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Early that morning...

"Kaoru-chan! We're home….we heard that there was a burglary….", a familiar female voice was heard from downstairs. It was morning when she finally stirred, still heavy-lidded from her deep slumber. Her trained ears heard the voice from far away. She opened her eyes fully and stared on the ceiling. 'mmh…I feel strange…unn...dizzy..' She squinted her eyes as soon as she saw the light filtering through the wooden blinds..'Ouch!', she grimaced.

She turned her head to the side, and saw a figure sleeping next to her. She blinked furiously. It was still there. She rubbed her eyes rather violently and opened it once again, hoping that the imaginary vision of Yukishiro Enishi would go away. It didn't. Her eyes were staring at his form incredulously. 'Eh? Did I miss something here?'

"Ohayou", a deep sensuous voice reached to her ears, as a pair of turquoise eyes looked straight at her as she gasped. So...this was...for real!

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!" She jolted up and screamed her head off as she ran outside, and downstairs, her feet slipped as she ran on the soft carpet in the process while in her groggy state of mind, and she stumbled down on the stairs, eventually landing ungraciously flat on her bottom at the edge of the carpet.

"Ouch…" she grimaced, still clad in her white bathrobe..

"Kaoru-chan?...Just what are you doing?" Her Kaa-san was staring at her questioningly.

"Unn…er…." Eh, what was I doing? What have I done?'

A picture of Enishi sleeping right next to her flitted across her mind. She blushed furiously.

"So...?", Oh yeah... Kaa-san was waiting for her reply.

"I…I...don't remember…", she answered...she narrowed her eyes in concentration...desperately wanting to recall something..anything at all..





Reika stared at her, shaking her head and sighed, as she helped her daughter to stand up.

Really...what has happened? She racked her memory and found nothing….well…the only thing she remembered was the awesome kick the Enishi displayed…before everything else went blank.

"Aaahhh..what's wrong with me?", she shouted out loud in distress.

With both of his muscular arms rested behind his head, and his form still lying down on the futon, Enishi heard her from the room upstairs and he smirked lopsidedly.

Later on that morning...

They were about to go off to school as she called out to her mother. Her step father has gone straight to the office soon after he talked to the police on the phone, taking Tomoe-chan with him to be dropped off at the pre-primary school.

So there were only her Kaa-san and the two children at home.

"Ittekimasu, Kaa-san!", she ran outside, tightening her woolen shawl around her slender neck as the chilly winter wind brushed past her translucent skin. Her long ebony hair was left untied today, and the cool breeze was playing around with it. Luckily, the thick coat she was wearing was quite helpful in warding off the chilly weather.. She breathed out and smiled as she saw the little white puffs of air... Ahhh...she loves winter...

"Ittekimasu..Okaa-san", she froze as she heard him say.

She was about to walk off first, as she remembered his preference that none of their school friends should know about them being step siblings and all that...Hmph...that jerk! her mind suddenly recalled his haughty words.

But her curiosity got the better of her. She turned around to face him.

"You called her Okaa-san? That's the first time, ne?", she asked.

He nodded cooly as his eyes met her in an electrifying gaze. Kaoru really tried her best to severe their eye-contact, but she wasn't really that successful, for those magnetic turquoise orbs held her gaze still.

So she just watched the handsome figure in front of her with a questioning look.

Soon, a little smile tugged at the corners of his lips.

She was taken aback at seeing his smile.

"I'm no longer a hopeless case of mother complex now…", he said.


"In contrary..I've not gotten a new ailment called the step-sister complex…."


"Last night was fun, imouto-chan.." he said, smirking now.

'What is he talking about? What has happened last night?' She tried to recall to no avail. Still, all she could remember was that awesome kick of his.

She was to absorbed in her own thoughts to even aware of his tall figure as he drew nearer.

"Nice meeting you, Kaoru imouto-chan", he said as he planted those pair of sensual lips that would made most girls willing to start a catfight anytime for, on her forehead.

'E…Eeh? Na…nani?' She blushed a comely shade of pink, both of her hands flew to her forehead to feel the scorching heat of his previous kiss still intact

Enishi smiled at her..

Who knows what could happen now...

Life's certainly getting dangerously exciting for Kamiya Kaoru from now on.