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"What do you mean he got away?" The minister of magic shouted at the two wizards angrily.

"He was there before we could get to the Proffessor. I'm afraid its most likely that You-Know-Who knows about the portal." Lupin said gravely, as he pulled out a chocolate bar from his coat pocket. He popped a piece in his mouth, an idea coming to his mind.

"Minister, may I purpose an idea?"

"And what would that be Remus?" He asked sarcastically sitting behind his desk, folding his hands.

"Maybe we should send Harry Potter and, his friends to locate the portal. The Proffessor would never suspect a thing and, it would be practically a undercover mission." Lupin said watching the Minister's expressions change from annoyance to cofusion in a blink of an eye.

"Those munchkins? MUNCHKINS! They'll never locate the portal! Harry Potter is of no worth to the Ministry or to the wizarding world at all!"

"I agree with Remus, Minister. Those three have proved themselves before." Added Mad-Eye as he took a swig out of his cateen.

"Fine... send them... but I take no responsbility on this matter." The Minister said dimissing the two wizards.

He was there...laughing evily as he spread his hands out before him... there was a lion roaring in the distance challenging him. The man withdrew his wand, challenging the lion who stood bravely in the face of evil. There were a bunch of kids standing behind the lion, two looking close to Harry's age. Hermione, and Ron were next to him watching the scene wondering what was going to happen next. Harry's heart was beating madily now, and he felt Hermione's and Ron's hands grip his wondering if this is the end. Then a boy older then him ran foward yelling at the man with the wand. Hermione let out a scream and broke away from Harry and Ron. A flash of green light--

"HERMIONE!" He yelled making Crookshanks jump off his bed.

"Bloody hell!" Ron said as he picked himself up off the floor. He looked over at Harry who was sweating, and was slightly shaking.

"Whats wrong mate?" He inquired worried about what his friend was dreaming of. Hermione and him had learned to take their friend's dreams seriously.

"Voldemort...was going to kill Hermione...and there was the lion..."

"Lion? You-Know-Who was going to kill 'Mione? Are you sure Harry?"

"Ron, he was there. He was going to curse her Ron. I'm not lying." Harry said starting to get angry with his friend.

"Mate I didn't say you were. I just...you know..." He said starting and then stopping in mid sentence unsure of what to say. It was early in the morning; a little bit pass 7 o'clock, the house still quite for perhaps one more hour. That is until Fred and George woke up, and threw the enitre Weasly houst into chaos.

Harry hair was soaking wet, and he let out a shiver at the image that still flashed through his mind. Ron was staring at him, his face starting to pale, worried that his hunch might just be correct.

"B-but i-it can't be rr-ight your dream can it? I mean m-maybe your wrong this time." Ron stuttered he was really terrifed. Imagining one of his best mates getting killed was too much for him to handle. Without Harry and Hermione Ron would be worthless. Nothing in life. He shook the thought out of his head, and watched Harrys reaction to his question.

Harry looked at Ron a grave look etched in his face, his best mate wasn't going to like what he was going to tell him. But he had to. For both of their sakes.

"Ron, you and me both know that my dreams are usually right. I don't know if I'm still linked to Voldemort, and I don't think I am. But this dream...it was so real Ron. And I wish I knew what it meant, but I don't. And seeing her kill Hermione..." He let Ron figure out what he meant. Her face terrifed look, screaming as he killed her.

"Ron! Harry! Time for breakfast!" Mrs. Weasly yelled shaking the two boys from their thoughts.

Ron looked over at Harry and, Harry just gave him a knod. They both got up, each other knowing that it was best not to talk about what happened.

The Pevensive children arrived back at the house, swinging their bags of boughten stuff, happily. Edmund and Susan were arguing over who had the better stuff and, Peter was grinning, happy that he got out of the house. They were suprised when they got in the house that it was dead quite. There was no sound of the Professor arguing with the maid. Just dead silence.

"Thats odd." Said Susan after a while as they put their bags down and, headed for the Proffessors study. They opened the door and, was suprised to see him sprawled on the floor. The children ran over to him and, Peter checked to see if he had a pulse.

"He's alive and, breathing. He's just knocked out that's all." Peter said trying to calm down his siblings who looked scared. They loved the Proffessor and, to see something bad happen to him, would just kill the Pevensive children. Peter had the Proffessor's head resting in his lap and, had to admit that even he was terrifed to find the Proffessor like this sprawled on the floor.

"Edmund go see if you can find Macrady! Hurry up!" Peter said startling his little brother who was staring at the Proffessor, mouth opened. The only thing that ran through the oldest Pevensive sibiling was how this could of happened. The only thing that he could come up with is that maybe he had fallen and, hit his head perhaps? But than were the in the world was Macrady at? Usually, she was cleaning around the Professor's study, or doing some other chore around the place. But when they had came back they hadn't of seen her anywhere.

"Peter, do you have any idea how the Proffesor could of ended up like this?" Susan asked kneeling down next to him. She studied her brothers face as his face contorted in confusion at the question she had just asked him.

"To be honest I don't really know." He said looking down at the Proffesor once more and, he noticed that he was awake.

"Where is he?" The Proffessor whispered sitting up all of the sudden, suprising Peter at his reaction.

"Where's who Proffesor?" Susan asked as she watched him search his office.

"The man. He was just here. He pulled something out of his pocket knocking me into the wall over there." The Proffessor replied still whispereing as if to talk loud was dangerous for some odd reason. But before any of them could question the Proffessor any sooner, Edmund came bursting into the study and, skidding to a stop in front of them.

"There's someone here! They say their looking for the Proffessor!" Edmund said noticing the looks on his siblings faces. He really didn't know why they were reacting like that. All it was were some people that wanted to see him and, were waiting at the door. That was all really.

" Tell them I'll be there in a minute." The Proffessor said standing up with the help of Peter and Susan. Edmund ran out of the office and, headed to back to the door where the people were waiting. There was five of them; one appeared to have a fake eyeball that seemed to constantly roll around taking in everything it saw.

That man looks creepy, and the other man he's so pale!

"The Proffessor will be here in a minute." Edmund said giving them all a fake smile as they too smiled back at him. He didn't really like these people.

Harry couldn't beleive what Remus had told them in the Weasly's kitchen about the hunt for some "secret portal" and, that their was a well known rumor that Voldemort was hunting for this "portal". Harry had thought it was a bunch of rubbish, so did Ron but, Hermione seemed to think that it was true. So they had left the Weasly house with Mad Eye and, Remus heading towards the location were they had seen Wormtail the last time attack some old man called the Proffessor.

So here they were ringing the door bell to a rather large house and, the door being answered by a boy around Ron's sister Ginny's age. He had come back a little while afterwards, told them he would be their in a minute and, gave them a fake smile. Harry turned to look at Ron and Hermione who in turn looked back at them. Ron had his eyebrows raised and, the both of them turned to look back the kid.

Who are these people? Was the only thing that ran through Harry's mind at the moment.