old anger.

Lash annoyed at the interruption and still trying to think blurted out, "No I didn't! I got you out in the end didn't I? Telling Boomer and all!"

Magenta's eyes went wide and her lips quirked at the corners. 'I knew it! I was right about Lash!' She immediately felt better and her body became less tense releasing stress she didn't know she had. She was far to smart to correct Lash though knowing that would end in nothing.

Lash was still listing, "At the hospital we were even because I was sick and you were doing your job so that hardly counts as me being mean."

Magenta nodded, strategically withholding the near death experience by choking, besides at the time they had already both declared fault.

"…Then there was the time you barged into my house. Well there we go you owe me quality time with extremely loud music. Plus you chased Speed away. Which means your part of the bargain is to let me listen to my stereo, or TV as loud as I want whenever I want and stop intruding without permission."

"Fine." Magenta agreed going a little red at that last part. Then Lash got a mischievous look in his eye. "Wait that's not all…" Magenta looked at him cautiously.

"If I recall, you got to see me topless…" he trailed off letting her finish the sentence.

"What! You are such a pervert!" She cried.

Lash laughed and nodded, "Yeah. So? Like you haven't been having R rated dreams about me since." He goaded.

"You are so full of yourself."

"How true you are sidekick!"

"Didn't we just make a truce about that?" She cried out in offence.

"No, I said I would watch most of my words, which means I'm still going to make as much fun as possible without going over the line. Besides just think how much more your name means if I rarely use it."

"Whatever." Magenta gave up.

A thought struck Lash and he quickly clarified, "You know this doesn't include your friends right? Especially Stronghold?"

"I didn't think I was that lucky, so yeah I kind of figured."

Lash let out a sigh, "Smart girl." He said.

"Whatever." Magenta replied although was pleased with the compliment.

They stood there quietly for some time and then finally Lash broke the silence.

"So why aren't you at school?" he asked.

Magenta's eyes went wide, "Crap! I missed the bus and it's all you fault!" She punched him lightly in the arms a couple times, but by the third he caught her wrist. They stared at each other, full eye contact, both unsure what to say or do, and then Lash released her arms.

"So? Don't tell me you've never skipped a day of school before?"

"No. Actually I haven't. If I hadn't accidentally slept in, I'd be there right now."

"Right. Because who doesn't want to miss a riveting day of sidekick training."

Magenta gave him a warning look.

"What? Oh right. Sorry." Lash hadn't realized how hard this peace thing might be when he offered it.

"So what about you then?" She asked, "Don't you have an unchecked schedule of locker shoving and head dunking?"

"Naw, Speed can cover."

Magenta rolled her eyes.

"So you just woke up not wanting to go to school, and then didn't."

Lash looked at her like she was stupid.

"Um. Yeah!" he answered as if she were seven.

Magenta shook her head, she deserved that, she really should have known.

"So you wanna do something?" Lash asked.

Magenta wasn't sure and eyed him suspiciously.


"I don't know. I know this cool skate park that won't be too busy at this time, for obvious reasons."

"Why me?"

Lash once again looked at her like she was an idiot, "I don't exactly see anyone else around, and I won't until school lets out now will I?"

She really shouldn't but Magenta gave in. She already missed the bus twice and this could be fun.

"Sure why not!"


"I don't skate though."

"It's easy I'll show you."

"Cool. Is it just me or is this totally weird."

"Totally, but I'm bored and like I've established Speed's not here."

"Right, I'm the sub."

"Meh…More like the sub's sub."

"Hey! Well then, who would have been the sub?"



"I'll have to go to my place and pick up my board." Lash said and Magenta nodded. The two went back the way she had come from.

Lash thought over what had happened. If anyone had told him this would occur and he would be friend's- 'No, more like acquaintances.' With a sidekick he would have punched them for the thought. But looking at Magenta beside him, looking just as confused and in awe as he probably did, he couldn't help thinking that maybe this would be cool after all.



"Don't tell anyone I'm kind of nice to you okay."

"Don't worry, after Sarah left me, I'm planning on making her feel really guilty."

Lash laughed, 'Yup. Maybe it will be pretty cool after all!'

Magenta laughed as well, and although surprised by the day's events felt light and carefree. Now that she was convinced she was right about Lash she felt…good. She decided whether she consciously knew it or not, to show others that Lash was okay. 'Maybe even show himself that' a small part of her mind whispered.