1 Chapter 1 The Pevensives

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"Edward, would you hurry up!" Cried Lucy as she quickly tied her shoelaces.

"Lucy, just wait a sec." Shouted Peter from upstairs, as she gave a sigh.

It had been three years since her and her siblings had ventured into Narnia. But they had been there for years, ruling the country of Narnia. The occasional guidance by there good friend Aslan, they had brought the kingdom of Narina into the Golden Age. But one day while here, brother Peter was hunting, they had rediscovered the lamp post, and the wardrobe. They came back to the professor's house, looking the same when they first left. And they hadn't gone back to Narnia since...

"Lucy, c'mon where going now!" Shoute Susan as she ran out the door with her siblings.

Oh how they had changed, since the first day they ventured into the wardrobe. Peter now sixteen looked bolder, more maturer then the rest of them. He had led the army against the White Witch, and had been given the title: King Peter the Magnificent the High King. Lucy looked over at Edmund, chasing Peter who had obvisously said something to get him angry. Edmund had been under the influence of the White Witch and, had once even hated his siblings. But thanks to Aslan, he was better and, had proven to be wise in many arguments in Narnia. He had been called: King Edmund the Just. Susan let out a laugh as her and, Lucy skipped arms hooked, down the cobblestone streets. Susan like Peter was sixteen, and had also matured a lot since there adventures. Princes had asked her hand in marriage and, she had been known throughout Narnia as the best archer in the Kingdom. She had been called: Queen Susan the Gentle. Lucy? She had been the first to to venture into Narnia. What a glorious place it was to her, the first time she saw it. Oh how the whole kingdom changed after the snow melted, the fields a bright lushish. She had also befriended a faun named Mr. Tumnus. She had been called: Queen Lucy the Valaint.

"Are you sure thats them Lupin?" Whispered the wizard as the children ran by them laughing, oblivious to everyone around them.

"Yes. That's them."

Little did the Pevensies children know that a new adventure awaited them. And it was just beyond the wardrobe...

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