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Chapter I

His photo was always stashed in my wallet somewhere, so I can look at that cool, aloof expression of his at all times…

Kaoru sighed as she took out the laminated photo. Everytime she felt bad about something, she'd take out her secret 'weapon', and kissed it….and suddenly her world seemed to be right and bright again.

She scurried home or the dinner with her mother. Tonight is an important night, for her mom has finally opened up to her and told her about her current relationship with a certain divorced businessman, who has just recently proposed to her. Tonight, she invited him and his children for dinner.

She groaned as the rain fell down mercilessly, leaving her cold and thoroughly soaked.

That night..

"Kaoru, meet Yukishiro Kendo-san…he's been a close acquaintance to me…and this is his son, Enishi-kun, and daughter, Tomoe-chan", her mother said, cheerfully by way of explaining.

Kaoru's eyes went wide. 'Impossible…' "Hello..", she almost stuttered.

"Nice meeting you, Kaoru-san", he said cooly.

His little sister piped in "Hello, Kaoru-san", she said shyly.

Kaoru smiled at her, liking the little girl instantly.

"Enishi-kun also goes to the same school as you, Kaoru…", her mom added.

I know, Kaa-san…

"But I'm one year her senior", he added.

I know that too….

She just nodded politely.

He is that guy whose picture I've been taking with me wherever I go…

Dinner that night was a mixture of nervousness, surprise and a pinch of happiness…well, she was happy for her mom, to be able to find a good guy to share a relationship with. To be honest, Kaoru felt really sad when the news of her father's death struck their little happy family like thunder on a bright summer day. Her mom couldn't stop crying and mourning…and she didn't dare to look back at those days…

Now, seeing her looking like her happy old self, only, she wasn't really old, she was just 36 this year, she felt a surge of warmth filled her. Yep, she approves of their relationship all right..

There is only one problem though….

Yukishiro Kendo's son…that's her problem..

'Well, at least I don't have to look at the picture as much now that he's here'…she pondered optimistically.


Word of the day:

Kaa-san: short for mom