"Ok, Harry about a month ago, I had learned of my inheritance." Draco said

"Yea" Harry said with complete interest.

"So I had to follow the scent that would lead to my mate" Draco went on.

"Uhuh" Harry said turning his attention to Fawkes who made a squawking noise.

"Well, my mate is….you" Draco said.

I looked into his eyes; they were filled with lust and temptation.

I looked at Dumbledore, "Is this true" I asked.

"Yes Harry. It is true, Mr. Malfoy is your mate" Dumbledore said.

"But wouldn't that mean that I would be attracted to him too" I said.

Well, yes but since Draco is part-Veela, then you won't feel the attraction, but ---.

Dumbledore was interrupted by a loud knocking,

"Yes Severes?" Dumbledore said.

"Sir, I need to talk to you privately." Snape said.

"Ok, I'll be right there. Boys help yourself to some lemondrops." Dumbledore said rising from his armchair, winking at Draco through his crescent-moon spectacles.

After the door closed, Draco almost immediately started talking.

"So Harry, you understand everything about Veelas right?" Draco asked

"Yea, I guess" Harry said nervously

"Are you going to be my mate?" Draco asked patiently.

"I don't know, maybe." Harry said his face flushed.

"Well, just know that I'll do anything to make you mine."

"Really now" Harry said smirking

"You know I will" Draco said smirking back

Then Draco gets up and kisses me. But not like anything I've ever experienced before. His soft lips crashed upon mine. His tongue explored my mouth. But then we parted.

"Don't want to get too far, do we now?" He said.

"Yea" I said. "And Harry" He said, "stay away from Finnegan" he added.

"Why" I asked.

"Because he's trying to seduce you." Draco said.

"How do know" I asked.

"How could I not know? Everybody knows." Draco replied with a surprised expression on his face. "Well, I know he's been after me. But I've been trying to avoid the thought." I said.

"Well, if he ever tries to touch you, I'll break everyone of those bloody Irish fingers." Draco said with an evil grin on his face.

"Well I'm going to go now, ok?" I said.

"Ok, bye Harry" Draco replied with an adorable look on his face.

"I know" I said closing Dumbledore's door behind me. When I got out I saw Snape talking to Dumbledore looking very serious. I walked back to the Great Hall, where everybody was having dinner. I sat down next to Ron and started to tell them what happened in Dumbledore's office.

"Bloody Hell, Harry. You with the ferret and he kissed you." Ron replied with an astonished expression on his face

"Now Ron behave yourself, Veelas are very interesting creatures" Hermione said rolling her eyes

"I'm sure they are" Harry said still wondering what happened


"But I think he's changed"Harry said

"He hasn't changed Harry. He's still Mal--."

"Ow!" Ron yelled, interrupted by Hermione mid-sentence.

"That's what you get, I'm sorry Harry" Hermione said.

"It's ok, I'm used to it" I said smirking.

We all went to our dorms and slept. The next morning, I found Draco was sitting on my bed.

"Draco! What are you doing here" I said pulling the covers up to my neck.

"Bringing you breakfast, love" he replied with a purr in his voice.

"Oh, thank you." I said obliviously feasting my eyes on the food before him.

"Your welcome" he said.

We walked into the Great Hall with Draco's arm possessively around my waist. As soon as we entered the Great Hall, everyone's eyes were on us. I blushed crimson, while Draco snickered. I elbowed his gut.

"Ow! What was that for?" Draco complained

"Don't laugh at me" Harry said grumpily

"I wasn't" Draco argued
"Yes, you were" Harry replied

"No" Draco said

"Yes" Harry said with a deep sense of angriness in his voice

"Fine" Draco said surrendering

Harry grinned evilly