I have a story in mind for Supernatural, but this just came to me first and I'd like to share it with anyone who might read it! It's a (maybe, first ever? I need to do more research on this site…) poem, just a brotherly love confession. I imagined writing it from the perspective of Dean, but really it could be the other way around for Sam. I just adore those two…

Disclaimer: Alas, I don't own Supernatural, but maybe in another world…..

Author's Note: Any and all thoughts would be appreciated very much. Thank you.

Bound by Blood

Where darkness creeps and shadows tread

Amid angry voices of the Undead

Where monsters lurk with violent motive

And trust and hope are often restive

When fire light fades and night-skies turn starless

There is one thing I must confess

You are my brother, and I will never leave you

After awkward moments and times of torture

And we've faced an almost deadly capture

After remarks of bitterness and signs of guilt

So soon will I regret the barrier I've built

Because even when we stand apart

There is one thing I must impart

You are my brother, and I will always stand beside you

During times of doubt and pain

With bruised egos and endless bloodstains

During the longest hours of grief

With melancholy sparing no relief

Should you feel alone, just take my hand

There is one thing I want you to understand

You are my brother, and I won't let heartache keep you

For all the instances I cried and you held concern

For all the bad things I wish we could unlearn

For all the happiness you helped me to realize

For all the promise that glistens in your eyes

If harm dares to threaten you, let it be known

Bound by blood and carved in stone

You are my brother, and there's no doubt

I'd die for you

-Silver Kitten-